10 Best AI Headshot Generator for Professional Photos (2023)

Are you looking for an easy way to create high-quality professional headshots? AI Headshot Generators are the perfect solution.

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ProPhotos AI

Best for Social Media

profile picture ai

ProfilePicture AI

Best for Professionals

Aragon AI

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This technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate photos that look like traditional studio shots without you having to be in front of a camera or even hire a professional photographer.

With these free tools now, anyone from business owners and marketers to employers and job seekers can quickly create stunning headshots they’ll be proud of–all at an affordable price.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled our list of the 10 Best AI Headshot Generators available right now so you can find the perfect tool for your needs.

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What is an AI Headshot Generator?

An AI headshot Generator is an ai generated digital art that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate images similar to actual photographs used.

This technology allows anyone without prior knowledge of art or digital tools to create digital art with a few clicks. An AI model is used to build a generator that can recreate any person’s face into digital artwork in their chosen style.

This generated image can be used for numerous purposes through dynamic computing algorithms and computer vision techniques, such as creating digital resumes, album covers, logo designs, and more.

1. ProPhotos


ProPhotos is a headshot generator that generates high-quality & more photorealistic images and AI headshots for entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations.

It was designed to replace professional photos for business & corporate headshots, so it’s the ideal solution for entrepreneurs and companies looking to enhance their image without the hassle of a traditional photo shoot.

ProPhotos Pros

  • Best for entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations
  • Extremely easy to use
  • In-depth facial analyzer
  • It takes less than 45 minutes

ProPhotos Cons

  • No free plan.

Their technology analyzes facial features, customizes lighting, and performs face corrections to create a highly accurate model of your face, allowing their software to generate professional AI headshots that look like actual photos and can be used for personal branding across all business platforms, social media, and other business materials.

Their AI background removal technology also allows customers to put all the headshots together on any background they choose. This is ideal for companies & teams looking to have a consistent look across all their headshots & brand.

You only need 5-10 casual photos to create professional-looking headshots to start, and all the others to create professional-looking headshots ready in less than an hour or 30-45 minutes.

Users also have full ownership of all the headshots generated and are free to use them anywhere they choose on business documents or social media profiles.

Their service is quick & accurate, which makes it an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their professional image without spending a lot of time or going through the hassle of a traditional photo shoot.

ProPhotos is also very affordable, with their base package starting at only $25, compared to $250+ for a traditional photo shoot.

2. ProfilePicture AI

BEST FOR Profile pictures

Introducing ProfilePicture AI—an AI-powered headshot image generator that will take your image to the next level.

With ProfilePicture.AI, you can produce multiple results quickly and cost-effectively—all in high resolution with stunning 4K images generated.

The AI technology provides exceptional visual design, so you know your headshots will always look professional and polished.

ProfilePicture AI Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Generate Multiple Images at Once
  • Different Modes of Creation

ProfilePicture AI Cons

  • Primarily suited to social media and not professional remote teams
Profile Picture AI

Whether you are creating ai headshots or need an ai algorithm for quick and reliable results to generate professional headshots, studio quality headshots for canvas prints, or full-length headshots for professional documents, ProfilePicture.AI has ai headshots and ai algorithm that got you covered.

Instead of spending hours or days compositing or manually creating graphics, get it done faster and easier using our AI technology.

Get ready to create ai avatars that give your visuals the “WOW” factor with ProfilePicture.AI – one of the most advanced AI art generators available.

3. Aragon AI

BEST for professionals

Aragon AI is revolutionizing the way we take and edit photos.

With their AI headshot generator, you can transform selfies and other personal photos into professional headshots with just a few clicks.

Gone are the days of spending hours trying to get the perfect lighting and angles for AI headshot or hiring a photographer, as Aragon AI’s advanced algorithm optimizes the image to create a stunning result.

Aragon AI Pros

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Turn your selfies into professional headshots
  • Quick turnaround time under 60 minutes
  • High value: 40 photos for just $29

Aragon AI Cons

  • It uses new AI technology that can result in some randomness.

Whether you’re updating corporate profile pictures or your LinkedIn corporate profile pictures or want to feel confident in your online presence, Aragon AI’s technology brings a new level of ease and sophistication to the world of photography.

Say goodbye to awkward selfies and hello to the power of AI.  Whether you’re a job seeker or entrepreneur, Aragon AI is a game-changer that can elevate your digital brand. 

Their technology allows you to enhance facial features, adjust lighting and create a professional-quality photo in seconds. Say goodbye to the days of awkward selfies and hello to your very own collection of top-notch headshots, all thanks to Aragon AI.

4. Headshot Pro

Headshot Pro

Introducing Headshot Pro — an AI-powered professional headshot generator that transforms your boring headshots into creating professional ones.

With Headshot Pro, you can generate up to 120+ professional headshot and corporate headshot styles using the best AI Photographer on the market —all in high resolution with stunning 4K images for your entire team.

HeadshotPro Pros

  • Best for remote teams and corporate professionals
  • Easy to Use
  • Generate Multiple Images at Once
  • Different Modes of Creation

HeadshotPro Cons

  • It can get expensive
headshot pro

As a professional, presenting yourself in the best possible light is essential. With professional-looking, high-quality headshots. That’s where Headshot Pro comes in. They specialize in professional headshot ai and looking professional headshots, providing top-quality headshots from professional photographers that are sure to impress.

But what sets them apart is their use of AI Tone technology. This cutting-edge software analyzes your facial features and creates a customized lighting and posing plan to ensure you look your best.

With ai Headshot Pro, you can have an ai headshot tool, generate ai generated headshots, and be confident that you’re putting ai headshot tools on your best face forward.

4. Fotor


Create professional headshots with their ai headshot-generating tool.

Fotor is the perfect AI art generator for ai generated headshots to use as a LinkedIn profile picture for your website or social media pages.

With Fotor, creating profile picture headshots has never been easier.

Fotor Pros

  • Skin Smoothing Feature
  • Multiple Templates
  • Images can be Edited

Fotor Cons

  • Not as easy to use as others

What makes Fotor stand out from the rest? Fotor offers free daily generated images with more available at an affordable price point.

Fotor makes it so creating personalized ai headshots doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly – make your website or portfolio stand out today with Fotor.

5. NightCafe – Profile Picture Maker


Introducing Night Cafe’s ai headshot generator. Their simple, user-friendly platform makes AI-generated headshots easy, fast, enjoyable, and effortless with any human editing or retouching process.

The AI art generator allows you to access over 50 art styles, from nature to abstract vibrant geometric images.

NightCafe Pros

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

NightCafe Cons

  • Images are not Always High Quality

The ai produces high-resolution images perfect for creative or commercial projects, dating apps, and marketing campaigns. You can also turn existing images into profile pictures that can be used on social media Platforms.

6. ArtBreeder


Introducing Artbreeder – like many other headshot generators, they offer eye-catching headshots and AI photoshoots.

With Artbreeder, you can generate headshots with multiple variants of landscapes, portraits, and anime characters in either JPG or PNG formats.

ArtBreeder Pros

  • Free to Use
  • It Gives You Multiple Photo Formats JPG and PNG
  • Different Image Styles
  • AI-Generated Images can be used anywhere

ArtBreeder Cons

  • Image Quality Isn’t always the Best

Artbreeder is even better because it’s a free tool with extensive ai training. Images generated from the platform comes in different style and are available for professional business and personal use.

So what makes Artbreeder different from other ai headshot generators? Our AI-backed algorithm takes your input and then explores the vast possibilities for variation to provide stunning results in no time.

7. Craiyon


Meet Craiyon, the latest AI generator that will revolutionize creating professional-quality ai headshots and high-quality images in no time.

With Craiyon’s cutting-edge technology, generating headshots transforms text into stunning images with a single click.

By using Craiyon, you won’t have to worry about spending endless hours editing photos and struggling to create multiple images simultaneously.

Craiyon Pros

  • Free to Use
  • User Photos can be Uploaded and Edited
  • Generates High-Quality Images

Craiyon Cons

  • Can Be Slow Sometimes

Not only is the product free of charge, but it also produces high-quality ai generated headshots with sophisticated detail. With Craiyon, you don’t need any technical know-how or experience – all you need is a creative idea, and we’ll handle the rest!

This isn’t just another ai headshot tool because an AI text-to-image generator allows users to quickly and efficiently produce unlimited headshots that can be easily edited.

Whether you’re an artist, business person, or just looking for an easy way to put together professional headshots for your website or profile pictures, then Craiyon is perfect for you! Download it now for a hassle-free image and headshot creation process in no time.

8. Hotpot

Hidden Gem

Hotpot is another ai headshot tool with access to a private gallery that stores all your pictures.

Hotpot makes it easy to generate high-quality AI headshots for your business needs.

With just a few clicks, you can produce professional-looking images perfect for marketing materials and social media content.

HotPot Pros

  • AI-Generated Art Can be Edited
  • High-Quality Images
  • Easy to Use

HotPot Cons

The web-based ai headshot tool offers exceptional ease of use, resolution mastery, and storage. Unlike other services, Hotpot provides simple and easy-to-edit templates, allowing anyone to instantly create important data like social media posts, marketing images, and more.

9. MidJourney

Hidden Gem

Introducing MidJourney, the revolutionary AI-driven professional headshot generator! Stop waiting for your perfect shot – MidJourney delivers high-quality ai headshots instantly.

They use advanced image processing technology to deliver four output images each time, so you get just the right look without all the hassle.

MidJourney Pros

  • Product Pro 1
  • Free Trial Available
  • Produces Multiple Images at a time

MidJourney Cons

  • Not Easy to Use

With MidJourney, you can create ai avatars and also create virtual headshots with the same ai generator and headshot generator and forget about lengthy photo shoots – now you can make your own ai generator and headshot generator for headshots and get professional headshots in a snap.

Which AI Headshot Generator Is Everyone On Instagram Using?

The ai powered headshot generators most popular on Instagram are ProfilePicture AI, ProPhotos, and Fotor. Fotor offers free daily generated images with more available at an affordable price point.


AI headshot generators are the perfect solution for creating high-quality images quickly and efficiently using ai tools. ProfilePicture AI, ProPhotos, Headshot Pro, and Aragon AI are today’s most famous AI headshot tools.

Hotpot offers automated headshots generated with minimal effort, while Fotor provides free daily images and a Pro and Pro+ version with unlimited art generation.

Some image generators can remove objects from normal photos in the background or even create ai selfies.

Whichever ai tool you choose, make sure it’s the ai algorithm’s easy to use.