Universal Jumbo Remote Codes

Universal jumbo remote codes are a way to connect multiple devices to your TV or other devices. They can be used to control devices on your home network or to connect devices in other rooms of the house.

With universal remote codes, you can get all the functionality of a specific remote control device, without having to buy one.

What Are Universal Remote Codes?

Many businesses have forgotten how to operate their computer systems. Many people don’t know how to use a remote control to change the settings of their laptops or even change the settings of their refrigerators. This lack of knowledge could lead to serious accidents and loss of money. 

Jumbo Remote Codes can help business owners and individuals alike get back on track. These codes work with many computers, including laptops and refrigerators, so there is no need to learn multiple sets of codes. No matter what your home theater system may be, you need a remote to control it.

But which remote? The standard remote control, or the jumbo remote? There are a variety of jumbo remote codes available that make controlling your home theater system easier than ever. But which one is right for you?

What Are the Benefits of Using Universal Remote Codes?

Universal remote codes allow people to control many devices from a single location. They can be used to control televisions, DVD players, air conditioning systems, and other types of equipment.

They are also popular among home automation enthusiasts because they make it easy to add extra devices to an existing home’s system.

Tips for Maintaining a Universal Remote

If you’re like most people, you keep your remote in a prominent spot on the desk. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience.

In fact, there are a few simple tips you can follow to keep your universal remote in top condition. Here are some tips to keep your universal remote working like new: 

– Make sure the battery is fully charged. This will help improve range and performance.

– Never store your remote in a damp environment. If you do, moisture may cause the battery to overheat and damage it.

– Never place your remote in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as a hot water heater or air conditioner. This will greatly lower battery life and performance.

Universal Jumbo Remote Codes

  1. ADMIRAL TV CODES – 001,173
  2. AIWA TV CODES – 195,196
  3. AKAI TV CODES – 002
  4. AOC TV CODES – 009,014,132,156,175
  5. APEX TV CODES – 214
  7. CITIZEN TV CODES – 009,042,053,058,105,109,177
  8. CRAIG TV CODES – 042,053
  9. DAEWOO TV CODES – 018,019,042,058,082,085,097,100,126,127,130,138
  10. EMERSON TV CODES – 035,036,037,038,039,040,041,042,043,045,049,051,053
  11. FUJITSU TV CODES – 051,197
  12. FUNAI TV CODES – 042,051,053,155,189,198
  13. GE TV CODES – 015,022,031,044,052,054,055,087,092,103,107,125,164
  14. HITACHI TV CODES – 001,004,009,013,059,060,061,088,091,137,139,140,141,142,143,144
  15. HAIER TV CODES – 216,217
  16. JENSEN TV CODES – 004,009
  17. JVC TV CODES – 013,054,055,060,065,067,089
  18. LG TV CODES – 044,005,009,056,057,155,156,172
  19. MAGNAVOX TV CODES – 004,008,009,062,068,069,074,075,077,089
  20. MEMOREX TV CODES – 000,001,004,009,049,051,135
  21. MITSUBISHI TV CODES – 004,005,009,022,051,081,089,132,180
  22. NEC TV CODES – 003,004,005,009,010,085,089,095
  23. PANASONIC TV CODES – 003,051,055,062,070,148,170,171
  24. PHILIPS TV CODES – 062,068,069,074,075,077,086,087,089,163,183
  25. PIONEER TV CODES – 004,009,090,179,185
  26. PROSCAN TV CODES – 000,015,031,107
  27. QUASAR TV CODES – 003,054,055,062,070,148,170,171
  28. RCA TV CODES – 007,009,011,015,048,082,092,094,096,098,101,102,103,107,113
  29. SAMSUNG TV CODES – 004,005,009,015,104,105,106,109,172
  30. SANSUI TV CODES – 135,136
  31. SANYO TV CODES – 004,013,049,108,110,180,209
  32. SHARP TV CODES – 004,009,079,095,111,112,114,122,123,124,173
  33. SONY TV CODES – 002,006,071,128
  34. SYLVANIA TV CODES – 004,008,009,062,068,069,074,075,077,155,161,163,189,198
  35. TOSHIBA TV CODES – 013,049,089,105,109,117,118,120,159,178
  36. ZENITH TV CODES – 000,001,004,023,038,058,059,064,073,121,135,136


In conclusion,universal jumbo remote codes offer a variety of options for controlling devices, making it easier to keep your home management system organized and running smoothly.

By using these codes, you can easily change the settings on your devices, add or remove devices from the home network, and more.