Which Bluehost hosting plan is the best?

Bluehost has a number of hosting plans that we are going to explore here. They have massive discounts for the first three years and you also get additional features like a free SSL certificate, domain name, Cloudflare CDN among a host of automatic features. For the price of $2.95, their shared hosting plan is one of the best for beginners.

Which Bluehost hosting plan is the best? All the plans on Bluehost are good and we can’t pinpoint a single hosting plan on Bluehost as the overall best. It depends on what you want to use a domain for if you are a beginner then the shared hosting plan will be okay for you. No matter the plan you select you will get a free SSL certificate to secure your website, a free domain name and a number of other amazing features. You also get a three-year discount no matter the plan you choose when you register.

They have a number of hosting plans that include shared hosting, traditional, and VPS. The platform is used by over two million websites and they are one of the top-recommended hosting companies recommended by WordPress because Bluehost is fast and secure.

Shared hosting is one of the most used plans on Bluehost and this is because its cheap and affordable. It is perfect for beginners and unless you have a very big website then it will be okay for you. one thing you need to know about web hosting however is that the more traffic you generate the bigger web hosting plan you need.

As a small business owner or blogger, there are a number of plans that you can choose from on Bluehost. Picking the plan that matches your website is important because picking the wrong plan will have an adverse effect on your site.

Why you should use Bluehost

Bluehost and WordPress have worked together for over 10 years. if you are starting a WordPress website it is important to consider using Bluehost because of their one-click installation feature. Bluehost is also trusted by over 2 million website owners and that is one reason why you should use Bluehost. A lot of blogs and business websites are powered by Bluehost.

They are the second most used web hosting company according to a statistic from HRank. They are not the fastest web hosting company but they have a reasonable speed of 406ms and this is very okay for every website.

The price is another major factor why you should consider using Bluehost. They provide the best rates and their prices are unbeatable starting at 2.95 dollars a month and you can pay upfront for three years. Uptime is another important factor you should consider before choosing a host. Bluehost has consistent uptime and this will keep your website fast.

To successfully run a blog or business website you need decent uptime and Bluehost have 9.99 per cent uptime in the last few months this is 0.5 per cent better than the industry standard. Your host plays an important role in making sure your website is indexed by google.

Speed is very important because both google and users rely on the speed of your website. Optimizing your website for SEO depends on how fast it loads. Google depends on speed before they index a page on your website. Your audience will not be patient if your website takes a longer time to load they will simply click away to the next website.

Bluehost has very good speed but you should make sure you are using a plan that matches the traffic volume of your website. Bluehost is ideal for hosting any type of blog or website their price is one of the biggest reasons why people use their plan. They also have a dedicated team of WordPress expert that will help provide support to their customers.

Bluehost Basic Plan Review in 2021

This is their entry-level plan and if you are just starting especially a WordPress site then this is the perfect plan you will need. With this plan you can host one website and get 50GB of SSD storage space. you get a .com domain name for free this would last for a complete year. You will also get a Cloudflare CDN storage and a free SSL certificate.

There will be a customized email for your website, automatic WordPress installations, manual backups, and reliable customer service support. The basic plan is a complete plan for beginners because it comes with all the basics required to start a website. 

When it comes to pricing if you want to pay for three years straight you will pay $2.95 per month, if you decide to pay for two years you will be charged $3.95 per month. The one-year plan cost $4.95 per month so its best if you try to know more about how Bluehost weeks before you pay for their services. Another good thing is that you can get your money back in case you don’t like the service.

There are also hidden charges after the first three years of discount and it can go up by up to a hundred per cent. You can also decide to pay monthly after the annual plan expires.

The service is perfect for newbie bloggers as well as small to medium business website owners. As far as your blog or website don’t have more than 30,000 visits per day then the plan will be okay for you. as you scale up your business website or blog you can upgrade to other plans that can handle a bigger inflow of traffic.

Related Questions

Is Bluehost only for WordPress websites?

You can install every CMS of your choice on Bluehost and build your site. The only difference Is that WordPress and Bluehost have been partnering for a over 10 years so they seem to work better when connected together.

Can I upgrade my Bluehost Account at any time?

You can upgrade your account at any time and you will get discounts from the amount of your new plan.