Building a website used to involve hiring a web developer and spending countless hours coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Today, you can quickly design an attractive site with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

AI website builders use sophisticated algorithms to create custom-made sites at lightning speed.

With so many providers available in the market, it can be challenging to determine which is best.

This blog post will identify the top AI Website Builders and provide a detailed comparison of their features so that you can confidently choose one for your next project.

What is an AI Website Builder?

Artificial Intelligence or AI Website Builder is software that utilizes machine learning to design and create websites automatically.

This technology has made website development easier and more efficient since it reduces the need for coding skills, which makes it possible for anyone to create a website without having any technical skills.

With AI Website Builders, you get access to a wide range of templates you can choose from, and the program will use your preferences to create a customized website.

AI Website Builders also feature drag-and-drop editors, making changing and updating your website easy.

The possibilities with AI Website Builders are endless, and they have made online presence accessible to everyone.

Whether an entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner, you can now create a professional-looking website using an AI Builder.

Best Choice

1. Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder offers an all-in-one solution for building professional, stunning websites quickly and easily.

Creating websites has become easier with the AI-powered website builder created by Hostinger.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent AI Website Builder
  • Top Notch Security


  • No Free Trial
  • No Collaboration

You can create a professional website or online store with just a few clicks and prompts.

Hostinger will also give you a free custom domain if you choose any of its hosting services.

With a free hosting plan, domain name, and email account for complete control over your site, this is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a hassle-free way to set up their website.

Additionally, you can create unique layouts and content from different ready-to-use templates or the AI Builder, which will generate a template based on whatever description you enter into it.

Best Value

2. Jimdo Dolphin

Introducing the Jimdo Dolphin – a powerful website generator powered by AI to help you streamline and simplify your entire web development process.

With an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use features, the Jimdo Dolphin is one of the most convenient website-building tools.


  • Unlimited Free Trial
  • 2GB Useful Bandwidth


  • Basic Customization
  • E-Commerce Features are for Premium User Only

The Dolphin allows users to quickly generate their website with personalized content that best meets their needs.

Your custom-made website can be created from image sources such as JPG, PNG, and GIFs or tailored text entries for each page.

Integrating multiple powerful AI tools into one neat package, the Jimdo Dolphin will revolutionize your website-building process.

At Jimdo Dolphin, everything is designed to make life easier for you– with offline access (no internet connection needed) and several layout options to choose from; your site can be built quickly.

Plus– with every purchase, you’ll gain access to detailed video tutorials, so anyone of any skill level can use Jimdo Dolphin without a sweat.

For those looking for an efficient way to make their web presence known this year – the Jimdo Dolphin is a perfect choice.

Premium Option

3. Wix ADI

Creating a website has never been easier than with Wix ADI. This powerful, modern website builder helps you create a custom, fully-designed website in minutes to get your online presence up and running quickly.

You’ll answer a few questions using the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to generate a unique design tailored to your needs.


  • Many Scalability Features
  • Easy to Use and Setup
  • Different Plans


  • It Doesn’t Support Third Party SSL and CDN
  • Limited Customization with the AI Website Builder

Decide what type of website you want, then choose which features you’d like included, such as forms, commenting, or live chat functions.

Once you’ve done this, pick from various neatly designed homepage layouts and add pages using the same easy design tools.

You can even customize elements to perfectly match your vision and then launch the page onto the screen when it’s ready—and no matter where viewers look at your site–on desktop or mobile–they’ll get a perfect display every time since Wix ADI automatically creates the mobile version of your design too.

With all these industry-leading capabilities rolled into one simple program, don’t wait any longer–get your website up and running quickly with Wix ADI today.

Runner Up

4. 10Web

Whether you’re a coder, website designer, content manager, or just looking to build your website – 10Web has something for everyone.

Our state-of-the-art AI suite of tools is designed to meet unique needs, from experienced developers to first-time web builders.


  • Works well with WordPress
  • Easy to Use
  • No Traffic Restrictions with a Free Plan
  • Integrates Other AI Tools for Better Results
  • Product Pro 5


  • Limited Free Trial
  • Backend Customization Possible with Only 10Web Hosting Plan

If you’re looking for SEO optimizations, 10Web’s built-in AI Assistant can help you find the perfect phrases and keywords for any page.

You’ll also be able to use it to generate easy-to-understand summaries for any webpage or article.

But 10Web’s revolutionary AI Builder stands out from the rest of the website-building solutions today.

Convert any web page into a WordPress template with just a few clicks – then customize and style it however you see fit.

The artificial intelligence will examine the source code, extract design styles, and recreate an identical layout in our intuitive drag & drop editor.

Plus – all fields are organized into multiple containers, so you can easily edit different parts separately while maintaining continuity across all other pages.

In short – if you’re looking for one of the top three green text generators on the market in 2023 – 10Web is your best bet.

With its easy-to-use design tools and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, it’s never been easier to take control of your website-building process.

Hidden Gem

5. Durable

Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution to help you quickly build a simple website? Look no further because Durable is the AI website builder for you.

This fantastic tool will create a sturdy and efficient website with just two questions.


  • Easy to Setup
  • Other Integrated AI Tools
  • Tutorials for New Users


  • Only Suitable for Commercial and business websites
  • Not As good as other Platforms in terms of website quality

With quickly generated sections and features like contact forms, social media buttons, and more, all your needs are managed with minimal effort.

You don’t have to be a web development professional to use Durable.

Anyone who’s ever needed to make a website quickly knows how difficult it can be to find the perfect template — but Durable solves that issue, getting straight to work with its AI-powered technology.

Plus, once our template is created for you, you can easily customize each section to fit whatever look or feel you need for your website.

And if something isn’t right, Durable also provides helpful online tutorials that can quickly and easily walk you through any adjustments.

Despite this AI builder’s power, it’s easy on your budget.

Durability promises beautiful websites without breaking the bank; why spend money on expensive web services when you can access affordable technology right here?

Take the stress out of web development using this powerful yet cost-effective tool: Durable.

Hidden Gem

6. Get Response

Who doesn’t want to be able to build a website in the shortest amount of time, whether it is starting from scratch or using a template?

Get Response is an email marketing provider offering a free AI website builder, making it even easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to make their websites in no time.


  • Powerful AI tools
  • Functional Learning Materials on AI web development
  • Marketing Automation


  • Domain Name not included
  • Pricing is not clear

Now, with Get Response, you no longer have to worry about the coding and complicated HTML – you can automatically generate a website by answering questions or choosing an existing template.

Even better, if you choose to use pre-made templates, they are designed by professionals.

This means that Get Response is likely the quickest way to give your customers a unique visual experience while keeping your business up-to-date and relevant.

The AI-generated website is suitable for building online stores or professional site.

And if you want to customize further after setting up your website, users can edit their website using a drag-and-drop editor and HTML/CSS files for extra control.

Once finished editing, all changes will be visible immediately.

With this extra level of customization tools available to users, now everyone can become a web design expert.

Need more pages on your website? No problem.

You can add new pages and publish them from the same screen with Get Response.

You can also see previews of your website before publishing.

Hidden Gem

7. B12

Are you looking for a website builder with a quick, easy-to-use solution?

Then B12 is the perfect choice for you! With B12, you can create a fast, custom website in no time – without having any programming experience.


  • Useful Third-Party Integrations
  • Good Marketing Features
  • SEO and Team of Experts Available


  • Expensive
  • Only Has a Website Layout Generator

All that’s needed is their intuitive AI Builder, and you’ll have the foundation of your new website.

You can use the AI tool to build professional websites and ease your content creation process with their SEO Service.

They can even provide helpful copywriting services to bring your business vision to life with compelling text and imagery.

With powerful tools like these, there’s no need to wait any longer – launch your online business quickly and securely with help from B12.

Can an AI build a website?

Yes, AI technology can build a website. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software can interpret user requests and generate a website from scratch or use existing templates and customize them to meet users’ needs.

The AI builder can also include features such as SEO optimization, automated content management systems, integration with marketing tools, and others.


Whether a beginner or an experienced web developer, many tools are available for creating your website.

The options have never been more powerful and easy to use, from comprehensive and user-friendly AI tools to custom coding solutions.

Using any of these services can help you create a unique, visually appealing website optimized for the web.

So, no matter your skillset or audience, you can develop a fantastic website and reach a wider audience than ever. Good luck!

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