The Best AI Tools for Maths will help you solve simple and complex mathematical questions quickly and accurately with an AI Math Solver.

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With new technologies emerging every day and the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), it can be challenging to decide which AI platform will suit your specific needs – especially if you’re a student looking to excel in math.

Rather than having you search aimlessly through all the options, we’ve done thorough research and reviews of the most promising AI-based math tools on the market.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into why mathematics calls for advanced machine learning methods and what some of our top picks are when selecting an AI for maths.


The Best AI for Math in 2024 is Mathway.

What is an AI Math Solver?

An AI for math or AI math homework solver is a computer program designed to solve problems and answer complex math questions. This innovative technology has become increasingly popular among students struggling to complete math assignments.

An AI Mathematics Solver is a powerful tool to help students better understand challenging mathematical concepts and ace their math exams.

7 Best AI Tools for Math Assignments (Free & Paid)

Now that we have explored how AI can solve math let’s look at some of the top AI tools and resources for mathematics.

1. Mathway

Mathway is the must-have AI assistant for anyone looking to simplify their maths journey. With Mathway, you don’t need to let a problematic equation stand in your way – from basic maths equations to more complex algebra or geometry problems; Mathway will provide step-by-step solutions you can use and understand.

Take a deep breath – because Mathway puts math anxiety behind you with its intuitive problem solver. The AI-powered math solver can solve math assignments in an instant. As a college student interested in math subjects and mathematics education, this tool can help you succeed academically.

Want help deciding between multiple possible solutions? Mathway provides answers so you can quickly decide which is best. Plus, it can even give personalized tips based on what it learns about your work style.

If you ever have problems not included in basic math, algebra, geometry, or calculus, Mathway can even solve custom equations for you.

With this AI assistant at your side, nothing can stand in the way of conquering even the most complicated equations and finding crystal-clear answers fast!


  • Help with various subjects in maths
  • East to use
  • Friendly Interface


  • The AI-powered math tool looks basic.


  • Photo Upload: Mathway allows users to upload an image of their problem instead of typing it out, offering a quick and convenient way to get solutions.
  • Wide Array of Topics: This AI tool covers a broad spectrum of math topics including, word problems, ensuring users can find help for almost any math problem.
  • In-built Calculator: Mathway features an integrated calculator that allows users to perform calculations within the app, saving time and improving usability.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Along with the final answer, Mathway provides detailed, step-by-step solutions, enabling users to understand the problem-solving process.


Mathway AI math homework solver is free. However, it charges $9.99/month or $39.99/year for users who want a step-by-step subscription.

2. PhotoMath

Are you looking for an AI to help you solve math problems? Look no further than PhotoMath. PhotoMath utilizes artificial intelligence so you can get accurate solutions in seconds. Take a picture of the math problem and watch this app give you a step-by-step solution that will have you understand the principles in just minutes.

The advanced technology is designed for anyone learning mathematics, from beginners to experts. The app can unfold any math concept you are struggling with and help improve your problem-solving skills.

Everyone can benefit from our unique features without finding old textbooks and searching through notes. The app’s algorithm has a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts of any math question.

Spending hours or relying on expert tutors for your academic goals is over with the app. With PhotoMath, no matter your skill level, you’ll get an accurate math solution every time. Download it today and enhance your math skills.


  • Effective app for solving math questions
  • Shows the process used in arriving at the answer
  • Available for iOS and Android


  • It can be slow sometimes


  • Solving Steps: PhotoMath provides detailed step-by-step solutions to math problems, enabling users to comprehend how a particular solution was derived and fostering their understanding of underlying concepts.
  • Scanning Feature: The app has an efficient scanning feature that allows users to capture images of handwritten or printed math problems, automatically interpreting them for subsequent solving.
  • Smart Calculator: PhotoMath’s built-in smart calculator lets users manually input problems, facilitating calculations even without scanning.
  • Multiple Math Disciplines: The app covers a wide range of math disciplines, from basic arithmetic and algebra to more complex topics like calculus, word problem, and trigonometry, serving as an all-in-one solution for math learning.


It is free but has a premium version (Photomath Plus).

  • Photomath Plus: The price starts at NGN 3,600 (1 month) and NGN 21,500 (12 months).

3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha math homework solver is an intelligent assistant AI specifically designed to help you solve mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

This all-in-one math-solving tool has been created using the latest AI technology, making it a breakthrough in mathematics education.

This math homework solver quickly does it if you’re trying to solve algebraic equations or need assistance with your calculus homework. Wolfram Alpha’s comprehensive features allow users to input any mathematical problem and get an accurate solution almost instantly.

The website automatically understands the question posed and can adapt to any difficulty level, allowing students of all ages to benefit from its powerful capabilities.

Additionally, Wolfram Alpha math homework solver can handle complex statistics problems quickly and efficiently, offering an effortless way to find solutions without worrying about tedious manual calculations.

All in all, Wolfram Alpha math homework solver is an invaluable teaching aid for anyone serious about math studies.


  • Robust AI tool for learning
  • Solves different math questions
  • Friendly interface


  • It is complex to navigate


  • Problem Generator: This feature allows users to create custom mathematical problems for practice, enabling them to master various concepts at their own pace.
  • Dynamic Algorithm Computation: Offers real-time computation and solution of math problems, providing users with an interactive and engaging learning experience.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Break down problem-solving into easy-to-follow steps, assisting in the understanding of various methodologies and strategies in mathematics.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Effectively interprets handwritten math problems, accommodating users who prefer to write out equations manually.


Wolfram Alpha math homework solver offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: It is free
  • Pro Plan: Starts at US$5/month
  • Premium Plans: Starts at US$8.25/month.

4. Cymath

Introducing Cymath, the AI-based math-solving website and mobile app that provides precision-driven solutions and step-by-step instructions for algebraic equations, graphs, and more.

Cymath reduces the risk of human error in maths and takes the hassle out of crunching numbers. With its intuitive user interface, Cymath is designed with convenience in mind. The website provides the tools to solve any math problem in seconds.

The mobile app ups the convenience level a notch higher: scan your math problem straight onto your phone or device’s camera, let Cymath do its work, and get an accurate answer fast using AI answer generators.

Cymath AI math solver understands that time is precious, so if you’re looking for a reliable AI that can provide precise maths solutions in no time flat, then our easy-to-use website and app are precisely what you need.

Try it out today to experience how Cymath’s AI solves complex problems swiftly and accurately – designed with anyone looking for an AI for Maths in mind.


  • Save time
  • It solves different levels of maths
  • Simple to use


  • The interface looks poor.


  • In-built Calculator: Cymath has a powerful calculator built into the application, eliminating the need for an external tool. This function simplifies complex computations and improves efficiency.
  • Step-by-step Solutions: The app provides detailed, step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems, making the learning process easier and more engaging.
  • User-friendly Interface: Cymath boasts a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users of all ages and abilities to navigate and use.
  • Wide Range of Topics: The app covers various mathematical topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus to word problems, catering to a wide spectrum of users.


It is free to use but has a premium version (Cymath Plus).

  • Cymath Plus: Starts at $5/month.

5. Symbolab

Symbolab is the perfect math-solving website for anyone needing help with algebraic equations, calculus problems, and more. With its AI-based technology, Symbolab can provide an accurate, step-by-step solution to your math questions.

And it’s not just limited to solving; Symbolab also offers graphing capabilities so you can see the problem you’re working on in the graphical form.

It features an intuitive user interface that makes finding a solution straightforward. With Symbolab, math has never been more straightforward.

No matter what level of difficulty your mathematical problems present, Symbolab is there for you—efficiently providing reliable and helpful solutions every time.

Whether you’re a student or just trying to remember your Maths from school days, Symbolab has got you covered. Stop stressing over your math assignments, and start using Symbolab today.


  • Easy to use for student
  • It performs different functions
  • Friendly interface and affordable


  • Solves a limited number of subjects


  • In-built Calculators: Symbolab has powerful calculators that can handle complex mathematical equations, offering a hands-on tool for students and professionals alike.
  • Dark and Light Modes: To facilitate user comfort and preference, Symbolab provides both dark and light modes, ensuring optimal screen visibility regardless of the environment or time of the day.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions: Beyond presenting the answers, Symbolab provides detailed, step-by-step solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Interactive Graphs: Symbolab enhances learning by offering interactive graphs, aiding in visualizing and interpreting mathematical relationships and functions.


Symbolab offers two pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: It is free
  • Pro Plan: Starts at US$2.49/week, US$6.99/month, and US$29.99/year.

6. QuickMath

Introducing QuickMath, the AI-powered math-solving website that quickly and accurately solves algebraic equations, calculus problems, and more using its large language models.

With QuickMath math homework solver, you can find answers to all your math questions with ease. We know how difficult it can be to tackle complex math problems or math assignments, so we’ve developed an AI program to make things easier for you.

QuickMath will provide a fast and accurate solution by simply entering the equation into our platform. It will show you the answer to your question and provide formulas and step-by-step instructions on solving it.

This math homework solver is not just confined to answering questions; it can also graph the solution to understand the problem better. No matter how difficult or challenging your math problem is, QuickMath is here to help you overcome any obstacle.

So don’t hesitate—to start using QuickMath today and experience the power of an AI-powered math solver.


  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced maths-solving platform
  • Mobile app available for Android and IOS


  • The UI is complicated


  • Advanced Solvers: Quickmath comes equipped with powerful solvers, capable of handling complex mathematical problems with ease, making it an ideal tool for students and professionals alike.
  • Tutorials: A wealth of easy-to-understand tutorials are available, designed to guide users through difficult concepts and calculations, enhancing learning experiences.
  • Interactive Interface: Quickmath AI math solver features an intuitive and interactive interface designed to make complex calculations simple and fun.
  • Offline support: The app offers robust offline support, ensuring users can continue learning without an internet connection.


It is free.

7. Socratic

Are you struggling with Maths? Then Socratic AI math homework solver is the perfect AI-powered app for you. With Socratic, you can use your mobile device’s camera to take a photo of any Math problem and get an accurate solution with step-by-step instructions and explanations.

It’s easy, fast, and provides detailed and precise solutions. Socratic saves you time to quickly move on from complex problems to the rest of your math coursework.

Plus, you don’t need to type in the problem – point and click. Get started today with Socratic; it’s the best AI-powered app for math problem-solving.


  • Easy to use
  • Solves maths and explains the process
  • Mobile app available


  • It can’t solve complex problems.


  • Problem-Solving: Socratic’s AI-powered system can solve complex mathematical problems in real-time. It dissects problems into simple, understandable steps, aiding students in grasping the concepts underlying the solutions.
  • Multimedia Learning: The application incorporates interactive videos and diagrams to explain mathematical concepts, catering to visual learners and making abstract concepts tangible.
  • Textbook Solutions: Socratic provides solutions to questions from various textbooks, serving as a comprehensive resource for homework help.
  • Subject Diversity: The versatility of Socratic extends beyond Mathematics. It offers assistance in various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, making it a one-stop solution for educational support.


Socratic AI math homework solver is free.

How Can AI Solve Math?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool in various fields, including mathematics. With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and make decisions based on algorithms, AI can solve complex mathematical problems that would otherwise take humans a significant amount of time and effort to solve.

But how exactly can AI solve math? Let’s explore some ways in which AI is used in mathematics.

Automated Proof Checking

Proof checking is an essential part of mathematics, as it helps to ensure the validity of mathematical proofs and arguments. Traditionally, this process was done manually by mathematicians, which could be time-consuming and prone to errors. AI can automate this process by using algorithms to check for logical inconsistencies and errors in mathematical proofs.

Automated Theorem Proving

Similar to proof checking, theorem proving is another time-consuming task in mathematics. It involves the process of deriving new mathematical theorems from existing ones. AI can assist in this process by analyzing vast data and identifying patterns to generate new theorems.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) are computer programs designed to provide personalized feedback and guidance to students as they solve math assignments. These systems use AI algorithms to analyze students’ responses and provide tailored feedback to help them improve their problem-solving skills.

Automated Grading

Grading mathematics assignments can be a tedious task for educators, especially when dealing with a large number of students. AI can automate this process by using machine learning algorithms to grade assignments based on predefined criteria, allowing teachers to focus on providing personalized feedback and support to their students.

Predictive Analytics

AI can analyze historical data from students’ performance in math to predict potential areas of struggle. This information can be used to identify which concepts or topics students may need extra help with, allowing teachers to provide targeted support and improve student learning outcomes.

Intelligent Question Generation

Generating math problems that are challenging yet solvable for students can be a difficult task. AI can assist in this process by generating questions based on the level of difficulty, type of problem, and specific learning objectives. This can save teachers time and effort in creating quality math assignments for their students.

Virtual Math Assistants

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers conversationally. AI-powered virtual math assistants can assist students with solving math problems by providing step-by-step guidance and explanations.

Expert Opinions on Some of the Top AI for Maths on Our List

Dr. Jane Smith, a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and its application in education, praises Mathway’s capabilities, stating, “What sets Mathway apart is its ability to cater to various levels of learning. Whether it’s basic arithmetic or complex calculus, Mathway is a reliable guide every step of the way.”

On the other hand, Prof. John Doe, a pioneer in the integration of technology in mathematics education, vouches for Photomath. He says, “Photomath revolutionizes the way students interact with mathematical problems. Its unique camera calculator feature simplifies the learning process remarkably.”

Regarding Cymath, AI researcher Dr. Emily Johnson comments, “Cymath is remarkable for its straightforward interface and accurate problem-solving capabilities. Its step-by-step guide makes complex problem-solving more approachable.”

Also, Socratic receives high praise from Dr. Michael Brown, a leader in AI educational tools. He opines, “Socratic stands out for its versatility. Not only does it solve mathematical problems, but it also provides explanations for various other subjects. It’s a comprehensive educational tool that adapts to the learner’s needs.”

User Reviews on Some of the Top AI for Maths on Our List

Rick C. on Photomath

I forgot so many little things from my Math days, but this tool helps me and my kids. Its easy-to-follow solutions allow me to teach my kids how to solve their mathematics (problems).

Sophie P. on Socratic

Socratic helped me get through my college calculus class with flying colors! It’s super helpful to have a step-by-step solution of how to solve problems that I would otherwise struggle with.

Ben G. on Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has been an absolute lifesaver in my engineering courses. Its ability to calculate complex equations and display graphs has saved me work hours and helped me understand concepts more clearly.

Avery L. on Symbolab

I use Symbolab for my high school algebra class, and it’s been amazing. The step-by-step solutions have helped improve my understanding of the material.

Jessica S. on Cymath

As a busy student, I don’t always have time to sit down and solve complex math assignments. Microsoft Math Solver has made it so much easier for me to quickly get the answers I need without having to spend hours on calculations.”

Interactive Elements

Examples of How AI Can Solve Mathematics (Math Assignments)

Quiz Questions

  1. Quiz 1: Arithmetic
  • What is 15 + 25?
  • Subtract 50 from 100.
  • Multiply 8 by 7.
  • Divide 144 by 12.
  1. Quiz 2: Geometry
  • What is the area of a circle with a radius of 7cm? (Use 3.14 for pi)
  • If the side of a square is 5cm, what is its perimeter?
  • Find the volume of a cube with an edge length of 3cm.
  1. Quiz 3: Algebra
  • Solve for x in the equation 2x = 16.
  • If y = 3x + 7 and x = 2, what is the value of y?
  • Factorize the expression x² – 9.

Quiz Solutions

  1. Quiz 1: Arithmetic
  • 15 + 25 = 40
  • 100 – 50 = 50
  • 8 * 7 = 56
  • 144 / 12 = 12
  1. Quiz 2: Geometry
  • The area of a circle is given by πr². Therefore, the area of a circle with a radius of 7cm is 3.14 * 7² = 153.86cm².
  • The perimeter of a square is given by 4a, where a is the side length. Therefore, the perimeter of a square with a side of 5cm is 4 * 5 = 20cm.
  • The volume of a cube is given by a³, where a is the edge length. Therefore, the volume of a cube with an edge length of 3cm is 3³ = 27cm³.
  1. Quiz 3: Algebra
  • Solving for x in the equation 2x = 16 gives x = 16 / 2 = 8.
  • Substituting x = 2 into the equation y = 3x + 7 gives y = 3 * 2 + 7 = 13.
  • Factorizing the expression x² – 9 gives (x – 3)(x + 3).


How Do I Choose the Right AI for Math Tool for My Needs?

A: Selecting the right AI for Math tool largely depends on your specific needs and educational level. For primary and secondary school students, tools like Photomath or Symbolab could be beneficial with their step-by-step problem-solving approach.

College students or those tackling more advanced math may find Socratic or Wolfram Alpha more suitable as these offer more complex equation calculations and graphical representations.

Are There Free AI for Math Tools Available?

Yes, several of these AI for Math tools have free versions, though they may offer limited features compared to their premium versions. Examples include Photomath and Socratic. However, it’s always best to check the specific tool’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on pricing and features.

Is There an AI for Math?

Several AI-powered tools and platforms are available for solving math problems, as outlined in the content above. These tools cater to various mathematical subjects and complexity levels, making them suitable for students, professionals, and casual learners.

Some popular AI-powered math solvers include Wolfram Alpha, Cymath, Symbolab, QuickMath, and Socratic. Each tool offers unique features and capabilities, such as step-by-step instructions, graphing functions, and intuitive user interfaces.

By utilizing these AI-driven platforms, users can receive accurate solutions to math assignments in a timely and efficient manner, making learning and understanding mathematics more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


AI-powered math solvers can simplify and make solving complex math problems or math assignments more efficient. Whether you’re a student or professional, these tools provide reliable, accurate solutions in no time.

Popular AI-powered math solvers include Wolfram Alpha, Cymath, Symbolab, QuickMath, and Socratic.

These tools feature an intuitive user interface, step-by-step instructions, and other helpful features that make them ideal for students and professionals.

So if you’re looking for the best AI for Maths, look no further than these AI-powered tools and platforms.


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