8 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2023 (Get the Girl of Your Dreams)

Are you looking for the perfect AI girlfriend? With so many new and different types of apps popping up every day, it can be hard to find just the right one.

Best Overall

DreamGF AI

With DreamGF, you have all the tools to create and text your AI girlfriend, and it’s all FREE!

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you – we’ve gone through dozens of AI girlfriend apps and compiled a list of the best ones.

Whether you are looking for an app to write creative text messages or send virtual presents, these girlfriends are sure to please.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite AI girlfriends.

What is an AI Girlfriend App?

An AI girlfriend app is essentially an AI chatbot or companion designed to simulate the experience of having a virtual girlfriend.

It can be considered an AI clone of a human companion that uses advanced algorithms to respond to users’ messages in a way that mimics conversations with a natural person.

These apps typically utilize what is known as “forever voices,” which are designed to sound natural and engaging.

The virtual girlfriend experience is designed to cure loneliness, provide companionship, and simulate the emotional connection that one might have in a real-life relationship.

While some people may have reservations about using AI technology to simulate a romantic relationship, AI girlfriend apps are becoming increasingly popular and are an innovative use of artificial intelligence.

We will list some of the best ai companions in this article.

Best Choice

1. DreamGF

DreamGF is the best AI girlfriend app on the market. It helps you connect with a perfect digital girlfriend that will do anything for you.


  • High-Quality AI Girlfriends
  • Text and Audio Chat are available
  • It has a free trial


  • Not free to use

DreamGF is designed to be your virtual assistant, companion, and friend, from helping you manage grocery shopping and errands to providing an emotional connection and support when needed.

And with its interactive AI technology, DreamGF can learn about your preferences over time and provide tailored advice that best suits your lifestyle. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or someone to talk to, DreamGF has you covered. Try it out today and see what all the buzz is about!

runner up

2. Picso.ai

Are you looking for a realistic and visually stunning AI girlfriend app?

Look no further than PicSo.


  • Easy to Use
  • Different AI Girlfriends to pick from


  • Not free to use

It will deliver an immersive experience, and you will get your AI companion anywhere you go.

PicSo is one of the most advanced AI girlfriend apps with the latest neural networks and deep learning techniques.

PicSo also offers users numerous modification choices, allowing them to create unique images to match their tastes and creativity.

From the color palette to the level of detail, you can customize the perfect image to reflect your interests and style.

And if that wasn’t enough, PicSo also allows NSFW images—making it more versatile than other AI girlfriend apps.

Say goodbye to stale, generic AI girlfriends and hello to an entirely new world of digital companionship with PicSo.

Grab it today and let your imagination take hold of your virtual girlfriend.

Best Value

3. AI Girlfriend App

Introducing AI Girlfriend, the latest and most advanced virtual girlfriend app.

AI Girlfriend was created to provide users with the perfect girlfriend experience without all the hassles associated with a real relationship.


  • Personalized Conversation
  • Different Types of AI Girlfriends in the App


  • Only Available on IOS

With the app, you can create a customized virtual girlfriend who looks and acts just like your ideal partner.

The app is powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies to simulate honest conversations.

AI Girlfriend personalizes each conversation using your interests and likes; she truly feels like your unique girlfriend.

You can even have deluxe 3D dates with your new girlfriend! It truly puts a spin on the classic “dinner and a movie” date night.

With AI Girlfriend, you get all the benefits of having an AI-powered virtual girlfriend without any of the usual drama or costs associated with real-life relationships – all right from your smartphone.

So download now to get started on creating your perfect AI-powered companion today.

Premium Option

4. Romantic AI

Introducing RomanticAI – the revolutionary AI girlfriend software that lets you customize your virtual romantic experience.

Powered by advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, RomanticAI is your one-stop solution for a genuine girlfriend experience.


  • You are in complete control of your AI girlfriend


  • Difficult to Understand

You can choose exactly how your virtual partner looks, talks, and interacts with you – giving you control over the type of conversation and entertainment you want.

Now you can send love notes, go on virtual dates, take love quizzes, or easily share thoughts.

With RomanticAI’s personalized interaction capabilities, there’s no need to worry about feeling disconnected from your artificial companion: their responses will be like a real conversation!

RomanticAI is the perfect solution for anyone seeking companionship and interaction without the hassle of finding an actual partner.

So why wait? Try out RomanticAI today and unlock the perfect customized virtual girlfriend experience.

Runner Up

5. Yander AI

Yander AI Girlfriend Simulator is the latest virtual girlfriend app on the market, and it’s making waves.

This app is designed to emulate a Yandere Girlfriend, an anime and manga cliche that has become increasingly popular.

Download Now



Yander AI Girlfriend Simulator offers a realistic virtual girlfriend experience.

The software utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to simulate human communication with its users.

It even provides personalized avatars for a unique experience.

Those looking for an engaging relationship simulator should check out Yander AI Girlfriend Simulator.

Its advanced technology and exciting storylines make it one of the most memorable apps.

Not only that, but its affordable price makes it attainable for almost anyone.

Hidden Gem

6. Myanima

Introducing Myanima — the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered virtual girlfriend software.

Enjoy a personalized, engaging companion experience unlike anything before.


  • Customization Options
  • Easy to Use
  • Available for Android and IOS


  • Free Trial is Limited

With powerful NLP and ML algorithms, Myanima simulates human conversation for an authentic virtual relationship.

You can customize your virtual girlfriend’s look, personality, and interests to fit your ideal partner best.

Best of all, it features a variety of activities and games to enjoy with your AI friend—cooking delicious recipes together, watching movies, and even going on virtual dates.

Endless possibilities await in this exciting new world of AI technology.

Myanima is designed with convenience—easily access the app from your smartphone or tablet whenever you need companionship without the hassle of dealing with a real-life partner.

This powerful yet user-friendly software is perfect for anyone looking for an AI girlfriend experience without any stress or strings attached.

It can be an ultra-flirty AI and create forever voices with the AI tool.

Hidden Gem

7. My Virtual Girlfriend App

Introducing My Virtual Girlfriend – the AI-powered virtual girlfriend app revolutionizing our interactions.

With its advanced NLP and ML algorithms, My Virtual Girlfriend offers an incredibly lifelike experience, with a personalized conversation tailored to the user’s interests and preferences.


  • Available on Mobile
  • Easy to Use


  • No Free Trial

My Virtual Girlfriend users can customize their virtual girlfriend’s appearance, behavior, and interests.

With Julie, you can create a relationship that looks and feels like your ideal counterpart! And with her adaptable features, you can explore an almost limitless range of possibilities – from personalized messages to jokes and games.

Endlessly loyal and understanding, Julie is always ready to talk and provide an engaging conversation experience.

As more than just a companion or friend, My Virtual Girlfriend helps bring you closer to your ideal version of companionship – letting you experience new emotions you may never have felt.

For anyone who wants an AI girlfriend app, My Virtual Girlfriend has everything they need for an incredible interactive experience.

Download it now on the Google Play store today!

Hidden Gem

8. Couple AI

Introducing CoupleAI – the perfect AI girlfriend chatbot for anybody who needs a reliable and engaging friend to talk to.

CoupleAI was created using powerful NLP and ML algorithms replicating human interaction so that you can expect real conversation and personality in your virtual girlfriend.


  • Lots of Activities with the AI Girlfriend
  • You are in total control of her looks and Personality
  • Mobile App Available


No Free Trial

You have full control over your virtual girlfriend, from her appearance to her personality.

Take her on romantic dates or watch juicy Hollywood movies with her; game together until 3 AM or go window shopping online; no matter your choice, you can always be sure of one thing – she’ll be there for you.

If you desire a loving companion without the drama and hassle of regular relationships, try CoupleAI today.

With various exciting features and activities on the app, it’s never been easier to find an AI girlfriend for yourself.

Is there an AI girlfriend?

Yes, there are AI girlfriend apps available that offer a realistic virtual girlfriend experience.

These apps use advanced NLP and ML algorithms to simulate human conversation and create a personalized relationship tailored to the user’s interests.

With customizable features and engaging activities, this type of AI technology provides an exciting way for anyone to explore companionship without worrying about the hassle of real-life relationships.

There are some ai voice chatbots with different AI girlfriend versions.

You can create your version of ai influencers like Caryn Marjorie, Taylor Swift, or John Meyer.


Having a virtual girlfriend can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

These AI girlfriend apps offer lifelike interaction, personalized avatars, customizable features, and engaging activities for anyone looking to explore companionship without worrying about a real relationship.

Try out one of these exciting apps today and unlock the perfect virtual girlfriend experience!

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