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Where Kids’Imaginations Take Flight.

Overview – Where Kids’Imaginations Take Flight

Dodoboo is where kids’ doodles transform into breathtaking masterpieces, unlocking the door to unrestricted creativity.

The platform celebrates children’s boundless imagination by turning spontaneous sketches into professional-grade artwork. Say goodbye to fridge-door exhibits and hello to gallery-worthy masterpieces that honor and elevate your child’s creativity.

Key Takeaways

  • Dodoboo lets you unleash creativity by transforming kids’ doodles into masterpieces.

  • The platform allows kids to develop their patience and get their creative juices flowing away from the noise of Apps like TikTok.

  • Dodoboo offers three pricing plans: the Apprentice Plan (free), the Pro Plan ($7.9/month), and the Master Plan ($39.9/year).

  • Using Dodoboo, you support a platform promoting children’s creativity and imagination.

How Dodoboo Works

  • Upload Doodle: Kids or parents can upload the doodle directly on the Dodoboo platform, introducing a world full of fun and creativity.

  • Customize: You can choose from various styles and themes to customize the artwork according to your child’s preferences.

  • Get Art: Receive the transformed masterpiece, ready to be admired and showcased, fostering a sense of achievement in your child.

Key Features & Benefits

Optimized AI Model

  • The AI model is fine-tuned for kids’ drawings, turning their sketches into hand-drawn wonders.

  • The AI model continuously learns and improves, ensuring better results with every use.

  • Allows for customization so your child’s artwork maintains its originality and uniqueness.

Enhanced Child Protection

  • Safe environment for kids to create without any worry.

  • No personal information is required during the registration process.

  • All artwork is kept private unless chosen to be shared.

Child Centric Design

  • Eye-friendly colors & right-hand-friendly tools for effortless drawing.

  • The platform is easy to use, enabling kids to create independently.

  • User-friendly and fun interface that encourages kids to explore their creativity.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Educational Tool: Teachers incorporate Dodoboo into art classes, allowing students to explore art and creativity beyond traditional methods.

  • Gift Creation: Parents and children use the app to create personalized art gifts for family and friends, turning simple doodles into memorable treasures.

  • Therapeutic Art: Healthcare professionals utilize Dodoboo as a therapeutic tool to support children’s emotional and psychological development through creative expression.

  • Portfolio Building: Young aspiring artists build their art portfolios with enhanced versions of their original doodles, showcasing their creativity and growth.

Who is Dodoboo For?

  • Creative Kids: Young minds eager to see their doodles come alive.

  • Parents: Looking for a unique way to cherish and immortalize their child’s creativity in an account.

  • Educators: In search of innovative tools to encourage artistic expression in the classroom.

  • Therapists: Utilizing art as a medium for emotional and psychological healing in children.

Pricing & Plans

  • Apprentice Plan: It is free

  • Pro Plan: $7.9/month

  • Master Plan: $39.9/year

What are Users Saying About Dodoboo?

Parent voices

  • The way his eyes light up is priceless. This is not just about creating art; it’s about creating memories! It’s a big win in my book—it gets him focused, and it’s a good laugh for us both.”

  • She’s always been a bit shy. Since we found Dodoboo, though, she’s all about it. She loves watching her drawings pop on the screen. It’s our little thing – we sit, draw, and chill together.

  • I’m always looking for ways to encourage her creativity. It’s fantastic to see her doodles transform into beautiful artwork. It’s more than just fun—it inspires her to believe in her abilities.

Dodoboo Alternatives

  • ArtHub for Kids: A platform that offers step-by-step drawing guides and art projects to inspire young artists. It is perfect for parents and educators who want structured art learning.

  • Crayola Create and Play: This app encourages creative play through coloring, drawing, and games, making it a fun alternative for children to express their artistic talents.

  • Pix2Pix: Utilizes advanced AI to transform sketches into more detailed images. It is ideal for older kids and teens interested in tech and art.

  • Tux Paint: A free, open-source drawing program for children ages 3 to 12. It offers a safe and fun environment for exploratory art creation.


Can Dodoboo Be Used on Multiple Devices?

Yes, with a single account, You can sign in on various devices, ensuring your child’s creativity isn’t confined to just one screen.

Is There a Trial Period for the Pro or Master Plan?

Absolutely, Dodoboo offers a 7-day free trial for both Pro and Master plans, allowing you to explore advanced features at no charge.

How Do I Share My Child’s Artwork with Family and Friends?

Sharing is made easy with just a few clicks. You can directly share the masterpiece from Dodoboo to your preferred social media or via email.

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