Download PS4 Games Faster using PSX Downloader Helper

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Use PSX downloader helper to download PS4 Games on your laptop using Internet Download Manager then how to transfer the downloaded PS4 game from your computer to your PS4.

Fellow console user! Do you get slow download speed while downloading PS4 games on your console?

Do you somethings wish you can download PS4 Games with your laptop maybe through IDM because downloads are faster on your laptop and transfer the downloaded data to your PS4? It’s all possible and I will teach you how to do it step by step.

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UPDATE 2019: PSX Downloader Helper still works in 2019, recently used it to install Call of Duty World War 2 on his PS4 using this same exact method.

Table of Content

  1. Requirements/Tools you need.
  2. Preparation and download links.
  3. Connecting the PS4.
  4. Setting up PSX Download Helper.
  5. Capture PS4 Game download link from Sony servers.
  6. Using PSX Link Generator to get direct download links.
  7. Capture download link with IDM and start downloading.
  8. Download complete, Start the transfer.
  9. Done!

PSX Downloader Requirements

  • PC or laptop with Internet Download Manager installed.
  • LAN Cable
  • PSX Download Helper
  • PSX Link Generator
  • A working internet connection inside a smartphone, modem, MiFi or router.
psx downloader helper

Download Links

  1. PSX Link Generator – DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Internet Download Manager – DOWNLOAD LINK

How to Setup PSX Downloader Helper

  • Connect your PS4 to the smartphone, modem, MiFi or router via WiFi and there should be an internet connection.
  • Connect your LAN cable from PS4 to the laptop.
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center on your laptop.
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings.
  • Select the WiFi Network that has internet access.
  • Right click on Properties.
  • Click on the Sharing tab. Under Internet Connection Sharing, tick Allow other network users… and select the Home networking connection which is the Ethernet LAN cable you connected between your PS4 and laptop earlier.

Step 1 done! So, what we did was to share our WiFi internet access to the LAN cable making the LAN cable carry internet access. We need that internet access to capture the download link from Sony servers.

Connecting the PlayStation 4 Console (PS4)

  • Start PSX download helper on your laptop and write the IP Address shown down somewhere. Don’t Press anything!
  • Go to PS4 settings, Network and Setup a new connection. Select Use a LAN Cable.
  • Choose Custom Settings
  • Select Automatic for all except Proxy Server. Click on Use Proxy Server
  • Insert the IP address you wrote down from PSX Download Helper. Port is always 8080.
  • Click on Next. Don’t test Internet Connection yet!

This step makes sure that your laptop and PS4 are communicating through that specific IP address.

Setting up PSX Download Helper

  • Remember PSX Download Helper is open. Click on the Big White button.
  • Go to the 5th tab which is Settings.
  • Find the sliding menu and select English.
  • Restart app! Language changes to English,  Simple.
  • When PSX download helper opens, Click on Start and Test your Internet Connection.

Capture PS4 Game Download Link from Sony Servers

  • How will I get the download link for the PS4 Game or Game update file? It’s simple. All you need to do is;
    1. Start the download on your PS4 console
    2. PSX Download Helper app automatically grabs that link
    3. Click on copy
    4. Move on to PSX Link Generator tool.

Using PSX Link Generator to get direct download links

Very easy to use software, Just follow these 5 steps and you are ready.

  • Open PSX Link Generator
  • Paste the link
  • Generate Links
  • Add all to IDM.
  •  Go to Internet Download Manager and start the downloads.

Capture Download Link with IDM

  • Link captured and added to IDM queue. Start downloading to your PS4 Game with IDM. Remember it’s 4GB per size.

Download Complete, Start the Transfer

  • After few hours to days of downloading, it becomes complete and it’s time to transfer the PS4 game you downloaded on your laptop back to your PS4 console. This step is also very easy.
  • Create a folder named the title of the PS4 game you downloaded or updated. Copy all the PS4 game part into that folder
Download PS4 Games
  • Go to PSX download helper settings tab.
  • Click on Folder, Select the folder where you saved your downloaded PS4 Game then Apply your settings.
  • Start the download in your PS4 console and watch closely how fast it downloads. Also, take note of PSX app and the activities running.
PSX download helper

In Conclusion

I transferred 20GB in less than 5 minutes. With this method now, I can order for PS4 digital games, download on my laptop using IDM, transfer the downloaded PS4 game data from my laptop to PS4 and that’s it.

Thank you for reading my article, please leave a comment below if my article helped you in some way and also if you like me to write on a particular topic. Leave a comment below.

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161 thoughts on “Download PS4 Games Faster using PSX Downloader Helper”

  1. Thank you very much for this guide. While I knew how to operate PSX Download Helper for PS4, I was struggling to get it to work on PS3. With a Ethernet cable and the trick to share connection, it worked perfect. Now I can enjoy Dead Space 1-3 in time for Halloween. Thank you!!!! 🙂

  2. Hi i just got free game on PS plus.. Metal gear Solid V this month my net speed is slow at home i used PSX download helper but is unable to get the things done properly.. to start with the PS4 was downloading two files in one download …one is of 5 GB and another is of 27 something GB and The psx download helper is also catching two download links and both were having 03 pkg but i have seen every game starts from .00 pkg..

    still i downloaded the files from 00 to 06 and got 25.1 gb but when i start installing from pc it stopped at 4.5 gb and is not reconnecting with psx again.

    i dont know much about this.. can you help me out and tell me which files i have to download? Or how to do all this stuff.. thanks

    • When downloading a full game there are usually two files, Game + Game Data. What I do is I download them seperately, then after the base game has been downloaded, I download the remaining game data.

      You have 2 files, one is 5GB while the other is 27GB, What you should do is. Start the 5GB download alone, capture that link, download that first, then after that is done start downloading 27GB.

      Remember when downloading a PS4 game, every part is 4GB, so for a 5Gb file, you would have 2 files, one would be 4Gb while the other is 1GB or so.

      • Thanks for the reply..but the main problem is that i cannot seperate the two downloads. I can see a download bar saeperated into two halves one is of 5 gb and the last is of remaining. If i choose to cancel the download then i have to cancel full game download.

    • Please verify the size of both files. One should be 4GB while the second one should be 1GB or less. I have also noticed something if there are the same file, that means after downloading the first 4GB with UDM, you still need to download a few MB probably less than 500MB and that’s why the link doesn’t link doesn’t appear. You need to download the remaining small of the 5Gb directly on your PS4.

      How did you get the Metal Gear Solid V for free? I also want to get it, thanks.

  3. Hi
    I download the 12.9 gb for call of duty wwll update
    When i use psx the whole data size is 12.9 from pkg 0 to 4 and not more
    but in my ps4 the update size of the update was 13.9 gb!
    It is ok? I mean the psx file size are less than straight download from ps4 or something are wrong??

    • Yeah, sometimes it stops, what you do then disconnect your PS4 from your laptop and try and continue the download without PSX. So try and continue the download to see if it continues, if it does. pause the download, connect your laptop and open PSX downloader, continue the download on your PS4 and grab the download link with PSX.
      This way you can download the new files added.

  4. Good day, Paularo

    I’ve tried the PSX download helper for the first time.
    The game is Hitman which I got free a while back on PSN.
    The first night, i’ve got a few links. Then try to install and got more links.

    So what I acctually whant to know is, when do you know that you have all the links.

    And secondly. On PSN the game size show 6.52 gig. I’ve downloaded now up to 00001_8.pkg and it is like over 30 gig. Is this correct?

    Please advise.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Jean, the new links can be update files and I’ve also experienced this.
      Once you get the first links, download them as soon as possible because if the game is updated, the files would change.

      What Hitman game? Normally, a full sized PS4 game is above 30GB. Please make sure you are not downloading duplicate files.

  5. Thank you.

    I will check tonight and will let you know tomorrow.

    It’s just Hitman. Its on PSN for free.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Morning Paularo,

    Thank you very much. It was update files. Hitman is up and running.

    But i have more to ask. Beyond two souls was free last month.

    Did everything i needed to but it gave me only 5 links of 4gb each. When i started the download it showed Data file 6gig and game file 32gig. This was on the ps4 now.

    Do you think I will get the other links later or how does it work. I am asking because i am using my laptop at work downloading the game.

  7. Hi Paularo,

    Thanks everything on Hitman worked.

    I have started Beyond two souls yesterday. But only gave me 5 links of 4 gig each.

    The game is much bigger. Do youknow why maybe.

  8. hi.. Help me accept you for my bad language because I do not speak English but I will try .. I have a problem when transferring files to play god of war my ps4 tell me that the data is corrupted but it is not really corrupted and i am sure because i gave it to someone who is good at this stuff and moved it to my friend By refusing to teach me the way under the pretext that these secrets work .. Note that I moved Grand V without any problems and the same way .. Please Saadani as soon as possible

  9. Hello Paularo,

    You mentioned something about downloading the game and game data. Do I put both files into the same folder when I want to transfer back to my ps4?

  10. hello mate,
    can tell me how i can speed the transfer from my laptop to ps4 ?

    i transfer fifa 2019 45 GB, but remaining time is over 65 min, and i see other persons transfer it in 15 min only ?? !!

    i use cable CAT 6

  11. hii paularo,
    first sorry for my bad english, let’s go to the point
    in august i update my console system software to 6.00 and i still using your method to transfer game that already i’ve downloaded and it didn’t work. why ? it seem like the console keep donwloading from sony server not from my PC. i do exactly like yours. before system software 6.00 (under 6) it is fine i can transferred my update game without downloading directly from sony server.

    please help. my be you have same case like me or other member
    thank you

  12. Hi paularo thats a big tool. Thanks for the tip. But i have doubts
    Can i only download the game update file without downloading the game? Because i have all the games in disk and if can i install the game or an update offline once that i have the files needed for the game? Bcuz i wanted to buy a new ps4 and give my old ps4 to my little brother. Oh and forgotd do you think the 6.00 works with PSXhelper?
    Thank you

  13. Thank you for this post.
    My question is this:
    If I have the files for the game beforehand, using PSX Download helper, can i send them directly to the console without initiating download on console?

  14. what are the multiple links that appear? im trying to download destiny 2. on ps4 it says 68gb, the links grabbed are 25gb. how so? i dont want to continue 43gb download from ps4.

    • After downloading 25GB, transfer it to the PS4 and when you notice the PS4 is downloading on it’s own, stop the download and capture that link, those are the remaining links you need to complete your download.

  15. Hi Paularo,
    thank you very much for this tutorial.
    Thats extactly the solution which i was looking for whole time.

    Could you update the download links ,please ?
    It seems they aren’t available anymore.
    Thank you for your effort.

    best regards


  16. I’m trying to do this, I did all the preparations (Making the wifi sharing to allow other networks, etc) but when its time to test the connection on the ps4, obtaining the ip address works but the internet connection fails, do you know why?

  17. Hello Paularo
    thanks bro for sharing this useful method with us, but unfortunately i tried it with Fifa 19 and time was about 1 hours, i tried every possible thing but i couldn’t figure it out! i couldn’t reach the 15 mins, so i’m askin’ if at first u had the same issue and solved it by any method! I’ll be more thankful if u helped me solving this problem

  18. Hi thanx for the tutorial .
    I only got some notes and questions.
    You said we have to connect PS4 to a WIFI then you said we have to connect PS4 to Laptop using a cable?! What are we going to do with the WIFI that connected to PS4 if we have to set up a lan cable connection??? Maybe I miss something
    I followed the method as you said and when I get to the point where to connect PS4 to Laptop I got no internet in PS4 even though I shared the WIFI adapter with the Ethernet adapter??!
    And I am getting the error (input string was not in a correct format)
    Thank you in advance man I appreciate your work

  19. I got a strange problem. It worked for me in the past.. but now somehow it doesn’t.

    It can obtain an IP address. I can build up an Internet connection. I can even google on the browser on the PS4 tho.
    But, I can not sign in to psn. It says something along the lines like “Servers too busy”.

    Hope you can give me a hint?
    (oh, btw. I had to set an IP address manually on the ps4… dhcp somehow didn’t work for me.. but as I said. It worked for me in the past exactly like that. strange is: it has internet access. i can even google but i cant sign in to psn)

  20. Hi, thanks for your blog. I have the PSX download helper but dont have the PSX Link Generator. Please send me the PSX Link Generator by mail. It is quite important and urgent for me cause i cant generate other download links without it.

  21. Hi, I have a backup data in pkg. Can I use that method to save the game from the my laptop to ps4 without internet connection? How I do that? Thanks

  22. Do i have to connect my laptop to the modem using lan too? Or do i only have to connect my ps4 to my laptop through lan?

  23. I have a problem with the software when I download an update for any game I have the update size, for example, 5 GB when I take links from the program and put it in Internet Download Manager the update size becomes 30 or 25 and the original update size is 5 GB What is the solution?

  24. Yesterday Download the update for Fort Knight The original update size is 2.4 GB when you follow your explanation and put the link in Internet Download Manager the update size becomes 25 GB Why?

  25. hi
    first of all thanx for your big effort for the method and the continuous replying
    I have problem
    I’ve done all the method above and it worked for me for a while but now when I do it and test the connection the ps4 fail to obtain IP address from the PC
    it’s really strange becuase I used to work with this method but now it doesn’t work
    I checked the firewall and the psx download helper is allowed in both private and public firewall

    • Hi Mustafa,
      Did you change internet connections?
      I haven’t used this method for years now so honestly, I can’t guarantee that it still works.
      I download directly from my PS4 now, it’s less stressful and better in some cases.

  26. Hai Paularo. I follow your guide to use this tools for Doenloading DMC 5
    PS4 says 35GB
    but all File parts 29GB + 3.3GB another Pkg.
    when try to transfer. procces always eror data corupted in 7.7GB process which it say on log Processed at data_2.pkg
    solution ?

  27. Hi I use transfer mw4 everything looks OK PS4&PC wifi connected but pkg file not transfer to PS4 and only download from internet!? my pkg code is same as download link too ,I don’t know why can’t transfer pkg file ?

  28. Hi, I’m trying to update my Destiny 2, but when I generate links it generates the entire game links. Please how do I identify the patch update?

    • When you start downloading the Patch Update, it would capture the patch update links and not the entire game. To identify the patch update, you should look for the V2303 or the update version numbers.

  29. hi
    can i only download updates for the games and not all game
    when im doung this im having much larger size then in ps4
    example fortnite wants the update 2.51 version its 1.1gb
    in psx it more than 8 so im not seeing this method is good for update every update come the links appear in psx are the whole game + the new update

  30. Hello thanks alors for your help. Am currently using this software i want to Know if it is possible to set it offline sont that i can download without internet connection

  31. hello please my psx download helper is stopping every afte 5 minutes please how do i do to fix that problem or is there a more stable application which can even be purchase? please what is the link where i can buy a professional one

  32. Bonjour ya till un moyen de telecharger les jeux de mon pc à ma console sans pouvoir telecharger les mise à jour de cette jeu? Donc si le jeu à une version 1.0 je veut pouvoir le telecharger sans telecharger la mise à jour. Si oui cmt on peut le faire?? Et il possible de paramétrer le offline setting mode??

    • Oui, il est possible de télécharger uniquement le jeu de base sans télécharger les mises à jour. Vous devrez supprimer manuellement ou ne pas télécharger les fichiers de mise à jour. Vous devriez être en mesure d’identifier les fichiers de mise à jour car ils auraient quelque chose comme ça – v1.04

  33. Thank you for the explanation. I want to ask, Can I download the PS4 Game files meanwhile the Laptop is away from PS4?
    After step “Link captured and added to IDM queue.”

    So I can download them remotely at stronger internet without connecting to PS4, after that place it in PS4 after completed.

    Thank you before

  34. I have downloaded The Division 2 game data and version but the version link change when i try to download from the pc the link dont match please help the version only is almost 60gb this is my second time of downloading the version data

  35. so I have to download the new version before I can install to the console. No fix to download the old to my console

  36. So there is nothing there like to ignore the new game update.
    because i have downloaded the update 21 and now is updated to 22. The PSX helper always generate the new update link instead of the 21. No help or redownload the new update again

    • You can’t ignore the latest update because PSXDownloader connects to PS and gets the latest links and updates, so there’s no way to get the old update from PSX.

  37. Hello
    I downloaded the first part of data required to start application (fifa20) around 10 gbs
    Then the generated links are starting from pkg 8, is that normal? And should i downoad pkg 9 then 10 etc or what? Help me please

  38. Hi bro

    Thank you for the detailed instructions.
    I’m having an issue as my laptop & PS4 had gone off due to a power outage, but i did manage to download all the files to the laptop but I’m unable to transfer them to the PS4. when I resume it on the PS4 it just downloads normally. Any help would be highly appreciated.


  39. I have a 500Mb internet contract, on the pc the downloads go up to 56Mbps,on the ps4 usualy goes up 33~40Mbps max, if i use this method it will be faster? (The transfer from pc to ps4 have a limit speed?)

  40. Hey man …thank u so much fo the method…tho i have a problem with the transferring speed …its limited at 13mb/s .how do i increase the speed?


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