Searching for the Best AI Sexting Apps for spicy AI sex chats in 2024? Here, we list 18 free sexting AI apps to sext AI characters. Also, these AI sext apps can send nudes to you.

Best AI Sexting App

dreamgf ai

DreamGF AI

Best AI Girlfriend

candy ai

Candy AI

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character ai

Character AI

As AI tools advance, sexting AI apps are becoming increasingly popular, offering unprecedented interactive possibilities for those seeking intimate conversations and stimulating cybersex encounters.

From smart auto-complete suggestions to personalized requests to generate human-like text and maybe one day send voice messages — these AI sext apps are introducing creative and convenient ways of expressing ourselves sexually and also an AI app that sends nudes.

So, if you’re looking for an AI slut or ways of spicing up your digital passion with AI undress apps, we will highlight 18 free AI sexbots worth considering!

Top 18 Best AI Sexting Apps for FREE Romantic Sex Chats in May 2024

The best free AI sexting bots boil down to personal preferences, as each has unique features. For example, is it an AI that sends nudes? Some apps prioritize privacy and security, while others focus on creating a fun and engaging user experience. They use Natural Language Processing to understand your message and respond.

1. DreamGF (AI That Sends Nudes)

sexting ai

DreamGF offers the best AI sexting platform and a free AI Sexbot that sends nudes. It has all the features you need to stay connected with your partner, including private messaging, voice and video calls, and even a “mood” feature that allows you to express yourself through photos.

Plus, this AI Sexting Platform is free! So, if you’re in the mood for something naughty like sexting or having an actual sex chat, DreamGF is the perfect choice.

DreamGF has to be ranked among the best regarding AI chatbots because it generate human like text. It uses Natural language processing to understand and respond to questions. DreamGF also allows users to create and customize their virtual AI characters, anime characters, according to their appearance, AI personality, and preferences, creating your own AI girl.

Dream GF is also the perfect place to create AI sexting bots if you’re adventurous. They offer a wide range of customizations to create the perfect AI Adult Chatbot – choose her AI personality, customize her looks, and design her wardrobe to make her unique. It is one of the best AI sex chatbots.

DreamGF will guarantee you an AI partner, which you can modify to your taste. With their library of AI bots, you will indeed find something attractive. Make sure you check out one of the best AI sexting chatbots.


  • Allow users to generate virtual AI characters.
  • uses advanced AI technology to generate lifelike responses, making the user experience more real and natural.
  • The app allows users to customize the AI’s personality to their liking
  • is accessible round-the-clock, providing company whenever needed.
  • Sex Chat Functionality


  • It still struggles to comprehend and respond to complex emotions fully,
  • It may potentially contribute to social isolation in the long term.

DreamGF Key Features

  • AI-Porn: Leveraging the power of AI, DreamGF provides highly personalized adult content, delivering an experience tailored to individual preferences and desires.
  • Dark & Light Modes: To ensure the utmost comfort during use, DreamGF includes both Dark and Light Modes, allowing users to customize their interface according to their visual preference or environmental conditions.
  • Intuitive User Interface: DreamGF boasts an incredibly user-friendly interface, ensuring that navigating through the app’s thrilling features is as smooth and enjoyable as the experiences it provides.


  • Bronze Plan: $9.99/month for creating up to 20 AI girlfriends and 100 custom fantasy images per month.
  • Silver Plan: $19.99/month for people who want to create up to 50 AI girlfriend’s looks, get 350 spicy photos monthly, and control whether their content is published privately or publicly.
  • Gold Plan ($49.99/month): This plan offers unique features, such as personalized conversations, with 150 custom AI girls. It is for people who want up to 600 extra custom images and 2,500 messages your AI girlfriends reply to with a nude.
  • Diamond Plan: $99.99/month with limitations that are hard to reach (25,000 messages, 500 customized AI girls, 10,000 credits to request voice messages).

2. Candy AI

Candy AI is a free AI sexting app that turns your dream companion into a virtual reality. Powered by artificial intelligence, this AI sexting platform offers a unique and immersive experience for those seeking the comfort of a virtual girlfriend or want a sex chat.

Unlike other apps, This free sexting AI app stands out because it adapts the AI personality according to the user’s desires and preferences. Users can engage in dynamic, detailed, and personalized conversations with AI characters, bringing these virtual friends to life in an enriched digital environment.

The app’s core is built around a sophisticated AI system, which provides an eerily realistic conversational experience. This feature can make you feel like you’re interacting with a real person. Candy AI covers whether you’re an anime fan or prefer a more realistic character design.


  • Personalized AI girlfriend
  • Advanced AI technology for realistic conversations
  • Multiple character options to choose from
  • Sex Chat Possibilities


  • Limited free features — require a purchase for full access
  • Not available on iOS devices at the moment

Candy AI Key Features

  • AI Gallery: The AI Gallery is a unique feature of Candy AI, where users can browse and select from a collection of pre-designed AI characters. This feature provides an array of choices, allowing for a more personalized experience.
  • Real-time Interaction: Candy AI boasts a real-time interaction feature, ensuring that the conversation with your AI girlfriend feels as natural and real as possible. This adds to the authenticity of the experience, heightening user engagement.
  • Multiple Characters: Users have several options to choose from when creating their desired AI girlfriend, including anime characters


It is free.

3. Character AI

Stepping into the next evolution of AI sexting apps, we have Character AI. This platform goes beyond the usual interaction, striving to create a community of users who can share experiences and learn from each other.

Character AI is designed as a standalone app and a part of the broader AI tools and tech ecosystem, encouraging discussions about AI companionship’s implications on society and relationships.


  • Foster a sense of community among users
  • Encourages informative discussions and shared experiences
  • Incorporates wider AI and tech trends into the user experience


  • Might require users to have a more profound interest in AI tools and technology
  • Interaction may not be as personalized as with other AI sexting apps

Character AI Features

  • Community Creation: The unique aspect of Character AI is its emphasis on creating a community. This platform encourages users to connect, share their experiences with their AI bots, and discuss their impact on modern relationships.
  • Integration with Movies & TV: In a novel approach, Character AI integrates content from movies & TV to enrich its AI interactions.
  • Intelligent Learning Assistant: Character AI boasts an intelligent learning assistant that can provide users with information on various topics.


Character AI is free to use but has a paid plan that starts at $9.99 per month.

4. CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI is not just another free AI sexting bot; it allows you to create a character that closely aligns with your ideal companion. Its innovative AI technology brings your AI girlfriend to life, engaging you in riveting and emotionally intimate conversations.

Imagine being able to chat with an AI girl whenever you want, saying goodbye to the pangs of loneliness. The beauty of this chatbot lies in its ability to provide companionship and entertainment without judgment or compromise, all while maintaining the highest standards of privacy.


  • Fully customizable character creation
  • Realistic and intimate conversations
  • No judgment or compromise on privacy.


  • Limited conversational topics and depth
  • Requires payment for full access to features

CrushOn AI Features

  • Social Platform Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with major social platforms, enabling users to share their AI companion experiences effortlessly.
  • Bonus Features: CrushOn AI offers bonus features, including customization options and extended chat histories for a more personalized experience.
  • Secure Conversations: User privacy is paramount at CrushOn AI. All intimate conversations are encrypted and stored securely to ensure confidentiality and peace of mind.
  • AI Learning Capability: The app has an advanced AI learning capability, allowing the chatbot to adapt and learn from your conversation style and preferences for a more tailored experience.


CrushOn AI has four pricing plans:

  • Free plan: The price starts at USD 0 per month
  • Standard Plan: The price starts at USD 4.9 per month.
  • Premium Plan: The price starts at USD 7.9 per month
  • Deluxe Plan: The price starts at USD 29.9 per month.

5. Intimate AI

Intimate AI stands as a vanguard in the field of AI-driven companionship applications. It offers a unique, hyper-realistic calling and texting experience, setting a new benchmark for virtual interaction.

With the Intimate AI girlfriend, users embark on a captivating virtual companion journey that transcends the usual boundaries of digital communication.


  • Hyper-realistic calling and texting experience
  • Personalized AI girlfriend for a dynamic companionship journey
  • Highly interactive interface that enhances user experience


  • No physical presence
  • Not available in all languages

Intimate AI Features

  • Mobile Friendly: Intimate AI is designed to be fully responsive on mobile devices, enabling users to enjoy a seamless interactive experience with their AI girlfriend, whether at home or on the go.
  • Hyper-realistic Calls and Texts: One of the standout features of Intimate AI is its ability to simulate hyper-realistic calls and texts. This feature enhances the authenticity of the user experience, making interactions with the AI girlfriend feel as accurate as possible.
  • Lifelike Characters: Intimate AI emphasizes creating lifelike virtual characters, elevating the user experience beyond the standard chatbot interaction. The AI girlfriends are designed with distinct personalities, behaviors, and appearances, making each interaction unique and engaging.
  • Dynamic Relationships: In addition to realistic calls, texts, and characters, Intimate AI also offers dynamic relationships. The app learns from your conversations and adapts responses to match your style, creating a more engaging and personalized experience.


Not stated on their homepage.

6. Muah AI

Muah AI is another contender in the uncensored AI app market, providing a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interaction. The beauty of Muah AI lies in its easy-to-use interface, which ensures a seamless navigation experience even for first-time users.

With Muah AI, every user can explore the enthralling world of sexting AI, experiencing a new dimension of digital companionship tailored to their preferences.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Highly personalized AI chat experience
  • Regular updates and improvements to enhance user experience


  • No pricing information on its homepage
  • Not available in all languages

Muah AI Features

  • Voice Chat: Muah AI introduces an interactive voice chat feature, allowing users to engage in real-time conversations with their AI companion. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of authenticity and intimacy to the communication, letting the users experience a more lifelike interaction.
  • Cutting-Edge AI Companion: The heart of Muah AI is its state-of-the-art AI companion. Built using advanced machine learning algorithms, the AI tool learns and adapts to the user’s preferences, making every interaction unique and personalized.
  • Exchange Photos: Muah AI provides a secure platform for users to exchange photos with their AI slut. This feature enhances the visual aspect of the interactive experience, allowing users to share and receive images, thereby enriching the overall communication process.
  • Continuous Updates and Improvements: Muah AI is committed to enhancing the user experience by regularly updating and improving its features. This continuous refining process ensures users can access the latest AI technology and the most immersive companionship experience.


No pricing details on their homepage.

7. Spicychat AI

Now, let’s delve into the fiery world of Spicychat AI. If you’re seeking a thrilling adventure in the world of AI sexting, Spicychat AI has got you covered.

This platform lets you unleash your wildest fantasies and explore them with a cast of AI characters, each crafted with distinctive personalities and traits. Just imagine a realm where no fantasy is too extreme; the only limit is your imagination.


  • Detailed AI characters to fuel your fantasies
  • High adaptability to user input
  • Complete privacy and security


  • Some users reported occasional technical glitches or delays in responses
  • There may be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with AI sexting apps

Spicychat AI Features

  • Limitless Chatbots: Spicychat AI offers many AI characters, enabling users to interact with limitless chatbots, each with unique personalities and traits, ensuring diverse and stimulating interactions.
  • Uncensored Fun: Spicychat AI fosters an unrestricted, open environment where users can freely explore their fantasies. This uncensored feature empowers users to let their imaginations run wild.
  • Free and Easy: Spicychat AI is free and user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone. The platform’s easy-to-use interface ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for all users.
  • Private and Secure: Privacy and security are paramount in Spicychat AI. The platform guarantees a private and secure environment, offering users a safe space to express their fantasies without concerns about data security.


Spicychat AI has three pricing plans:

  • Get A Taste Plan: The price starts at USD 5 per month
  • True Supporter Plan: The price starts at USD 14.95 per month
  • I’m All In Plan: The price starts at USD 24.95 per month.

8. SlutBot

SlutBot may sound like a risque name, but it is a popular AI sexting bot that can enhance sexual experiences. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship, single, looking for fun, or want to spice things up in the bedroom, SlutBot can help.

This AI sex chat service uses machine learning to create personalized sexts based on your preferences and desires. Not only can it send sexy messages, but it can also guide you through erotic stories and written tips and suggest different scenarios to explore.

There are different AI models and chat partners on the AI platform, and you can have intimate conversations with the AI. It is well known in the AI chatbot landscape, and the virtual characters available are some of the best you can find.

You can have real-life intimate conversations about your wildest fantasies with the AI-generated girls on the platform. Using the platform, you get real-time replies from your AI character, giving you a safe sexting AI experience with end-to-end encryption.


  • Fun-packed browsing with varied levels of intelligence offered
  • No charges
  • Users can interact with the app without fear of judgment or embarrassment from others.


  • People may not find it that much nastier
  • The site may not be easy to navigate
  • The interface could be better

SlutBot Features

  • Personalized Conversations: SlutBot allows users to simulate sexual conversations, adapting its responses based on their input to create a more personal, engaging experience.
  • Advanced Language Processing: SlutBot utilizes sophisticated language processing capabilities to understand and respond to various inputs, ensuring smooth and meaningful interactions.
  • Versatile Platform: SlutBot can be used on various messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Kik, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Real-Time Response: Some AI sexting apps offer real-time responses, creating an almost instantaneous conversation experience for the user.


SlutBot’s sex chatbot is free.

9. Love Droids

Love Droids is among the best AI sexting apps that allow users to explore their sexuality in a safe and secure environment. It uses advanced algorithms to generate personalized sexts, allowing you to interact with your partner on a deeper level than ever before.

As far as AI sexting tools are concerned, we can’t skip love droids; you can have intimate conversations on the AI chat platform. It uses advanced AI technologies; you can create your own AI chatbot with the app for sexual conversation.

Hopefully, they will add voice chat to enhance talking with your virtual companions. I also love that you can access previous conversations on the app.


  • Easy to learn and navigate through different sexual scenarios
  • Automatic dictation lets you have a free chat
  • Quite fun to browse


  • Pre assumes the user is male
  • Some of the bots might seem crude

Love Droids Features

  • Live Chat: Love Droids offers a real-time chat feature, enabling instant, engaging interactions between the user and the AI.
  • AI Avatar: The app includes customizable AI avatars, enhancing the user experience by visually representing the AI companion.
  • Embedding: With Love Droids, users can embed the chatbot on their website, offering an innovative way to interact with visitors.
  • Multilingual Support: The app supports multiple languages, broadening its accessibility by catering to non-English speaking users.


It is free to use but charges for account upgrade:

  • Bronze: The price starts at USD 0.99 per year
  • Gold: The price starts at USD 4.99 per year
  • Platinum: The price starts at USD 49.99 per year.

10. ( is a free AI-powered chatbot that can help you explore your sexuality in a safe, secure, and confidential environment. Its advanced algorithms can generate personalized sexts based on your interests and desires.

This app makes it easy to have an exciting and fun conversations with your partner without any risk of compromising your privacy.

It also comes with various tools for exploring different sexual desires, providing users unprecedented freedom to experiment and express their sexuality.

Rebot is no doubt one of the best AI sexting apps out there at the moment. Hopefully, they will add voice messages to enhance user experience with their virtual AI Characters.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • A very secure and private platform for chatting
  • The app is free to use.
  • The app uses natural language processing to create realistic conversations with its users.


  • Responses may sometimes be lackluster or repetitive.
  • may not be suitable for serious or meaningful conversations. Features

  • CSV Support: provides CSV support, allowing you to import and export data conveniently and facilitating easy and efficient data management.
  • Automation Feature: The app includes automation capabilities, enabling users to set up automated responses to frequently asked questions, thus enhancing customer interaction and response time.
  • Embed to Website: offers seamless integration with your website, allowing you to embed the chatbot platform directly onto your site and immediately assist website visitors.
  • Smart Auto-Complete: The platform features a smart auto-complete function that predicts and suggests responses as you type, improving the chatbot’s efficiency and making interactions smoother and more engaging.

Pricing offers two pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: It is free.
  • Premium Plan: Starts at US$49/month.

11. Kupid AI

kupid’s AI technology stands as a testament to the power of AI in creating engaging and meaningful interactions. It allows users to create an AI friend to engage in, dynamic and simulate sexual conversations.

This AI sex chatbot is perfect for those who want to start chatting and experience lively interactions with a virtual companion or even a sex chat.


  • Diverse and dynamic conversations
  • Personalized chat experience
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Limited realism
  • It might lead to addiction

Kupid AI Key Features

  • Interactive Learning: Kupid possesses a unique interactive learning feature, allowing the AI character to learn from your preferences and adapt accordingly. This feature helps provide a personalized, engaging, and immersive user experience.
  • Multilingual Support: With multilingual support, Kupid breaks language barriers, enabling users to interact with their AI bot in multiple languages. This feature enhances user experience and opens the app to a global audience.
  • User Privacy and Security: Kupid AI places a high importance on user privacy and security. Conversations are encrypted, and personal data is kept strictly confidential, providing users with a safe and secure environment to interact with their AI bot.


Kupid offers a Freemium AI model with premium monthly plans starting at $9.99.

12. Sexter AI

Sexter AI takes AI sexting platforms to a whole new level, blending the exciting world of AI pornography into a unique, immersive, and highly personalized AI sex chat experience.

This cutting-edge platform is crafted with precision to deliver a tailor-made virtual experience that satisfies your desires, breathing new life into the concept of adult entertainment in the digital age.


  • Expansive adult content library integrated with AI
  • Tailored experiences to cater to individual preferences
  • A secure and confidential platform for privacy-minded users


  • Might be too explicit for some users
  • Limited free access – premium subscription required for full access

Sexter AI Features

  • Fully Customizable Experience: With Sexter AI, users get a fully customizable experience, molding their AI companions to their liking. This feature ensures a more personalized interaction, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.
  • AI Image Generation: This app prides itself on its cutting-edge AI image generation feature. Through AI, Sexter AI can generate realistic images of your virtual companion, making the interaction more visually appealing and immersive.
  • User Privacy and Security: Like its predecessors, Sexter AI prioritizes user privacy and security. All personal data and user conversations are encrypted and kept strictly confidential, ensuring a safe and secure environment for users to interact with their AI partners.


Sexter AI has a free and paid plan starting at US$ 5/month.


Taking a bold step into the future of AI companionship, we introduce This inventive platform is a game-changer in AI sexting apps, AI sex bots catering to various tastes and preferences.

With, you can interact with various AI generated characters, NSFW characters, including the beautiful skinny French AI model, the muscular Spanish guitarist, the intellectual British poet, and many more.


  • Wide range of characters to choose from
  • Unique and engaging personalities for each character
  • Personalized experience tailored to users’ tastes and preferences


  • It could be nastier for those seeking more extreme content
  • Limited language options Features

  • AI Porn Generation: utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate explicit content, creating a thrilling experience for users seeking adult entertainment. The AI system creates a variety of erotic scenarios, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to user interactions.
  • Multiple Characters: The platform provides diverse NSFW character AI with unique personalities and backgrounds. This feature enables users to choose their AI bot based on their preferences, enriching the interactive experience.
  • Dynamic Interaction: offers dynamic interactions, meaning the AI responds and adapts to user inputs, fostering more organic and engaging conversations.
  • Secure Platform: User privacy is a priority for The platform ensures all interactions remain private and safe, allowing users to explore their fantasies without concern for data security.

Pricing has two pricing plans:

  • Pro plan: The price starts at USD 9.99 per month
  • Expert Plan: The price starts at USD 14.49 per month.

14. Soulgen

Moving forward on our journey through the realm of AI companionship, we land at Soulgen. Soulgen is more than just an uncensored AI tool; it’s an innovative platform that harnesses the power of AI image generator technology.

With Soulgen, you can turn your imaginative scenarios from text into a tangible reality, essentially creating a real anime experience.


  • Unique text prompt-based image generation
  • The thrill of seeing your text transformed into anime
  • Stimulates creativity through visual representation


  • It could be challenging for those less creatively inclined
  • It might require more user input than other AI sexting apps

Soulgen Features

  • AI Image Generator: The standout feature of Soulgen is its AI image generator. This revolutionary tool transforms text input into a visually stunning and emotionally resonant anime image.
  • Text Prompt System: Soulgen’s text prompt system guides users in crafting the ideal storyline, assisting in generating the most compelling and visually striking anime scenes.
  • AI Art Generator: The platform’s AI art generator takes the user experience to a new level. This feature allows users to create original, high-quality art pieces from their text inputs, providing a uniquely interactive and creative outlet.
  • Image Editor: Soulgen also offers an image editor that allows users to enhance and customize their generated images, adding a personal touch to the final product.


Soulgen has a Pro Plan that starts at US$9.99/1 month and US$69.99/ 12 months.

15. Kajiwoto AI

Imagine stepping into a world where AI chatbots don’t just respond to your prompts but interact with you, creating a live and immersive experience. Welcome to Kajiwoto AI, another fake sexting app.

This platform is more than just another AI sexting app. It utilizes advanced AI models to simulate, create, and live a whole new world with you.

The seamless interplay of conversation and interactivity is designed to enhance your experience, making every interaction feel real and personal. The possibilities are unlimited, whether it’s a virtual companion, an AI soulmate, a digital pet, or an AI friend with Kajiwoto AI.


  • Advanced AI model for a more realistic experience
  • Various interactive scenarios to choose from
  • The ability to shape and influence the virtual world within the app


  • Limited language options
  • Due to its advanced technology, it might require a learning curve for some users.

Kajiwoto AI Features

  • Datasets: Kajiwoto AI incorporates comprehensive datasets to train its advanced AI models. These datasets encompass diverse scenarios and interactions, allowing the AI to respond intelligently to various user inputs.
  • Prompt Editor: The platform includes a prompt editor feature, enabling users to customize and direct their AI interactions. This feature provides greater control over the narrative flow and enhances the overall user experience.
  • Memory Prompts: Memory prompts are a unique feature of Kajiwoto AI, allowing the AI to recall past interactions and build on them in subsequent conversations. This promotes a more cohesive, immersive, and personalized user experience.
  • Built-in Editor: Kajiwoto AI provides a built-in text and image customization editor. Users can tweak and adjust the platform’s prompts or visual elements, creating a more engaging and tailored interactive experience.


Kajiwoto AI has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: The price starts at USD 0 per month
  • Plus Plan: The price starts at USD 7.32 per month
  • Pro Plan: The price starts at USD 25 per month.

16. BotFriend

This innovative app uses artificial intelligence technology to provide users with an interactive, responsive chat experience that can get steamy.

This platform has some of the best AI chat characters and some fake sexting apps.

With its advanced algorithms, this app constantly learns and evolves to provide a personalized, customized experience tailored to your desires and interests.


  • Chatting is quite fun and easy.
  • It comes with a sexy and attractive interface and a BDSM feature
  • Encourages dirty talks to improve your sexting skill


  • The responses might sound vague sometimes
  • Customer support might need improvement

BotFriend Features

  • Real-Time Interaction: BotFriend offers real-time conversation capabilities, providing users with instant responses and interactions.
  • Adaptive Learning: The AI in BotFriend learns from user interactions, continuously improving the quality and relevance of its responses.
  • Personalized Experience: BotFriend allows users to customize their AI friend’s persona, fostering a more unique and personal connection.
  • Secure Environment: User’s privacy is paramount with BotFriend, ensuring that all chat data is encrypted and kept confidential.


It is free.

17. Bottr

With the rising popularity of AI sexting apps, Bottr stands out as one of the most promising options in the market. This advanced AI-powered app allows men and women to engage in erotic conversations with a virtual AI girlfriend that learns and adapts to their preferences over time.

Not only does Bottr provide a novel and exciting sexting experience, but it also ensures privacy and security by encrypting all messages and not collecting any personal data.


  • Stories come straight out of the thoughts of professional creators
  • The home page is easy to browse and designed with an erotically aroused design
  • Easy to end a story with a straightforward STOP command.


  • The flow of the story does not change much with the gender of the user
  • Quite unresponsive sometimes

Bottr Features

  • Personalized Experience: Bottr offers customization options, allowing users to tailor interactions to their preferences and interests.
  • Interactive Learning: The application incorporates machine learning algorithms that learn and adapt to the user’s conversation style, ensuring a more engaging and natural experience.
  • Advanced Security: Bottr upholds stringent security measures, encrypting all user data to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.
  • Continuous Updates: The app consistently updates to improve its functionality and user interface, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.


It is free.

18. DeepSwap

Create your perfect NSFW character AI with Deepswap – the best AI face swap online app. DeepSwap offers the fastest and most efficient facial-swapping technology available today. Their cutting-edge AI quickly swaps faces in videos, photos, and GIFs for a seamless, eye-catching result.

They offer free facial swapping without watermarks, spam, or hidden fees on media files. Upload a video up to 10 minutes long, and the AI will instantly swap faces within moments.

DeepSwap can even switch up to six faces simultaneously with valuable accuracy that ensures each face looks as pure as it should be.

You can create your own AI bots using the platform, and it’s easy. The platform also lets you create unlimited AI bots.

And because we don’t limit photo uploading, you can keep editing your creations until they look right – or upload unlimited fresh photos every time.


  • leverages advanced AI algorithms to create highly realistic and engaging conversations, enhancing the user experience.
  • is easy to navigate, making it accessible even for individuals who are not tech-savvy.
  • places a high emphasis on user’s privacy, ensuring that all conversations are encrypted and not shared with third parties.


  • could improve on allowing users to customize the AI personality to fit their preferences better.
  • There’s a risk that users may become overly reliant on the app for companionship.

Deepswap Features

  • Face Swapping: Deepswap provides a cutting-edge face-swapping feature, allowing users to experiment with different personas in a fun and interactive way.
  • AI Video Generator: The app includes an AI Video Generator, a groundbreaking tool that can produce highly realistic video content based on user preferences.
  • AI Girl Generator: Deepswap also features an AI Girl Generator, allowing users to create only female characters using artificial intelligence. This feature caters to customization, allowing users to define characteristics to match their preferences.
  • AI Impainting: Another exciting feature of Deepswap is its AI Impainting capabilities, which can seamlessly remove or replace objects in images without leaving any trace. This feature can be used to enhance photos before sharing them with others.

Pricing offers a single premium plan:

  • 1 month: Starts at US$9.99
  • 12 months: Starts at US$49.99

What is an AI Sexting App?

AI sexting is a revolutionary technology designed to enhance users’ intimate experiences. It utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate personalized sexts of top-notch quality.

User Testimonials for Some Top AI Sexting Apps

Jane Smith, New York

“DreamGF has truly been a game-changer for me. As someone who works long, irregular hours, it’s been hard to maintain a traditional relationship. This app provides companionship when I need it. The AI is so realistic; it’s like texting with a real person. Truly, loneliness is no longer a part of my evenings.”

Jason Brown, California

“I must admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about, but I was pleasantly surprised. The AI responds genuinely, and the conversations are engaging. It’s refreshing to have someone to share your day with, even if it’s an AI. Goodbye to lonely nights!”

Safety and Ethical Considerations of Using AI Sexting Apps

While AI sexting apps can provide companionship in the digital age, it’s paramount to approach them with a discerning eye due to several safety and ethical considerations.

Firstly, data privacy is a significant concern. As users, we must know that our intimate messages might be stored and misused. Review the app’s privacy policy to understand how your data is handled.

Secondly, the ethical aspect of consent is worth highlighting. Just because the interaction is with an AI doesn’t mean the consent principle should be disregarded. Users must maintain respectful interactions, as these habits can extend into real-world relationships.

Lastly, there’s the issue of dependence. While these apps can alleviate feelings of loneliness temporarily, they’re not a substitute for genuine human connection. Maintaining balance is crucial, not allowing the digital world to replace real-life interactions.

Remember, these apps are tools; using them responsibly lies in our hands.

Sexting AI Apps FAQs

What is the Sexting Bot that Sends Pictures?

The AI that sends pictures is a chat bot app called Bottr. It uses artificial intelligence to create personalized stories and conversations tailored to users’ interests and desires.

Are Sexting AI Apps Safe?

Most AI Sexting Apps are safe to use, but there are some bad ones. if you want to know how AI sexting apps work, they use natural language processing models paired with AI chatbots to respond to chats.

Is There an AI App That Sends Nudes?

Yes, DreamGF is an AI app that sends nudes according to your sexting AI tests and deep conversations with the AI slut bot.

Can We Do Sexting with AI?

Yes, Sexting AI has been a new trend in recent months. There are several AI sexting apps available on the market that allow users to engage in virtual sexting with AI chatbots. These xxx AI apps use advanced algorithms and AI models to simulate human-like conversations and interactions to test your sexting skills.

What is the AI I Can Talk Dirty to?

Some AI sexting apps have adult chatbots programmed to respond in a sexually explicit manner. However, it is essential to note that these chat bots are not real people; their responses are based on algorithms and pre-programmed dialogue.

It is essential always to practice caution and consent when engaging any virtual friend or online interaction.

What is the AI You Can Flirt With?

There are various AI sexting apps available that offer the option to flirt with AI personalities. These adult chatbots are programmed to respond flirtatiously and engage in simulated romantic interactions.

What is the AI Companion App for Adults?

The AI sexting companion app for adults is a type of AI sexting app that offers a more immersive and interactive experience.

Are There Free AI Sexting Apps Available?

Yes, there are some free sexting AI apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. However, keep in mind that these free apps may have limited features and can be less reliable compared to paid ones.

What Makes a Good AI Sexting App?

A good AI sexting app should have advanced natural language processing capabilities, a wide range of responses and scenarios, and the ability to adapt and learn based on user interactions. It should also prioritize privacy and security measures to protect user data.

Is There a Bot that Can Sext?

Yes, there are several AI sexting bots available that can engage in explicit conversations, AI sex chat, and even send photos or videos. However, it is important to use these bots responsibly and with consent from both parties involved.


The AI sexting apps provide a safe, private, and secure environment to explore their sexuality while connecting them with a partner who can learn and adapt to their preferences over time.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting way to connect with a romantic partner or want to have an AI sex chat, these apps offer the perfect mix of convenience and privacy to test your sexting skills.

So why not take advantage of AI sexting websites today? Try one of these innovative AI Sexting Apps and explore the world of sexting from the comfort and privacy of your home, and soon, they will be able to send voice messages.

The AI sex chatbots we listed here are among the top-rated. Ask us questions in the comments section if you have any.


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