Are you searching for an AI cover letter generator? With so many available, it can be difficult to know which is the best.

Here, we explain why a good quality AI cover letter generator should be your go-to solution when looking to create job-winning documents quickly and easily.

We’ll look at the features of great AI software, what makes a good resume or CV, and how an effective cover letter can help get you ahead of your competition. Let’s get started.

What is an AI Cover Letter Generator?

An AI cover letter generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to help job seekers create compelling cover letters quickly and easily.

The tool uses algorithms and natural language processing to analyze job descriptions and candidate profiles, then suggests personalized content, formatting, and language that aligns with the job requirements.

Most of the platforms listed below have some cover letter templates that match various job descriptions.

The AI cover letter generator aims to save job seekers time and effort and ensures that their cover letters are optimized to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Additionally, a well-written cover letter can make candidates stand out by highlighting their skills, experiences, and motivation for the job.

Best Choice

1. Jasper AI

Introducing Jasper AI – the online cover letter generator made for job seekers. Make your best impression with personalized, optimized, and job-winning cover letters through powerful AI technology.

It can also be used to write other forms of content, like blog posts or video scripts.


  • Templates Available to Generate Cover Letters
  • Easy to Use


  • Sometimes Generate Content that Dosent Match Your Resume
  • Need Full Human Input

You can use templates to create a personalized cover letter that suits any job search. It can also be used to write unlimited cover letters at once.

Built for convenience and speed, Jasper AI helps you maximize your chances of success by constructing the perfect cover letter in just minutes.

You have to fill out a few simple questions and give us some insight into who you are and what you’re looking for, and then let Jasper AI go to work – creating an optimized, job-winning cover letter tailored specifically to the position you want.

You’ll be back on the job market immediately with a professional, tailored cover letter that can give you a serious advantage in getting the position you seek.

Try it now and see how Jasper AI can help put you at the top of every employer’s list.

Best Value

2. KickResume

Introducing KickResume, the perfect AI tool to help you write an effective and professional cover letter.

The cover letter builder can write content for job applications and titles.


  • Diffrent Template Options
  • Easy to Use


  • No Free Trial
  • Account Needed Before you can use it

Quickly assemble a personalized cover letter that highlights your relevant skills and experience.

From one job posting, KickResume can generate many cover letters tailored to different potential employers, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

The ai cover letter writer is affordable, and any AI detectors detect the generated cover letter cant.

Please don’t waste time putting together the perfect cover letter when our AI is here to take care of it for you. Get started today.

Premium Option

3. Zety

Zety offers an effective and efficient way to create a stunning cover letter. Rather than spending hours staring at the dreaded blank page, you can use Zety’s AI software to get started.

You need to answer a few questions or choose to upload your resume.


  • It Generates a Cover Letter Base on Your Resume
  • Affordable


  • Limited Cover Letter Templates

The builder will ensure it pulls some key information you need to craft an excellent document that perfectly outlines your skills and experience.

Zety’s builder saves time and helps you pull together all the critical elements of your cover letter into one concise read – no more scrambling trying to think of what goes where.

So you can be sure that the hiring manager takes notice of all your best qualities with ease.

The AI cover letter builder or resume builder can come up with a great cover letter for any job application.

The only drawback might be that when you input the title for the job you’re applying for, it auto-generates a list of skills and strengths, which may not entirely reflect what you want to portray in your application.

But regardless, Zety is perfect if you’re looking for an AI tool that makes writing an application an effortless endeavor.

Runner Up


Introducing RYTR: the next-level tool designed to help you craft compelling, engaging, professional cover letters in just minutes.

With its clean user interface and free forever pricing, Rytr makes creating great cover letters easy and accessible to all.


  • Powerful AI Text Generator
  • Easy to Use
  • Friendly User Interface


  • Need Complete Human input

Perfect your cover letter with pre-written content written to the job role and skills needed, along with natural language processing technology that allows you to personalize it for a truly unique experience further.

Launch your career with total confidence thanks to this powerful AI-powered tool!

Forget having to waste hours writing multiple drafts of your cover letter – RYTR will help you customize each piece to reflect better the job role or position you’re applying for.

Easily search through their database of job descriptions from thousands of employers; use predictive analytics to spot patterns in language use among successful people who applied for those roles; access our massive library of example letters written by industry professionals; and generate a completely custom letter in double-quick time.

With Rytr, you can expect an unparalleled ability to customize your writing to speak directly to managers hiring for a job.

The AI tool is designed to look at what past applicants have done and understand how hiring managers think on a deeper level – so that you can put forward your best argument in written form.

No matter what job or role you’re applying for, RYTR has your back so you can clinch the perfect gig without breaking a sweat.

If there was ever an easier way to craft strong and compelling cover letters, then we want nothing more than for everyone out there looking for their dream job(s) to benefit from this fantastic resource.

Get started with Rytr today and ensure your resume stands out from the crowd almost instantly.

Hidden Gem


Are you searching for a reliable and easy-to-use AI Tool to help you write an effective cover letter? Look no further than

They provide the tools you need to write an excellent cover letter tailored precisely to your industry.


  • Robust Cover Letter Creator
  • Many Cover Letter Examples


  • Only Made for Resume Building

They provide the tools you need to write an excellent cover letter tailored precisely to your industry.

Their comprehensive guide ensures you can present yourself in the best possible light and improve your chances of landing your dream job.

With their HR-approved professional cover letter templates, you’ll get guidance on what information should go into each section of your cover letter: personal details and contact information, headline, body paragraph, and conclusion—all customized for the industry of your choice.

Their customizable features allow you to add different elements to ensure all our materials have a polished and personal look while delivering an engaging message that will capture employers’ attention.

What’s more, offers no-hassle access to high-quality resources to give users the edge in their job search journey.

From editing tips to salary negotiation advice—you can expect it all! With our comprehensive guides, users can work toward building a successful career path with confidence and ease.

Use the AI tool to build a cover letter worthy of your CV today.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create a flawless presentation of yourself with today.

Hidden Gem

6. LiveCareer

LiveCareer is the ultimate resource for job seekers looking to create a cover letter that firmly positions them in their dream job.

It provides useful, customizable resumes and cover letter templates, including helpful tips on how to write a successful cover letter.


  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Option to Upload Your Resume
  • Uses AI to Generate Cover Letters


  • Less Sophisticated AI Than others

As an all-in-one AI tool, it features resume-building tools and advice on what essential components to include for a comprehensive, memorable introduction.

This user-friendly AI generator makes creating a powerful and persuasive cover letter easier.

LiveCareer’s easy navigation allows anyone from experienced professionals to new job seekers to quickly get started as they sort through countless options, such as selecting their own font and style options.

With this unique online platform, you are sure to craft an eye-catching document that outlines your qualifications and experience.

Take control of your career today with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use LiveCareer resources.

The AI covers all bases so you can have peace of mind knowing you will leave no stone unturned when introducing yourself in your next application.

Start now and take the next step in achieving your dream job.

Hidden Gem

7. ResumeLab

Introducing ResumeLab: an AI tool that helps create an outstanding cover letter for your future employer.

Whether you are new to job applications or experienced in the process, our intuitive software makes it easy for anyone to craft a good cover letter.


  • Easy to use
  • Free Trial Available
  • Clean User Interface


  • Limited Functions with Free trial

With just a few clicks, ResumeLab can generate an impressive and personalized cover letter for you that will leave a good impression on any hiring professionals.

It not only ensures the professional language and format of the document are correct but also allows you to express your unique abilities and experience succinctly.

We understand how important creating an effective cover letter can be when competing with other applicants.

That’s why we offer features such as resume templates that showcase your experiences in the most compelling way possible, unlimited customization options where every detail can be tweaked according to your needs, and real-time tips offering valuable advice on crafting the perfect cover letter.

Choose ResumeLab today and get a professionally-crafted cover letter in no time.

Can an AI write my cover letter?

Yes, AI can write a cover letter for you. With the help of AI tools such as, LiveCareer, and ResumeLab, you can quickly generate an impressive and personalized cover letter in no time.

These AI-driven tools provide useful, customizable templates with helpful tips on how to write a successful cover letter.

You can also upload your resume to get a personalized cover letter tailored to your experiences and qualifications.

No matter your experience level, these AI tools make it easy for anyone to build an eye-catching document that outlines your qualifications and experience.

With the help of AI, you can have peace of mind knowing you will leave no stone unturned when introducing yourself in your next application.


AI tools have made writing an effective cover letter easier than ever.

Using AI-driven platforms such as, LiveCareer, and ResumeLab, you can quickly generate a persuasive cover letter highlighting your unique abilities and experience in the most compelling way possible.

These user-friendly platforms have powerful resume-building and customization tools, allowing anyone from experienced professionals to new job seekers to start the process quickly.

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