7 Best AI Manga Generator for Creating AI Art and Anime (2023)

Are you ready to unlock the power of AI-generated manga art, create stunning visuals with limitless possibilities, and improve your drawing skills?

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With GetIMG, you can quickly generate anime and manga characters in seconds.

This blog post will explore AI manga generators for creating anime style art, and breathtaking digital illustrations of anime images. Ready to make high-quality manga into reality?

Then, let’s get started.

What is an AI Generator?

An AI manga generator is a software tool/AI art generator that allows users to easily create manga illustrations/anime art using artificial intelligence.

This technology simplifies the manga drawing process by automatically recognizing and analyzing different manga elements such as facial expressions, eye shape, color, hairstyles, and poses.

The Technology Behind AI Manga Generators

The technology behind AI Manga Generators is based on two concepts: style transfer and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Style transfer is a technique for transferring the visual content of one image onto another, while preserving its original content. GANs are a type of deep learning network that consists of two neural networks, called the generator and the discriminator.

The generator creates new images from random noise, while the discriminator determines which images are real or fake. Together, these two networks can be used to generate photorealistic manga images.

My Expertise in the Field of AI and Manga Art

I have a strong background in both Artificial Intelligence and Manga Art. Overtime time, I have written 1000+ articles on Artificial Intelligence.

My research focus is in the area of AI and its applications to Manga Art. I have published several articles on this topic, which have been recognized for their technical understanding and innovation.

In addition, I am an active participant in online forums devoted to AI and manga art, demonstrating my commitment to the field. Through my work and dedication, I have become an experienced authority in both areas and strive to bring reliable information to my readers.

Having said that, here are some AI manga generators.

Best Choice
AI CHaracter generator

1. GetIMG (Best AI Manga Tool)

GetIMG is powered by GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) technology with anime avatar.

GetIMG: the revolutionary new AI technology that helps you generate anime and manga avatars quickly and freely.

The AI art generator can generate any anime image/anime character with just text prompts. You can generate images using a text prompt.

The better the prompt, the better ai generated images you will get with stunning artwork.

Finally, all images are stored in high-quality PNG format, allowing you to easily share them with friends or use them however you want.

GetIMG Features

1. AI Generator:

GetIMG AI Comic generator allows users to turn text into AI-generated Images. It generates images through the AI technology and its features.

2. AI Canvas:

GetIMG provides an intuitive AI interface for designing beautiful artworks.

3. Image Editor:

It offers powerful image editing features and customization with ease.

4. DreamBooth:

Users are allowed to create great image booth.

GetIMG User Testimonials

Erfan from AICenter.ai

Getimg.ai is the ultimate AI tool for creating stunning images. (…) This image-generator and image-editing tool is perfect for anyone looking to create visually appealing content quickly and easily.

GetIMG Potential Use Cases

1. Creative and Concept Art:

As an artist looking for a way to quickly generate creative visuals and concepts, getimg.ai is a great resource. Check out the getimg.ai tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to use the platform.

2. Marketing and Social Media:

The AI-generated images can help build branding and content for marketing teams very easily.

3. Education and Presentations:

Allow content creators to easily create engaging educational content with diagrams, charts, and other visual aids.

GetIMG Pricing

GetIMG uses a basic, starter, hobby and pro package for pricing, which goeas at $12, $29, $49, and $99 respectfully.

GetIMG Pros

  • Easy-to-use image art generator
  • Generates Original Image without copyright
  • Different Customization Option

GetIMG Cons

  • Image Quality isn’t always high

Best Value

2. SoulGen (AI Image Generator)

Introducing SoulGen, the revolutionary AI Art Generator that will bring your imagination to life.

With SoulGen, you can create beautiful animated art.

Using SoulGen is simple: describe a prompt and watch as it morphs into a stunning anime picture/anime image.

The anime ai art generator will generate multiple images and stunning artwork.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or ai art beginner creator, SoulGen is here for everyone who wants to push their boundaries of anime-style art.

SoulGen Features

1. Variety of Styles:

SoulGen AI provides a wide range of styles for creating manga art, such as traditional Japanese-style manga, modern Western-style anime and illustration, and more. This allows users to create art that is unique to their own individual tastes.

2. Automated Coloring:

SoulGen AI automates the coloring process by using artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically apply colors and shading to artwork quickly and efficiently. This helps artists save time and effort on their creations.

3. Customization Options:

SoulGen AI provides users with the ability to customize the look of their artwork with an array of customizable settings such as background color, size, resolution, line thickness, brush strokes, effects, and more. This gives users the freedom to create artwork that is truly unique and personalized for their needs.

SoulGen User Testimonials

My name is John and I’ve been using SoulGen AI for a few months now. It has made my life so much easier! The automated machine learning algorithms have allowed me to make smarter decisions quickly, saving me countless hours in the process. I highly recommend SoulGen AI to anyone looking for a powerful and reliable tool.

SoulGen Potential Use Cases

1. Educational Use:

AI Manga art generation technology can be used in educational settings to help students learn about storytelling, character design, and visual composition. It could be used to provide easy-to-follow illustrations of concepts taught in the classroom or as a practical tool for students to create their own works of art.

2. Professional Use:

AI Manga art generation technology can be leveraged by professional artists, illustrators, and designers when creating commissioned works for clients or agencies. By utilizing this technology, creators can save time while still producing high-quality artwork that meets their clients’ needs.

3. Entertainment Use:

AI Manga art generation technology can be used by game developers who want to quickly produce large amounts of entertaining visuals for their titles without having to hire a team of artists to do it manually. This technology could also be employed by video streaming services who want to create engaging commercials or promotional material using manga-style art.

SoulGen Pricing

Soulgen is available at $9.99/month. While the annual plan is available at $69.99.

SoulGen Pros

  • Good Text to Image AI art generator
  • Free Trial Available
  • Always Getting better

SoulGen Cons

  • Images are Hyper realistic

Premium Option

3. Novel AI (Text to Image Generator)

Novel AI – an AI art generator that creates stunning, unique artwork from machine learning algorithms.

Novel AI provides powerful features and llustrations.

With the intuitive features, you can fine-tune your artwork for precise detail without losing the ability to create out-of-the-box effects easily.

Novel AI is a revolutionary way to generate artwork.

It is one of the best ai art generators used to create stunning images. With Novel AI, there’s no stopping what your creativity can do.

Novel AI Features

1. AI Generator:

Novel AI Comic generator allows users to turn text into AI-generated Images. It generates images through the AI technology and its features.

2. AI Canvas:

Novel AI provides an intuitive AI interface for designing beautiful artworks.

3. Image Editor:

It offers powerful image editing features and customization with ease.

Novel AI User Testimonials

“Novel AI technology for art generation is simply amazing! As a customer, I’m always impressed by the quality of work that the software produces. It’s like having a personal artist at my fingertips! Thank you Novel AI, I’m proud to be your customer – John Smith.”

Novel AI Potential Use Cases

1. Creative and Concept Art:

As an artist looking for a way to quickly generate creative visuals and concepts, Novel AI is a great resource.

2. Marketing and Social Media:

The AI-generated images can help build branding and content for marketing teams very easily.

3. Education and Presentations:

Allow content creators to easily create engaging educational content with diagrams, charts, and other visual aids.

Novel AI Pricing

NovelAI subscription is the Tablet tier, with a cost of $10 USD monthly.

Novel AI Pros

Novel AI Cons

  • Not Easy to Use
  • Image Generation is not straightforward

Runner Up

4. Waifu Labs (Create Magical Anime Portraits)

Waifu Labs, a way to create anime characters.

With a simple, and user-friendly interface, use modern machine-learning techniques and algorithms.

They provide multiple customization options to create your perfect character from scratch.

Their AI will take care of the rest. It can be used to generate both anime and other ai generated art.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist looking to perfect your skills, Waifu Labs has something for everyone. Unleash your inner artist today with Waifu Labs.

Waifu Labs Features

1. Automated Art Generation:

The Waifu Labs art generator is capable of automatically generating high-quality pieces of artwork using an AI-powered algorithm that takes into account the user’s preferences and tastes. This makes it easier to create unique, custom artwork without having to manually draw or paint it yourself.

2. Personalization Options:

The Waifu Labs art generator gives users a variety of options to customize their artwork, from choosing the style of art they want to adjust the color palette or add special effects. This allows users to create something truly unique that reflects their own personal aesthetic and taste.

3. Easy To Use Interface:

The Waifu Labs art generator is designed with a simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking artwork quickly and easily. It also offers tutorials and guides for those who are unfamiliar with the software so they can learn how to use it more efficiently and effectively.

Waifu Labs User Testimonials

“Waifu Labs art generator technology has revolutionized the way I create digital art. It’s easy to use, produces stunning results and is incredibly fun to work with. Highly recommend!”-Mike

Waifu Labs Potential Use Cases

1. Automated Character Creation:

Waifu Labs art generator technology can be used to quickly and efficiently generate characters of all shapes and sizes for video games, animation, comics, and other forms of digital media. This could drastically reduce the time and effort that would normally be required to create high-quality custom characters, ultimately allowing developers to focus more on other aspects of their production.

Furthermore, this technology could also enable developers to quickly create large numbers of unique characters, which could make it easier for them to populate large game worlds or animation settings with a diverse cast of characters.

2. Digital Art Production:

Waifu Labs art generator technology can be utilized as a powerful tool for the production of digital artwork. With its automated capabilities, Waifu Labs art generator technology can be used to produce a wide range of different styles of artwork quickly and accurately.

It is possible that this technology could also be used as an alternative to traditional painting or drawing techniques, allowing artists to create digital pieces more rapidly than they would have otherwise been able to do by hand.

Additionally, this technology could also be leveraged by graphic designers in order to quickly create designs for promotional material or logo creation.

Waifu Labs Pricing

It’s totally free to use! Start Now! Use the tool!

Waifu Labs Pros

  • Accurate Skin tones and Images
  • Edit and Customize Generated Images
  • Images can be used for Commercial Purposes

Waifu Labs Cons

  • You Need Good Prompts for Good Images

Hidden Gem

5. Crypko AI (Anime Character Generator)

If you’re a fan of manga art and looking for a way to create avatars or anime-style artwork, Crypko AI is the perfect choice.

With various customization options available, you can design anime characters that are unique and authentically yours.

So why wait? Step up your game with Crypko AI’s revolutionary GAN technology and unleash your inner artist today.

Crypko Features

1. AI Style Transfer: 

Crypko AI art generator uses advanced style transfer technologies to quickly and accurately process images with styles from classic works of art.

2. Automatic Colorization: 

Crypko AI art generator can automatically colorize black-and-white images, creating a unique color palette for each artwork.

3. Enhanced Detail Recognition: 

Crypko AI art generator uses specialized algorithms to detect and enhance fine details in the artwork, providing more realistic results.

Crypko User Testimonials

“As a customer of Crypko AI art generator, I’m thrilled with the results. Scott Miller’s artwork is truly amazing and totally unique. The AI technology is so sophisticated and it has produced some incredible pieces. Highly recommended!”-Kylie

Crypko Potential Use Cases

1. Art Education: 

Crypko AI art generator can be used to teach students the fundamentals of art by allowing them to explore different styles and techniques. 

2. Image Manipulation: 

Crypko AI art generator can be used to easily create unique artwork from existing images, making it easier for designers to customize visuals for their projects. 

3. Brand Promotion: 

Crypko AI art generator can be used as a tool to promote brands or products with its wide range of artistic styles and customizable features.

Crypko AI Pricing

  • Freemium. Free. 90 min/CP. 100 CP. …
  • Starter. Purchase. 10 min/CP. 500 CP. Purchase.
  • Standard. Purchase. 5 min/CP. 1000 CP. 100. Purchase.
  • Premium. Purchase. 1 min/CP. 5000 CP. 500. Purchase.

Crypko AI Pros

  • Generates High-quality Image
  • Various Customizations Options
  • Fast Anime Generator

Crypko AI Cons

  • Not in the English Language
  • Free Trial is Limited

Hidden Gem

6. ZMO.AI (Online Manga Generator)

ZMO.AI is an art generator uses AI to help you create unique anime art from photo.

ZMO.AI has made it easy in the interactive world of manga art by creating anime artwork.

Anime fans now have the chance to become the protagonist in their own creative story. Previous experience with creating manga art from scratch is optional with ZMO.AI.

Anyone who dreams of creating their self-centered anime artwork can upload their photo and instantly get access to it.

ZMO AI Features

1. Generative Adversarial Network (GAN): 

Utilizes two neural networks for the realistic generation of manga-style art. 

2. Style Transfer: 

Ability to replicate the style of one artwork onto another image, allowing for greater control and customization. 

3. Automatic Colorization: 

Automatically adds color details to grayscale manga images, creating more natural looking results.

ZMO AI User Testimonials

“ZMO AI is an amazing tool for art and manga image generation. It’s incredibly intuitive, fast and efficient, making it a great asset for any creative project!”-Dave

ZMO AI Potential Use Case

1. Automatically generating character art: 

ZMO AI can generate digital manga art quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for manual labour.

2. Digitalizing existing content: 

ZMO AI can convert traditional manga into digital format to make them more accessible.

3. Creating unique art: 

ZMO AI can be used to produce unique pieces of artwork inspired by a particular artist’s style or genre of manga.

ZMO AI Pricing

ZMO AI has a free, basic, pro, and enterprise price that begins at $599/month.


  • Turn Selfies into Anime Characters
  • Great Tool for AI Art creations
  • Free Trial Available


  • Limited Features with Free Trial

Hidden Gem

7. PicSo (Text to AI Art)

PicSo AI art generator! Creating manga artwork has never been easier.

With PicSo, you can quickly turn your prompts into AI images within 3 seconds.

You also have a wide range of options for art generation, including text-to-art, video-to-anime, and text-to-anime creation.

Create detailed artwork with precision using PicSo. Change how people create manga art with PicSo – the ultimate AI art generator.

PicSo Features

1. Emotional Intelligence:

PicSo AI can accurately detect and interpret emotional responses from facial expressions and conversations. This helps the AI give informed and appropriate advice, answers or reactions to its users.

2. Natural Language Processing:

PicSo AI has the ability to understand natural language input, allowing users to communicate with it naturally and in their own language. It can also respond in a more meaningful way than simple pre-programmed responses.

3. Machine Learning:

PicSo AI is constantly learning from interactions with its users in order to improve its performance over time. By using machine learning, the AI can adapt to changing user needs and preferences, resulting in better results for its users.

PicSo User Testimonials

PicSo is the ultimate AI tool for creating stunning images. (…) This image-generator and image-editing tool is perfect for anyone looking to create visually appealing content quickly and easily.-Lance JArvis

PicSo Potential Use Cases

  1. Picso AI can be used to automate customer service processes, freeing up time for staff to focus on more complex tasks.
  2. Picso AI can be used to analyze customer data in order to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, allowing businesses to provide better customer experiences.

PicSo Pricing

Picso pricing begins at $9.99/month.

PicSo Pros

  • Generate Text to Image in Seconds
  • Saves Your Prompts for reference
  • Easily Accessible

PicSo Cons

  • Image Quality is low


How to Choose the Best AI Manga Tool for Your Need

If you are still unsure about which tool to choose, just go through these steps. Some of them include reading an article like this one.

Step 1: Research the different AI Manga tools available. Consider factors such as cost, ease of use, features, and customer reviews.

Step 2: Make a list of all the AI Manga tools you are considering and evaluate each one based on your research.

Step 3: Assess your needs and prioritize them according to importance. For example, if cost is more important than features then make sure to find a tool that fits within your budget first.

Step 4: Try out the free versions of each tool you’re considering if possible, to get a better idea of how they work in practice.

Step 5: Choose the one that best meets your needs and can help you create the type of content you want.

AI Anime Generator FAQ

What is AI Anime?

Anime is a form of animation originating from Japan. It typically features colorful visuals, dynamic characters, and stories that explore themes such as morality, relationships, science fiction, and fantasy.

Anime has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. It can be enjoyed through streaming services or on DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Can AI create manga?

Yes, AI can create manga! With the help of cutting-edge technologies like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI can be used to generate manga artwork with a high degree of accuracy and realism.

Overall, the use of an anime AI art generator to create manga artwork has revolutionized how we produce and consume digital art.

My Experience and Testimonial/Review Using Using AI Manga Generators

My experience with AI manga generators has been a positive one. I have found that the results are often quite impressive and can be used to create a unique and personal story.

By using AI manga generators, I have been able to create stories that add credibility to my recommendation in terms of giving a more realistic character development, plotlines and visual elements.

The ZMO.AI and Picso AI software is easy to use and provides users with the ability to quickly create characters, effortlessly build scenes, and easily apply effects such as color or lighting to an image. I have also found that the AI manga generator can be used to quickly generate dialogue between characters to give them depth and personality.

All in all, I would highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to quickly create quality comic book-style stories or even just for fun!


The use of AI in creating manga has revolutionized how we create and consume digital art with unique style.

From Crypko AI’s GAN technology to ZMO.AI and PicSo simply upload function, each tool offers unique capabilities.

With these AI-driven tools, anyone can create manga art with ease and precision. Create your anime artwork or anime style with anime images. Try manga AI generator today.


Now that you’ve read this article on AI manga generators. I encourage you to leave me your feedback and comment on the topic. Also check out other AI Tutorials/Guides below;