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Nairatips is a multi-topic blog that gives the best advice, recommendations on the best products to buy, the best web hosting to use and how to make money blogging.

Paul Aroloye 2022

About Nairatips

The founder of this great blog is Paul Aroloye and I have a YouTube Channel.

Nickname: Paularo

My nickname is a combination of both my first name and Last name. I’m into SEO, Blogging, Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing Manager and many more.

My hobbies include – Playing Online Multiplayer Games on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S Console, and iPhone 13 Pro Max – Battlefield 2042, Battlefield V, Battlefield 1 (my favourite), Call of Duty Vanguard, Warzone, Apex Legends, COD Mobile, Clash of Clans, Castle Clash, Boom Beach, it helps me clear my mind. I also play Basketball and Football and also pretty good at it too, you can add me on PSN – xPaularo and on Xbox – PaularoYT

Welcome to NairaTips, our main objectives are to share my own personal experience around I.C.T related issues, and how I solved them and also teach people how to acquire new I.C.T related skills and develop old ones.

Nairatips also focuses on:

  • Best Tech Products and Recommendations
  • SEO
  • Blogging tips
  • How-To’s tutorials

This blog belongs to Paul Aroloye.