Top 4 Best Torrent Sites for Serious Downloading

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Hello everyone, today I am sharing the Top 4 Best Torrent Sites for Serious Downloading and Streaming whatever your sweet spot is. Torrents have been with us for a very long time, and they are reliable especially in getting old content which would not be possible in the usual P2P scenario, but with torrents, the links hardly die.

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Most of us know what a torrent is, where to get them and how to download them. Well, there lots of torrent sites which are fairly decent but this is a guide about the Top 4 best torrent sites in 2016 according to my extensive torrenting experience and opinion.

There are so many torrent sites, most of them try as much as possible to be general, this means they have a lot of categories ranging across multiple sections and subsections on different genres.

Most torrent sites have these common categories – T.V, Movies, Music, Anime, Softwares, E-book, Games, Adult. These categories are the main categories; there are also sub-categories that categorize things into different places and overall forms the hierarchal structure of the torrent site.

So, what are the Top 4 Best Torrent Sites for Serious Downloading?


Most torrent sites are a generalist in nature but some of the torrent sites I selected some have a specialty in certain areas that means they focus more on specific categories like movies or T.V Series for example.


1. ExtraTorrent

I selected because they are old and reliable and are generalists in nature which means they have everything for you to download, but when you have everything, you would not be focused on the specific thing you want to download.

You find yourself getting distracted along the way, downloading other torrent files that you don’t need and in some other instances you get to discover some very useful torrents that you need.



2. EzTv

I selected for only one reason – T.V Series! You can get every and all T.V series from this torrent site. TV Packs which are full T.V series are available from the very first season.

I remember when I first stumbled on this site, I came across a TV series I haven’t even heard of and believe me when I say I watch a lot of TV series.


3. 1337x

This is also an excellent all-around torrent site. I recently started using them after the fall of the great KickAssTorrent, and they have been perfect, reliable and consistent with their torrent uploads. Try them out


4. Yify-torrent

Now, this torrent sites specializes in Movies only! Yify formatted and encoded movies and these movies in questions are usually in very high quality with standard and not to massive file size. Here you can find the latest videos you want to download in the best quality available for that time.



I have been torrenting for years safely without being caught and because I use safe 3rd party torrent services like, & Read my articles on safe torrenting below:

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