Why is Bluehost so Slow? Increase your Bluehost Speed Now

If you are using the shared hosting plan of Bluehost it can be slow sometimes and that could hurt your website especially when Google is trying to index it.  If you have a low amount of traffic it is something you won’t even notice not until massive traffic starts coming in. with a shared hosting plan your website and other websites hosted on Bluehost will share a particular server thereby making it slow when the traffic is up. You can eventually ask for help directly from Bluehost to help solve the problem. Let us explain this further.

Why is Bluehost so slow? Bluehost main goal is not to be the fastest host they stack as many websites as possible on a server until it gets to its limit. If you complain to Bluehost they will recommend you go for a bigger plan that cost more money. But in the end, you are still going to be hosting by Bluehost which might end up being the same thing even if you upgrade. What you have to do is to use a private CDN for your website on Bluehost that way you will get a dedicated server for your website.

Other factors could also play important role in slowing your website and this could be loading your website with unnecessary things. If you have some plugins that don’t work then it’s best you get rid of them. you should optimize the type of images you upload on your site and make them smaller. You should consider more advanced troubleshooting for your website and keep it as minimal as possible.

That way your website will load faster and have people visiting back to back because of how fast it loads. The user experience matters a lot and if a website loads slowly people will click away from it.

Why is Bluehost Different?

They provide you with every web hosting plan that you will need from the basic plans up to the pro level plans. They also help you manage the technical aspects of hosting a WordPress website they optimize performance, keep plugins updated, handling security, and updating the core. They have very good uptime and their control panel allows you to create attractive and functional pages for your website.

For a business website, Bluehost is one of the best platforms available because they have some features that can help boost your business.

They offer 24/7 customer support and they have a way of making each website owner succeed if they want to. Bluehost is the most recommended web hosting platform by WordPress this is because WordPress feels Bluehost is a secure web hosting platform and their integration is easy. With a single click, you can link your WordPress website to your Bluehost account.

As a beginner, you can easily use Bluehost to set up your website and get it up and running. In case you are not interested Bluehost offer a thirty days money-back guarantee with all their plans and subscription.

Bluehost isn’t perfect however because after your annual subscription expires there is going to be an insane price increase. With the basic plan, there are some critical features that are going to be missing. It is best if you use the basic plan for a website that has relatively low traffic. As your traffic increases, however, you might want to go for much higher Bluehost plans.

Uptime is not guaranteed when you are using Bluehost as your hosting platform. This is quite detrimental because you might lose potential sales or conversions if your site is experiencing downtime. If it goes on for long site engines might not even bother listing your website.

How to Improve the speed of your Bluehost Website

The speed of your website or blog is very important and it is one of the core things that Google and other search engines look at before indexing your website. Users prefer visiting websites that loads very fast and if yours loads slowly they will kindly move to the next one. To keep users and google happy it is important to keep your load speed fast all the time.

We will share some tips that will help keep your website very fast if you are using Bluehost subscription plans. The methods we are going to share will work with WordPress websites.

It is always good to enable caching on your website this means you are storing data in a temporary storage area. This will improve your website’s performance since most of your pages will be prepared already and won’t require to load separately all the time. Bluehost has some caching plugins that work specifically to work in that aspect and you can find them on the performance page of Bluehost.

When starting out it might be of good benefit in the long term if you pick a better plan ahead of the basic plan offered by Bluehost. This will help improve your website in case you start realizing massive traffic in the long run. The website will become slow if you are running it on a shared server with lots of traffic coming in.

It is also great if you consider optimizing your images and making them smaller and setting them to a better resolution. There are tools online that can be used to shrink the size of an image without reducing the quality of the image. Consider using them to have the right-sized images for your website. You should also consider minimizing the size of your JavaScript and CSS text files because they can affect your sites load speed.

Related Questions

Is Bluehost Bad?

As a beginner Bluehost is a very good web hosting platform and they make it easy for everyone to build and own a website. Bluehost offers one the cheapest web hosting plan but after the annual payment, you should expect a surprising pay rise of almost 75 per cent.

Should I use Bluehost for my Business website?

There are a lot of business owners that use Bluehost to host their business sites. WooCommerce and Bluehost work seemingly well together. This makes it very easy for you to control your business website. You will get all the tools required to run a business website from Bluehost including consultations.