Top Progressive Slots

Top Progressive Slots to Play on Mobile

When it comes to gambling there are plenty of options out there on the vast casino market. Today the gambling industry has grown so large so there’s virtually something out there that suits every punter.

You are someone that enjoys playing online slots games, or as they call them in Japan, オンラインスロット, you’re in luck because most casinos have an extensive selection of slot games.


However, some players are more specific and require something more. Simple slot apps (スロット アプリ) don’t suffice anymore. A lot of punters today want to gamble and increase their chances to bag a monster jackpot. For players that are looking to do this, progressive jackpots are your best bet.

What is a progressive jackpot? A normal jackpot is fixed at a certain sum. A progressive jackpot, however, is ever-increasing with each game that is being played where a jackpot isn’t won. It increases incrementally for each play with a predetermined amount. As you can understand, this will over time make a seemingly normal jackpot become massive. This is the main allure of progressive jackpot slot games or スロットゲーム.

A lot of punters don’t like being tied to a certain place when they’re gambling. Instead, they want to be able to play on the go. There are plenty of well-regarded progressive jackpot games that are available on the phone. In this article, we will talk about some of the best progressive jackpot games that are available on phones. Let’s get into it.

Mega Moolah by Microgaming

It’s probably impossible to create a list of the best progressive jackpot games without mentioning the world-famous Mega Moolah. This is by far the most popular progressive slot that is out on the market and it’s being played by a boatload of people. This game has turned lucky punters to millionaires overnight with over €1.4 billion paid out to date.

You might then be wondering, in what currency is this jackpot money paid out? Well, that is entirely up to you. If you hit an $8.5 million jackpot but you are playing with sterling pounds, you will receive £8.5 million. There are no conversions based on any exchange rates, you’ll get the full amount in the currency you play with.

Alongside the original Mega Moolah, players can notice that there presently are four different progressive prizes. These are mini, minor, major and mega jackpots, with Mega obviously being the biggest out of the four. The game is a wheel-of-fortune style casino, but they have also managed to incorporate other interesting elements such as wilds, scatter and free spin symbols.

The game is of course available to mobile punters. The game runs smoothly on both smartphones and tablets, regardless of whether it’s iOS or Android. Just find the game at your favourite casino site, and get cracking.

Age of Gods Slots by Playtech

If Mega Moolah is the most popular progressive jackpot game on the sites, one can easily conclude that Playtechs Age of Gods is a close second. This game has become a classic and is now like its own little franchise with different versions of the game. All games utilize the same five reels, however, the number of paylines varies for the different games and can be between 20-25.

Slot fans love Age of Gods and their jackpot system, which is similar to Mega Moolahs. Their game is interlinked into their network of progressive jackpot games. This essentially means that the price can escalate across all the current casino sites that are hosting Playtech’s platform.

The game’s jackpot is divided into your parts, or tiers rather. These are four different prizes that are up for grabs, and they are all progressive. Every time that you place a bet in Age of Gods, a 0.99% portion of your bet will be equally allocated towards the progressive of the four different pools. As you can imagine this will cause the prize pool to grow at a rapid pace with each global player of the game contributing towards it with every bet.

The game is compatible with units for both devices running on Android, iOS, Windows, and even Blackberry. Find the game at your favourite casino site and start spinning.


Mega Fortune By NetEnt

Mega fortune is another world-renowned progressive jackpot that has been released by the developer giant NetEnt. This is a game characterized by a lavish theme covered in glamour, and this is evident by the symbols. You’ll find things such as jewellery, luxury boats, cigars and scotch. The game is full to the brim with exciting bonus feathers, such as scatter symbols wilds and bonus games.

Furthermore, the game is pretty generous with its progressive jackpot scheme; if a player manages to unlock the bonus game, he or she will be guaranteed a cash prize. If the player happens to be really lucky, he/she could be headed out with one of three progressive jackpots offered in the game. The bonuses are the Rapid, Major and Mega jackpot, with the Mega of course being the largest one.

In order to trigger the bonus game, you need to have at least three bonus symbols on the reels, from left to right.

The game is of course available on smartphone devices and tablets across both the major operating systems iOS and Android. Actually, the game is part of NetEnts special Touch platform to ensure a smooth touch and seamless gameplay on all mobile and devices.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to gambling it’s evident that many players these days flock to progressive jackpot games, and it isn’t without reason. These games are undoubtedly a lot of fun, and the allure of an ever-growing jackpot is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Furthermore, due to game developers making notes of punters’ preferred gaming habits, they have made their famous progressive jackpot games smartphone compatible.

This is greatly important as it allows gamblers to play any time from anywhere. Lastly, the list of games above are some of the most renowned progressive jackpot games on the market, but with that said, there are plenty of other good game progressive slot games on the market.

We will conclude this article by presenting some honourable mentions.

  • Jackpot Giant
  • Major Millions
  • Arabian Nights
  • Hall of Gods
  • African Legends