Are you a YouTuber looking for an easier way to create attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos? Then you’re in luck.

With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), many AI thumbnail makers have been designed to help video creators save time, effort, and money by automatically creating awesome-looking thumbnails.

Some of the best AI thumbnail makers will be discussed here.

What is an AI Thumbnail Maker?

An AI thumbnail maker is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate eye-catching and engaging thumbnails for videos on platforms like YouTube.

It works by analyzing the content of the video and choosing relevant images, text, colors, and fonts to create a thumbnail that accurately represents the content and appeals to the viewer.

This technology is game-changing for content creators who want to earn more views and subscribers, as a great thumbnail is essential for attracting viewers and increasing engagement.

Using an AI thumbnail maker can save hours of time and effort in designing a thumbnail from scratch, allowing creators to focus on creating high-quality content.

Best Choice

1. Canva

Canva makes creating beautiful youtube thumbnails for your online videos easy.

There are many images to choose from and drag-and-drop tools that make editing a breeze; Canva allows you to create the perfect thumbnail for your Youtube video.

Plus, you can craft custom images completely from scratch or upload a still from the video itself – it’s up to you.

They have a section for youtube thumbnail template with different design elements.

Not sure what plan is right? We offer various options based on your needs, so you always have access to all the features you need to create stunning thumbnails.

Try Canva today and join other content creators in making a lasting impression with their thumbnails.

Best Value

2. Fotor

Get ready for Fotor, the best AI-powered editing tool for content creators.

Create stunning YouTube thumbnails in seconds with just a few clicks.


  • Large AI Photo Editing Tool
  • Robust Library of Templates to Pick From


  • No Free Trials

With this user-friendly web-based drag-and-drop photo editor, you can easily upload any still from your video and add it to one of our custom templates.

The Youtube Thumbnail maker has an extensive library of images and graphic overlays that can make your thumbnail stand out.

Their library of editing options is vast – choose from hundreds of text and logo styles, special effects, airbrushes, and more.

Finally, you can craft thumbnails that look like an expert photographer created them.

Start creating extra stunning visual content today with Fotor.

Premium Option

3. Visme

Visme has the perfect solution for content creators looking for efficient and reliable AI tools to create thumbnails for their videos.

With their social media templates, we emphasize branding and make sure that team logos, colors, fonts, and stories look great when shared on any platform.


  • Ready Made Templates
  • Easy to Use


  • Image Quality Cant be Compared to Others

They have an extensive library of youtube thumbnails that you can customize.

There are many graphics and icons to choose from as well.

Whether you’re a business or crafting content, the easy-to-use editor expands your creativity while saving you time by automating key processes.

Get started and see why Visme is the go-to choice for quickly building compelling visual content.

Runner Up

4. Adobe Express

Get creative with Adobe Express! This innovative product is perfect for content creators looking to up their game.

With Adobe Express, never worry about getting stuck in a rut of using the exact thumbnails repeatedly.


  • Free Templates Available
  • Easy to Use and Edit
  • Mobile App Available


  • Limitations in terms of Editing

This revolutionary drag-and-drop photo editor will give you endless possibilities for dynamic thumbnails.

The templates on the platform are free to use, and you can download your thumbnail after you are done.

It has some limited functionalities, as you can’t change the layout or add shapes and style tp the youtube thumbnail.

Plus, their unique mobile app lets you create thumbnails on the go.

Connect your social media images with Adobe Express and curate dazzling visuals instantly grab attention

Hidden Gem

5. Snappa

Introducing Snappa, the ultimate AI-powered thumbnail maker for YouTube that helps you make clickable, eye-catching images in no time.

With Snappa, you can finally bid goodbye to outdated software or complicated graphics editing programs.


  • Easy to Use
  • Many Templates Available
  • Have access to Stock Photos


  • Thumbnail Quality isn’t the best
  • Free Version offers only 3 downloads a month

Their intuitive platform allows you to choose a stock photo from our library or upload your own and then add special effects, custom images, logos, and word art — all with just a few clicks.

Their advanced image-swapping technology makes it easy to take any “talking head” clip and swap out the background for something perfect for your brand.

With Snappa, content creators can easily create professional-looking thumbnails that capture attention and convert viewers into subscribers.

Hidden Gem

6. Pixlr

Pixlr gives content creators advanced AI tools to create captivating thumbnails for their videos.

If you’re looking for a free option, Pixlr has a basic version full of helpful tools and advertisements.


  • Many Templates to Pick From
  • Easy to Use


  • Free Plan is too Basic

For impressive results, the AI cutout generator is just what you need.

You need to pay to get the best from the youtube thumbnail maker.

If you pay, you will get access to their advanced editor that lets you tweak your thumbnails.

Easily upload your still photos or video to access all versions of Pixlr or download the Mac or Windows app with a premium plan.

Hidden Gem

7. Creatopy

Introducing Creatopy, the ultimate AI-powered thumbnail maker for YouTube.

The tool is specially tailored for top-of-the-line banner ads and sponsored social media designs, so you can easily optimize your content marketing.


  • Available Templates to Pick from
  • Easy to Edit Template


  • Dont have Enough Assets to Create stunning Thumbnails

With their library of pre-made templates, even the most inexperienced content makers can quickly and easily design unique thumbnails that draw the attention of any content viewers.

You need a snapshot of your video – add some brand assets or words to your thumbnail, and you’re good to go.

Creatopy lets you showcase your videos in the best light possible – so why wait? Try it today.

What is the best AI for making thumbnails?

Ultimately, this depends on the individual user’s needs and preferences.

Some of the top AI-powered thumbnail makers include Adobe Express, Snappa, Pixlr, and Creatopy.

It is essential to evaluate each platform to determine which is best suited for your video content.

It is also essential to consider the cost of a premium plan to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Ultimately, only you can decide which AI is best for making thumbnails. Try out several different tools and see which one works best for you.


Creating-catching thumbnails can be difficult, especially if you have little design experience.

Fortunately, AI-powered tools like Adobe Express, Snappa, Pixlr, and Creatopy make creating stunning visuals for your YouTube videos easier.

Each platform offers unique features that may be ideal for various content creators.

Evaluate each platform to determine which is best suited for your video content, and consider the cost of a premium plan to ensure that you are getting value for money.

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