Do you need the best AI Essay Detector to help give your work an extra layer of protection regarding plagiarism?

Look no further. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into what makes AI Essay Detectors so unique and provide our top picks for anyone looking for the ne plus ultra in intelligent essay scanning technology.

Read on to learn why these detectors are essential for protecting yourself against academic dishonesty and other forms of intellectual property theft.

What is an AI Essay Detector?

An AI Essay Detector is a tool that helps educators and academics evaluate their students’ writing skills.

The tool is handy since it can differentiate between human-written and AI-generated text, enabling educators to determine whether their students are submitting original work.

The AI Content Detector compares and contrasts a student’s writing style with the average for a particular group, making it easier for educators to evaluate their writing skills.

The tool is helpful for teachers who want to evaluate their student’s progress and students who want to improve their writing skills.

By providing a detailed report of a student’s work quality, the AI Essay Detector can help students develop their writing skills and help them achieve their academic goals.

Best Choice

1. GPTZero

Are you looking for a reliable solution to detect AI-generated content and potentially remove it from your writing?

Look no further because GPTZero has got you covered.


  • Free to Use
  • Document Files can be Uploaded
  • Product Pro 3
  • Product Pro 4
  • Product Pro 5


  • Free Trial Can Only Check 5000 words at a time
  • Batch File upload Limited to three

GPTZero is designed to identify computer-generated writing easily and quickly accurately.

The AI detection tool can separate between human-written and ai generated writing quickly.

It highlights ai writing in yellow and makes it easy to identify.

The ai essay checker is free to use and works fine.

The ai content detection tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to detect an essay written by a human or if it was ai written.

To use the tool, visit GPTZero’s website, paste in the content you want to check (or upload a DOC, PDF, or TXT file), and click ‘Get Results.’

You’ll receive instant results providing whether a human or an AI wrote the content and additional stats about the writing, such as its randomness and perplexity level.

Low scores in these categories are clear red flags indicating that AI was used to write the text.

GPTZero stands out from other services because it’s free of charge for everyone—not just professors—providing cost-effective solutions to all users fighting against plagiarism.

So if you’re looking for a surefire way to ensure only authentic content reaches your readers, look no further than GPTZero.

Best Value

2. Turnitin

Turnitin is the industry standard when it comes to detecting artificially generated content.

Turnitin stands out from other AI detection services due to its high accuracy rate.


  • Detects even if changes have been made to AI content
  • More Suitable for Higher Education Writing


  • Paid Service
  • Suitable for Educators Only

It is one of the most popular ai detection tools and has been used to detect ai generated essays for a while.

It is even used for ai plagiarism and to discover human-generated text.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Turnitin can detect plagiarism and other forms of AI-generated writing with a near-perfect accuracy rate of 99% for the content it flags.

Turnitin has also specifically tailored its AI model for higher education writing, making it ideal for college and university courses.

It can be used for other types of writing, such as middle and high school essays.

However, the chances of generating false positives increase with these other uses.

Whether you’re a professor looking to identify original work or a student attempting to check their paper, Turnitin always promises accurate results.

A percentage score will indicate ai tools like chatgpt and other ai tools used in generating content.

With its specialized approach, superior accuracy rates, and incomparable reputation, it should be no surprise that Turnitin is easily one of the best in its class for AI essay detection services.

The ai checker is easy to use, and detecting human-written content from AI is simple.

Premium Option

3. Content Scale

Content Scale is an AI detector that quickly and accurately scans text content for potentially human-written or machine-generated sentences.

It uses a combination of advanced AI systems, analysis algorithms, and language models to pinpoint the source with incredible accuracy.


  • Free to Use
  • Highlight AI-Generated Sentences
  • Support 25,000 words


  • Limited Features with Free Trial

While it won’t match the more advanced GPT-4 language technology available today, Content Scale is highly effective in catching potential AI-written sentences.

The great thing about Content Scale is that it is free and requires no additional costs or setup.

All you need to do is paste your text into the application, and you will receive a comprehensive report back containing flagged sentences and a “grading wheel,” which scores for predictability, probability, and pattern.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you want in seconds.

If you are looking for an effective AI essay detector to help you quickly scan through large amounts of text, try Content Scale today.

This reliable tool can save you work hours by filtering out manually machine-generated and/or low-quality content from valuable human-written texts efficiently and quickly.

Runner Up

4. Winston AI

Winston AI Detection is an advanced and easy-to-use AI essay detector that can be used for various purposes.

With its multimodal support, you can upload documents and image files to detect any possible artificial intelligence that may have been used in the material.


  • It has a Visual Grading System
  • Supports Image and Document Formats
  • OCR for handwritten essays


  • Free trial only limited to seven days
  • Expensive compared to others.

If you want access to an OCR feature, you can opt for their paid plans, enabling you to analyze even handwritten essays quickly.

Winston’s document scoring is also incredibly detailed, offering users a range from ‘AI-generated’ to ‘Human.’

This is an excellent indicator as it tells at a glance how likely it is that AI has been used in the content material.

By using Winston AI Detection, users can quickly and accurately determine whether or not artificial intelligence has been employed in their texts, making it invaluable for anyone working in academia and beyond.

Hidden Gem

5. OpenAI’s Text Classifier

Does a machine write your essay or text? Now you can find out with OpenAI’s free AI Text Classifier.

This easy-to-use online tool can give you a simple yes or no answer to the question, “Is this text written by an AI?”


  • Free to use
  • Straight forward Interface


  • Not Very Efficient Like Other Tools

The Text Classifier utilizes the company’s groundbreaking technology to scan and detect whether or not Artificial Intelligence produced your text.

Using OpenAI’s text classifier is simple.

You only need to submit your text in the designated field and click ‘Submit.’ In seconds, the Text Classifier will provide you with one of five responses: unlikely; likely; unclear if it is; possibly; or likely AI-generated.

Even though the Text Classifier isn’t always accurate, it is still a valuable tool for anyone interested in confirming that their writing was done solely by themselves or that an AI program potentially generated it.

Hidden Gem

6. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is a free, accurate AI essay detector for anyone who needs to verify originality.

At 66% accuracy, it outperforms other free alternatives when detecting plagiarism and analyzing text sources.


  • Free AI Writing Checker
  • No Sign Up Required


  • It Doesn’t Give an Overall Percentage
  • Limit of Number of Daily Checks

The AI tool is up to date with the latest GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 texts, ensuring your results are as precise as possible.

CopyLeaks won’t give you false positives, which means you can trust that your results are authentic.

With CopyLeaks on your side, you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate authentication for originality available—without breaking the bank.

Hidden Gem

7. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is the perfect solution for anyone needing an AI essay detector.

This premium tool provides top-notch accuracy and reliability with a result of 76%, almost on par with Winston AI but with a single false positive.


  • Highly Accurate
  • Detects GPT4 Text
  • Gives Percentage Score


  • Expensive
  • You Must Sign Up to Use

Its unique feature of detecting and identifying paraphrasing tools sets it apart.

Originality might be just what you need if you want the most comprehensive detection capabilities.

With advanced AI algorithms, this tool will offer the best and most accurate results for any student or teacher searching for an AI essay detector.

So don’t hesitate – make your life easier by choosing Originality.AI today.

Can AI-written essays be detected?

Yes, AI-written essays can be detected.

With the help of robust and reliable AI essay detectors, you can quickly identify whether or not an AI system writes an essay.

Such tools use sophisticated algorithms to compare your text against a database of known Artificial Intelligence-generated texts and assign it a score that indicates how likely it is to have been produced by an AI system.

Utilizing these AI essay detectors lets you quickly detect any potential AI-generated texts and ensure that all your essays are original and high-quality.


AI essay detectors are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and accuracy.

Whether a student, teacher, or business professional, having an AI essay detector on hand can save you time and effort in the long run.

These tools make it easy for anyone to quickly detect artificial intelligence-generated texts with confidence.

So don’t hesitate to invest in an AI essay detector today, and ensure your content is always of the highest quality.

With these fantastic tools, you can rest assured that all your essays are original and of the best quality.

And since these tools are easy to use, fast, and reliable, you no longer need to worry about being caught out by AI-generated essays.

Your content will be authentic and up to your standards every time.

So start using AI essay detectors today, and get the results you need to succeed.

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