Welcome to our specially curated list of the most exciting AI Tools Black Friday sales and deals for AI tools! If you’re an AI enthusiast, data scientist, or an everyday tech lover, this guide is for you.

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Surfer SEO

Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic With Surfer.

We’re about to navigate the sea of Black Friday deals, pinpointing the ones offering up to 89% off on AI tools.

Stay tuned, save big, and get ahead with the best tools in the AI industry. Let’s dive right in!

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An Overview of AI Tools Black Friday Sales

AI Tools Black Friday Sales refer to the special discounts various AI tool providers offer during the shopping event.

Black Friday, a tradition originating in the United States, has grown into a global phenomenon where retailers offer significant discounts to customers on various products, and AI tools are no exception.

These deals provide an excellent opportunity for AI enthusiasts, data scientists, and tech lovers to acquire powerful AI tools at a fraction of their original price.

Whether you’re looking to delve into machine learning, natural language processing, or predictive analytics, these deals can help you secure the necessary tools without breaking the bank.

Remember that these deals are usually limited-time offers, making Black Friday a perfect time to invest in your AI toolkit.


Surfer SEO is the best AI Tools Black Friday Sales and Deals.

What are the Best AI Tools Black Friday Sales and Deals?

The following list includes several top-rated AI Black Friday sales and deals for AI tools.

However, it’s important to remember that while a tool’s price is an important consideration, the features it offers, its compatibility with your existing systems, and its ease of use are equally, if not more, vital.

Be sure to carefully consider these aspects before making your final purchase decision. Let’s dig into the best AI tool deals available this Black Friday.

Surfer SEO is a game-changer in your SEO strategy and is regarded as one of the best AI tools Black Friday sales in 2023. It’s an advanced SEO platform that simplifies your SEO workflow and gives you actionable insights to boost organic traffic.

Surfer SEO is rolling out a deal that’s too good to miss this Black Friday. Not only will it help you increase your visibility on search engines, but it will also improve your rank with its in-depth keyword research and suggestions.

Surfer SEO has a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, making it an excellent investment for anyone aiming to maximize their SEO strategy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get Surfer SEO at a fantastic discount this Black Friday! Read our Surfer SEO review.

Key Features

  • Content Editor: Surfer SEO’s Content Editor simplifies content creation with smart suggestions and optimization features, ensuring your content meets SEO standards and improves its ranking potential.
  • Audit: With its comprehensive SEO audit feature, Surfer SEO provides detailed reports that pinpoint areas of improvement, helping you enhance your website’s search engine performance.
  • Keyword Research: Surfer SEO’s advanced keyword research tool allows you to discover high-performing keywords in your niche, giving your content a competitive edge in search engine rankings.
  • AI Outline Generator: The AI Outline Generator in Surfer SEO creates structured content outlines, helping you streamline your content production process and enhance your content’s SEO value.

Surfer SEO AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24 – Dec 1, 2023.
  • Discount Offer: 10% OFF any monthly plan for 6 months or 30% off any yearly plan for the first year – including our new AI offers. You can also DOUBLE your credits! For free.
  • Cyber Monday Details: 30% OFF on all AI packages. 30% OFF all annual plans or 10% OFF all monthly plans for the first 6 months. Plus, a chance to win back your credits by playing our game! (Game Ends by Dec 8, 2023).
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Surfer SEO AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Surfer SEO’s Black Friday deal is an incredible opportunity to secure a powerful SEO tool at a discounted rate.
  • Its notable features, such as the Content Editor, SEO Audit, Keyword Research tool, and AI Outline Generator, can significantly enhance your SEO strategy.
  • The user-friendly tool makes it ideal for beginners and experienced SEO specialists.
  • Surfer SEO provides actionable insights and suggestions to improve your website’s search engine performance.
  • The tool’s advanced keyword research function can give your content a competitive edge in rankings.

Supergrow AI is an up-and-coming LinkedIn content creation tool that turns heads in marketing. It’s tailored to help you generate content ideas, create high-quality LinkedIn posts, and make eye-catching carousels.

Known for its multi-faceted approach to content creation, Supergrow AI takes the stress out of LinkedIn marketing by streamlining the process and placing everything you need right at your fingertips.

Supergrow AI’s platform ensures your content is engaging and formatted for readability, from brainstorming to publishing. It enables you to schedule your posts effortlessly, ensuring your LinkedIn content reaches your audience at the right time.

The cherry on top? Supergrow AI offers an irresistible deal you wouldn’t want to miss this Black Friday.

Key Features

  • LinkedIn Post Ideas: Supergrow AI’s innovative engine generates engaging content ideas tailored for LinkedIn, assisting you in consistently creating high-quality posts that resonate with your audience.
  • Post Scheduling: With the Post Scheduling feature, you can plan and schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance. This saves time and ensures your posts are published when your audience is most active.
  • Account Management: Supergrow AI’s Account Management feature allows you to manage and monitor your LinkedIn profiles seamlessly, providing a comprehensive and accessible platform to track your interactions, engagements, and performance.
  • LinkedIn Carousels: Supergrow AI supports the creation of visually appealing LinkedIn carousels, enhancing your posts with interactive, multi-slide content that captures your audience’s attention and increases engagement.

Supergrow AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023
  • Discount Offer: 50% OFF on the annual plans
  • Discount Code: BFCM50

Why Should You Get Supergrow AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • 100k words per month
  • Create and publish carousels
  • Create LinkedIn posts just by talking
  • Content inspiration and ideas
  • Generate posts
  • Post styling and preview
  • Scheduling
  • Auto-add first comment
  • Posts generated for you.

Getimg.ai is a powerful suite of magical AI tools that allows you to create, edit, and modify images efficiently.

It allows you to go beyond the traditional constraints of image editing, enabling you to generate original images at scale.

Its AI-driven technology allows you to expand pictures beyond their original borders, fostering a new level of creativity and flexibility in your designs. But Getimg.ai doesn’t stop there.

It also empowers you to create custom AI models, a feature that differentiates it from conventional image editing tools. With Getimg.ai, you are not just editing images; you are shaping the future of visual content.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech: Leverage this feature to convert written text into natural-sounding speech, enhancing accessibility and user experience.
  • Image Editor: Getimg.ai’s advanced Image Editor allows you to modify and improve images, providing various tools for cropping, resizing, and other image adjustments.
  • AI Canvas: The AI Canvas feature offers a creative platform where AI-driven technology meets design, allowing you to generate and modify images at an unprecedented scale.
  • DreamBooth: This unique feature enables you to customize AI models for various purposes, from creating personalized avatars to designing attractive product shots, expanding the horizons of your creativity.

Getimg AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24
  • Discount Offer:  20% OFF all annual plans and save up to 40% compared to monthly billing.
  • Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Why Should You Getimg AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • 60+ AI models
  • 10+ ControlNets
  • 4x Upscaling
  • Hi-Res generations
  • Faster generations
  • 30 active DreamBooth models
  • Priority support

Grammarly is a user-friendly platform that improves your writing by providing real-time suggestions and spelling corrections to ensure your content is error-free.

As a premier writing aid, Grammarly leverages advanced AI technology to meticulously review your work for grammar, punctuation, and style errors.

Beyond correcting mistakes, it offers insightful recommendations to enhance your writing style and ensure the clarity and effectiveness of your communication.

If you want to elevate your writing skills, Grammarly’s Black Friday deal is an investment you won’t want to miss.

Key Features

  • Real-time Writing Suggestions: Grammarly offers real-time suggestions to improve your writing, making it more concise, clear, and engaging.
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checks: Grammarly thoroughly reviews your work for grammatical or punctuation errors, helping you present error-free content.
  • Style Enhancements: Going beyond basic corrections, Grammarly provides style enhancements to improve the flow and readability of your writing.
  • Plagiarism Checker: With its built-in plagiarism checker, Grammarly ensures your original content is unintentionally plagiarism-free.

Grammarly AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023 – midnight of the same day (11:59 PM on 24/11/2023)
  • Discount Offer: 55% OFF from any Premium plan
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Grammarly AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Get a positive impression with suggestions that clarify and perfect your sentences.
  • AI monthly writing prompt
  • Assistance across browsers and apps
  • Tone transformations
  • Inclusive language guidance
  • English fluency
  • Advanced word choice
  • Citation style formating

Hour One is a platform designed to create professional AI-generated videos. It stands out as an ideal solution for those seeking to save time and money, transforming content into high-quality, presenter-led videos without requiring editing or design skills.

Hour One does the job in mere minutes, eliminating the complexities and costs associated with traditional video production.

Employing advanced AI technology, it captures and replicates human features with impressive accuracy, providing a realistic and engaging viewing experience.

This Black Friday, consider investing in Hour One to elevate your content strategy and reach your audience like never before.

Key Features

  • Virtual Human Presenters: Hour One’s Virtual Human Presenters leverage AI technology to create realistic and interactive videos, offering your audience an engaging and authentic viewing experience.
  • Designed Templates: The platform provides a wide array of professionally designed templates. These templates simplify the video creation, allowing you to produce high-quality content without extensive design knowledge.
  • Branding and Customization: Hour One supports branding and customization, enabling you to integrate your brand’s visual identity seamlessly into your videos. This ensures consistency across all your content and reinforces your brand message.
  • Team Collaboration: The platform promotes effective team collaboration, allowing members to work collectively on video creation and editing. This collaborative approach can enhance productivity and produce more creative and impactful content.

Hour One AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023 – Nov 28, 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time
  • Discount Offer: 30% OFF the Business yearly plan and 20% OFF the Business monthly plan
  • Discount Code: HOLIDAY30 (Business yearly plan) and HOLIDAY20 (Business monthly plan)

Why Should You Get Hour One AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Customized branded videos
  • Premium pre-made templates
  • Translate and localize
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Up to 480 upfront minutes
  • Access to customer support

AAWP, or Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is your go-to solution as the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.

A powerful tool designed to multiply your Amazon Associates commissions, AAWP makes it easier than ever to monetize your website and earn more money.

With AAWP’s enticing product boxes, bestseller lists, and detailed comparison tables, you can effectively showcase Amazon products on your site and encourage visitors to purchase.

The best part? AAWP is user-friendly and requires absolutely no programming skills.

Simply plug it in, configure your settings, and watch your commissions grow! If you need to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts, AAWP is the resource you need.

Key Features

  • Amazon Partner Networks: AAWP integrates seamlessly with Amazon Partner Networks, enabling you to tap into a vast product portfolio and generate revenue from product referrals.
  • Tracking ID: With the built-in Tracking ID feature, AAWP allows you to monitor the performance of your affiliate links, providing valuable insights into your audience’s buying behavior and preferences.
  • Prepared Templates: AAWP comes equipped with professionally prepared templates, streamlining your workflow by simplifying the process of creating attractive and effective affiliate marketing content.
  • Product Boxes: The plugin offers customizable Product Boxes, providing a visually appealing and informative display of Amazon products on your site, designed to encourage clicks and conversions.

AAWP AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: Nov 24 – Nov 27, 2023
  • Discount Offer: 40% discount on all licenses in the first year.
  • Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY23

Why Should You Get AAWP AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Use in multi-sites
  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Prepared templates
  • Data fields

Affiliate Lab is an acclaimed course created by Matt Diggity, a leading affiliate marketing and SEO expert.

This cutting-edge platform provides a comprehensive training program, giving users access to a proven, test-backed blueprint for ranking, monetizing, and flipping high-competition affiliate websites.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to ramp up your earnings or a beginner seeking to break into the highly profitable world of affiliate marketing, Affiliate Lab offers the tools, strategies, and insider knowledge needed to succeed.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Course: Affiliate Lab offers an all-inclusive course that covers everything from basic SEO principles to advanced strategies for ranking affiliate sites in competitive niches.
  • Proven Strategies: The platform provides access to tested and proven strategies for monetizing and flipping affiliate websites, gleaned from years of experience and rigorous testing.
  • Expert Guidance: Course creator Matt Diggity, a respected figure in the SEO and affiliate marketing world, shares his expert insights and actionable advice.

Affiliate Lab AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24 – Nov 27, 2023
  • Discount Offer: 50% ($500) OFF for the first 50 new members.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Affiliate Lab AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Comprehensive training in SEO and affiliate marketing
  • Proven strategies for ranking and monetizing high-competition affiliate websites
  • Access to expert guidance from Matt Diggity
  • Opportunity to accelerate your affiliate marketing success
  • The AI content module
  • The Topical Authority masterclass

Pin Generator is the fastest Pinterest marketing solution designed to make your pin creation process effortless.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Creating pins used to take forever,” then Pin Generator is about to transform your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Its intelligent features allow you to create pins by grabbing images and data from any website, effectively reducing the time and effort required in the tedious process of creating pins manually.

But that’s not all; with its AutoPilot mode, Pin Generator can automate the entire process for you.

Just set your preferences once, and watch as it creates and posts pins for you, keeping your Pinterest board fresh and engaging without constant manual intervention.

Key Features

  • Full Automation: Pin Generator offers full automation that eliminates manual intervention, automating creating and posting pins based on your set preferences.
  • AI Text Writer: The tool features an AI Text Writer adept at crafting engaging descriptions for your pins, thereby saving you the time and effort of writing them manually.
  • Bulk Scheduler: With its Bulk Scheduler feature, Pin Generator allows you to schedule multiple pins in advance, ensuring your Pinterest board stays active and attractive to your audience.
  • Multi-board Pinning: Pin Generator supports multi-board pinning, giving you the flexibility to post a single pin across multiple boards and widening the scope of your audience reach.

Pin Generator AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24 – Nov 28, 2023
  • Discount Offer: Only 50-lifetime deals are available for the revolutionary Pin Generator! 18 deals have already been snapped up! 32 deals remaining.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Pin Generator AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • 4000 credits per month
  • Unlimited Pinterest profiles
  • Lifetime access
  • Schedule Pinterest pins
  • Pin history
  • Affiliate Program

Link Whisper is a revolutionary internal linking tool designed to speed up the process of building smart internal links. 

This innovative tool integrates advanced AI technology to provide an efficient, user-friendly solution for SEO-focused internal linking. 

If you want to enhance your website’s performance and rank better in Google, Link Whisper offers a dynamic solution. 

It streamlines internal link creation, optimizes SEO, and boosts your site’s visibility in Google search results. It’s more than just an internal linking tool; it’s a game-changer in the SEO world.

Key Features

  • Internal Link Reporting: Link Whisper’s internal link reporting feature provides an in-depth analysis of the internal links within your website, empowering you with actionable insights to improve your SEO strategy.
  • Broken Link Fix: With its broken link fix feature, Link Whisper identifies and rectifies any broken or faulty links in your website, ensuring a seamless user experience and boosting your site’s SEO health.
  • Automatic Link Suggestion: The tool’s automatic link suggestion feature uses advanced AI algorithms to suggest relevant internal links for your content, improving your website’s SEO and user experience.
  • SEO Optimization: Link Whisper also provides comprehensive SEO optimization, boosting your website’s visibility in search engine results and increasing site traffic.

Link Whisper AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24 – Nov 28, 2023
  • Discount Offer:  $30 OFF any license, which will increase by $20 in January.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Link Whisper AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Get smart internal links.
  • Full internal links reporting.
  • Billed annually until canceled
  • Receive suggestions on relevant internal links when you start writing your article within the WordPress editor.

Semrush is a powerful digital marketing platform for anyone looking to supercharge their content marketing and competitor research initiatives. It’s a versatile tool with features to help you grow your audience faster.

Semrush is a must-have tool for social media marketing, providing invaluable insights to fine-tune your strategy and maximize engagement.

It’s also equipped with an on-page SEO checker, enabling you to optimize your content effectively for search engines.

This Black Friday, Semrush offers an attractive deal, a fantastic opportunity to add this robust tool to your digital marketing arsenal.

Key Features

  • Content Editor: Semrush’s Content Editor enhances your content creation process by providing real-time SEO suggestions, enabling you to create optimized, high-quality content that ranks well on search engines.
  • Real-Life Monitoring: The Real-Life Monitoring feature in Semrush provides you with up-to-date data and metrics on your content’s online performance. This means you’re always primed to tweak and optimize your strategy based on real-world insights.
  • E-Commerce: With Semrush’s E-Commerce feature, you get access to invaluable data on market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies, helping you to stay ahead in the highly competitive e-commerce space.
  • Competitor Analysis: Semrush’s tool allows you to keep tabs on competitor strategies, identify market gaps, and position your brand effectively in your industry niche.

Semrush AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 21 – Dec 1, 2023
  • Discount Offer: 30% OFF selected Semrush annual subscriptions; save up to $900.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Semrush AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • 365 days of online growth
  • Boost your visibility with keyword research
  • Build authority and drive (the right) traffic through link-building
  • Find and fix website errors to rank higher with Site Audit
  • Create better content faster with AI Writing Tools.

Topaz Labs is the gold photo and video enhancement standard, particularly renowned for its AI image generator.

This groundbreaking tool is designed for professionals seeking unparalleled clarity and detail in their visual content. Topaz Labs’ high-performance software optimizes your workstation, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow.

The AI image generator uses cutting-edge technology to enhance image quality, providing superior, high-resolution visuals that stand apart in the professional sphere.

With Topaz Labs, you can transform your ordinary visuals into extraordinary works of art.

Key Features

  • AI Image Generator: Topaz Labs’ AI image generator is powered by deep learning technology, enabling it to enhance and optimize your images while retaining their original quality and authenticity.
  • Efficient Workflow: Time is of the essence for professionals and Topaz Labs knows that. Its software is designed to streamline your workflow, allowing you to produce high-quality work in a shorter time frame.
  • Realistic Results: The AI-powered technology used by Topaz Labs ensures that the results are stunning and realistic, making your visuals stand out from the crowd.

Topaz Lab AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023
  • Discount Offer: Up to 60% OFF Ultimate and Photo Plus Bundles and 50% off Dual Bundle annual subscriptions.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Topaz Lab AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Six Enhancement models trained for different types of quality improvement
  • Automatic modes for fast and easy processing or manual controls for fine-tuning output
  • Intelligently detect and heal visual artifacts created by video compression
  • Stack enhancement filters and process multi-step AI tasks in fewer clicks
  • Options for deinterlacing at single frame rate or double frame rate
  • 2x scale mode enhances the sharpness and fidelity during the de-noise process.

Kadence WordPress is a game-changer in the world of website creation. It empowers you to create beautifully effective WordPress sites with ease. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a beginner, Kadence WordPress covers you.

Its intuitive interface and powerful features let you launch with a starter template, saving you time and effort in getting your website up and running.

With Kadence WordPress, your creativity is the limit. The platform allows you to change global colors and fonts with just a few clicks, ensuring your site aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Building new pages is a breeze with Kadence’s extensive library of drop-in-ready sections.

Key Features

  • Starter Templates: Kadence WordPress offers a variety of pre-designed starter templates. These save you time in creating the foundational structure of your site, allowing you to focus on customization and content creation.
  • Multiple Designs: With Kadence WordPress, you’re not restricted to a single design aesthetic. The platform offers multiple design options to suit different styles and niches, enabling you to build a unique and engaging website.
  • Kadence Themes: Kadence Themes are professional-grade themes designed with versatility in mind. They offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, ensuring your website looks great and performs excellently.
  • Ease of Customization: Kadence WordPress stands out for its intuitive customization features. Users can easily modify global colors, fonts, and design elements to align the website with their brand identity.

Kadence WordPress AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 14 – Nov 29, 2023.
  • Discount Offer: 40% OFF all new subscriptions. 25% off for existing customers who wish to renew early.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Kadence WordPress AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Unlimited sites
  • One year of support & updates
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Kadence Blocks Pro
  • Kadence Theme Pro
  • Pro Starter Templates.

AppSumo is a treasure trove for businesses looking to score unbeatable deals on powerful software.

Known as the #1 platform for software deals, AppSumo empowers businesses to operate effectively and efficiently, irrespective of their budget.

With an expansive library of business software, it’s the perfect destination to browse software deals for your business. It streamlines the complex task of managing various social media platforms, ensuring consistency in your brand’s online presence.

The tool is powered by AI, offering intelligent content creation, scheduling, and audience engagement recommendations.

Key Features

  • Curated Products: AppSumo carefully curates its software deals, ensuring that only high-quality and reputable products make it to its library.
  • Unbeatable Deals: The platform offers discounts on premium software, making it an ideal destination for businesses with a limited budget.
  • AI-Powered Tools: AppSumo’s AI-powered tools take your social media game to the next level.

AppSumo AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Dates: From Nov – Nov 28, 2023
  • Discount Offer: Get 10% OFF now through Nov. 28 at noon CT – and sign up to get alerts on top software deals.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get AppSumo AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Exclusive deals on top-rated business software.
  • Access to a curated library of high-quality products.
  • Discounts on premium tools allow businesses to operate efficiently and effectively, even with limited budgets.

Meet Pictory, your reliable partner for easy video creation tailored specifically for content marketers.

This innovative tool harnesses the power of AI to transform any content into shareable, engaging videos in no time.

Whether you’re looking to generate more leads or boost sales, Pictory has covered you with fast, scalable video creation that fits your needs.

Key Features

  • Create Video Highlight: Pictory’s ingenious platform enables users to create compelling video highlights, capturing the essence of content in a visually appealing manner.
  • Script to Video: Transform your written scripts into captivating videos effortlessly. Pictory’s advanced features turn your text into visual narratives, enhancing viewer engagement.
  • Auto Caption Videos: Pictory’s technology ensures accessibility for all viewers by automatically captioning your videos. This feature enhances comprehension and engagement for audiences across various demographics.
  • Edit Video Using Text: With Pictory, you can edit your videos using text, offering a unique approach to video editing that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency. It allows for quick alterations without complex video editing software.

Pictory AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov. 24 – Nov. 30, 2023 (Cyber Monday Special)
  • Discount Offer: Get 40% OFF any annual plan PLUS 10 FREE Videos every month.
  • Discount Code: BFCM40POP

Why Should You Get Pictory AI Tools Black Friday Sales

  • 90 Videos Per Month
  • Edit Existing Videos – Transcribe / Caption – up to 180 mins long
  • 51 Hyper-Realistic AI Voices (240mins) From IIElevenlabs
  • 60 Text-To-Speech AI Voices
  • Over 12 million royalty-free premium videos from Getty Images and Storyblocks
  • 15,000 Music Tracks
  • 10 Branded Customizable Templates

WP Shifty is not just another WordPress platform; it is a revolutionary tool that gives you superior control over your site’s plugins.

With Shifty, you can effortlessly disable plugins on specific pages or devices, tailoring your site’s functionality to serve your audience best.

This intelligent platform allows users to disable plugins for specific user roles or post types, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience. Managing plugins has never been easier.

Shifty’s user-friendly interface provides a streamlined process, allowing you to optimize your site’s performance without spending countless hours navigating complex settings.

Key Features

  • Manage Plugins: WP Shifty offers an intuitive interface for managing plugins, making it easy to add, remove, or modify plugins without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Complex Scenarios: Capable of handling complex scenarios, Shifty allows you to disable plugins for specific user roles or post types. This ensures a personalized and optimal user experience.
  • Disable Resources: WP Shifty provides the unique ability to disable resources on specific pages or devices, allowing you to tailor your site’s functionality to serve your audience best.
  • Overwrite Resources: Shifty’s overwrite resources feature gives you complete control over your site’s plugins. This allows you to customize how and when plugins function, enhancing your site’s performance.

WP Shifty AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: Deals end on Nov 30, 2023.
  • Discount Offer: 10% OFF all annual subscriptions
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get WP Shifty AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Live editor
  • Use complex scenarios
  • Easy to use drag & drop UI
  • Advanced plugin organizer
  • JavaScript & CSS optimization.

WriterZen is a comprehensive, all-in-one content solution to streamline demand capture and creation.

This platform encapsulates every tool you need to rank in Google – all conveniently located in one place.

From in-depth research and efficient clustering to strategic planning and team-driven content creation, WriterZen is your ultimate partner in achieving stellar SEO results.

Key Features

  • Topic Discovery: WriterZen’s feature lets you dive deep into any content area, helping you identify trending topics, key questions, and relevant subtopics in your niche. This tool offers invaluable insights for crafting engaging, relevant, and SEO-optimized content.
  • Keyword Explorer: With the Keyword Explorer, you can uncover a wealth of high-performing keywords related to your area of interest. It provides relevant data, including volume, competition, and keyword difficulty, enabling a strategic and data-driven approach to your SEO efforts.
  • Keyword Planner: WriterZen’s Keyword Planner aids in expertly organizing and visualizing your keyword strategy. This tool lets you plan and manage your keywords effectively, ensuring your content aligns with your SEO objectives and reaches the right audience.
  • Team Function: The Team Function feature facilitates seamless collaboration within your content creation team. It allows multiple users to collaborate on projects, enhancing efficiency, communication, and productivity in your content strategy execution.

WriterZen AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023
  • Discount Offer: Lifetime access to WriterZen. One-time cost. Only 500 slots are available. Backed by a 21-day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get WriterZen AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • All the topics you need to build Topical Authority.
  • Discover the most profitable keywords you can rank for right now and auto-cluster them in one click.
  • Instantly see the real essence of each query: search intent, buying journey, etc, to craft emotive content.
  • An AI assistant that creates perfect bulk content based on deep search insights.
  • Invite members, assign, manage, and track tasks under one roof, and scale your team effortlessly.

Introducing Koala.sh – a revolutionary AI-powered writing assistant designed to accelerate your content creation and help you create high-quality, optimized articles.

It’s powered by GPT-4, the latest artificial intelligence technology, ensuring your content is at the cutting edge of the digital landscape. Koala.sh is not just another AI writing tool.

Its unique feature set combines SERP analysis, real-time data, and AI-powered content suggestions to give your audience the most relevant and SEO-friendly content. With Koala.sh, you get real-time, data-driven insights right at your fingertips.

This Black Friday, Koala.sh is offering an incredible discount. You should not miss an opportunity if you’re serious about leveling up your content strategy.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Content Generation: With GPT-4 at its core, Koala.sh can generate content that is not only high-quality but also tailored to your specific needs and audience.
  • SERP Analysis: Koala.sh combines SERP analysis with real-time data, providing contextually relevant and SEO-friendly content suggestions.
  • Real-Time Data: Real-time data is at the heart of Koala.sh, ensuring your content stays up-to-date and relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Koala.sh AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023
  • Sales: 45% OFF credit packs and unlock special bonuses! The credits last an entire year!
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get Koala.sh AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Up to 45% off our brand-new, one-time purchase credit packs that don’t expire for an entire year!
  • Get access to automatic internal linking and custom fine-tuned models when buying a Gold pack or higher (coming soon)
  • Use GPT-4 Turbo with KoalaChat when buying a Gold pack or higher.

SiteGround is a top-tier web hosting platform that provides fast and secure hosting services, perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

This is not just another hosting service; SiteGround emphasizes delivering outstanding WordPress hosting solutions.

It’s a multifaceted platform built to cater to your site’s every need, ensuring it remains fast, secure, and effortlessly manageable.

Its robust features and exceptional performance make SiteGround a leading choice in web hosting services, and it now offers one of the best AI Black Tools Friday sales in 2023.

Key Features

  • Premium Google Cloud: SiteGround utilizes the power of Google Cloud to provide a premium hosting experience. This ensures high reliability, robust security, and optimal site performance.
  • Ultrafast Server Setup: With SiteGround, you can benefit from ultrafast server setup. It ensures quick and efficient site setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Top WordPress Speed: Using advanced technologies, SiteGround delivers top-tier WordPress speed. This feature enhances user experience by ensuring fast load times and smooth site operation.
  • Latest Technologies: SiteGround is always at the forefront of innovation, implementing the latest technologies to provide a superior hosting service. It includes cutting-edge security measures and advanced performance optimization tools.

SiteGround AI Tools Black Friday Sales Details

  • Offer Date: From Nov 24, 2023
  • Discount Offer: 85% OFF Hosting That Helps You Grow. From $1.99/mo.Regular $17.99/mo. Excl. VAT
  • Discount Code: N/A

Why Should You Get SiteGround AI Tools Black Friday Sales?

  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • Over 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migrator
  • Free Email Migrator
  • WordPress Autoupdates


How Long Do AI Tools Black Friday Sales Last?

AI Tools Black Friday sales typically span a weekend, often starting on Friday and extending until Cyber Monday, the subsequent Monday.

However, some companies offer deals for the entire week or even the entire month of November. It’s essential to act quickly, as many deals are time-limited or while supplies last.

For the best bargains, it’s always advisable to keep a close eye on your desired products and act swiftly once the deal is live.

The exact period of Black Friday sales can vary from one company to another, so it’s recommended to check the specific dates outlined by each company.

What Time Does AI Tools Black Friday Sales Start?

There is no specific time for AI tools Black Friday sales to start, as different companies have varying approaches. Some companies may start their deals at midnight on Black Friday, while others may begin the sale earlier or a few days before.

Does Amazon Have Sales on Black Friday?

Yes, Amazon is known for its extensive Black Friday deals. The retail giant offers deals in almost every category, from electronics to home goods.

These deals can vary from daily sales to lightning deals that are only available for a limited time.

Amazon also offers early access to some of their biggest Black Friday deals through their Prime membership program.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals are always worth checking out, as they often have some of the most significant discounts.

What Do You Do on Black Friday?

Black Friday is a popular shopping holiday where retailers offer discounts on various products and services.

On Black Friday, shoppers typically scour online and physical stores for deals on their desired items. It’s also a great time to start your holiday shopping or purchase big-ticket items at a discount.

Some people even plan out their Black Friday strategy beforehand, ensuring they don’t miss out on any deals.

What is the Meaning of White Friday?

White Friday is a term commonly used in the Middle East and South Asia to describe the massive sales event on Black Friday.

In these regions, the weekend following Thanksgiving is not considered a holiday; hence, “Black Friday” does not hold much significance.

Instead, retailers have adopted the term White Friday to describe their sales event, riding on the popularity of Black Friday.

Wrapping Up

Black Friday offers an unparalleled opportunity to secure significant savings on many desirable products and services.

Whether you’re looking to up your SEO strategy with Surfer SEO or ramp up your online presence with the top-tier hosting services of SiteGround, these Black Friday deals promise potential growth, efficiency, and savings.

Navigating the multitude of Black Friday sales can be overwhelming, but you can reap immense benefits with the right knowledge and swift action.

Don’t let these deals slip away. This Black Friday, liberate your potential and propel your business to new heights. Remember, these deals are time-limited and subject to availability, so act quickly and secure your Black Friday deals now!

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