Super Ultrawide Monitor – 5 Top Picks in 2022

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A Super ultrawide monitor may look like overkill but for someone who wants to take his gaming or creativity to the next level then it is a vital tool. The extra screen real estate you get will enable you to get a wider view and every extra detail while gaming or editing contents. Today we are going to be talking about the best super ultrawide monitors that are available right now. 

The best super ultrawide monitor is the Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor. This monitor is feature-packed and there only a few ultrawide monitors that can come close. When it comes to displaying technologies only LG can come close to Samsung and with the G9 gaming monitor Samsung went all out. 

This article will guide you in case you want to change your small monitor to a bigger one. We will also point out things you need to consider before buying one.

There are a lot of options when it comes to big-sized monitors and they come at different prices. While the Samsung Odyssey G9 is very expensive there are some large monitors that will be listed here that cost a little less. Brands like Gigabyte, Acer, and LG also make some great monitors for gaming.

Best Overall

Also Good

Generally, an ultrawide monitor is much more suited for gaming but these days we see people who are into another type of content creation using ultrawide monitors. One of the major reasons is because with an ultrawide display you will be at the center of whatever you are doing without the stress of panning your head always. 

Having a big monitor will also improve your workflow in terms of speed and quality which is important. With an ultrawide monitor, you can separate your display into two and so many other things you can do with it.

An ultrawide display is like fitting two 27-inch monitors together most of the time people often but getting an ultrawide monitor is better. Some people do that because they can’t afford a bigger screen which is understandable. However, the experience is not as immersive as owning a super ultrawide display. 

With a single monitor, cable management will be more efficient and it will take less space in the case to set up. Installing a single monitor will also be less stressful than joining up two. Without wasting time let’s list out the best super ultrawide monitors available right now.

Buying the right ultrawide gaming monitor is not as easy because you will invest a large amount of money and it is only better if you purchase the right one. If you read this article extensively then you will find the best one that will fit your budget.

There will also be FAQs and other important things you need to know before buying a monitor. Buying one of the listed monitors below will improve your overall content creation or gaming. Investing in a monitor might cost a lot but it is a worthy investment in the end.

1. Samsung Odyssey G9

This is Samsung’s top of the line monitor and It has a big screen at 49 inch it is curved and also slim. It comes with 1440p by 5120 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio. 

The color this monitor display will satisfy most gamers and content creators that wish to spend as much to get the best. It comes in at around $1877 and it is really pricey but for anyone who wants to take their craft to the next level it is totally worth considering. 

The back has a smooth white finish and there is a V shaped stand that can be used to change the height of the monitor. We also have a V shaped base that allows the monitor sits comfortably on a desk.

Best Overall

Samsung Odyssey G9

There is a ring of RGB lights that looks like a turbine when in action it comes with 52 colors and five lightning effects you can access that using the on-screen display system the monitor comes with.

Samsung calls it the “Infinity Core” lightning system. the display has a small bezel at the bottom with a Samsung logo at the center.

The display is super thin and amazing how such a big monitor comes with such a display design. It comes with a QLED panel with a 1000R curve this will encompass your field of view and you won’t have to do too much panning with your head. We have a 240Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync in case you need adaptive sync. 

When at full brightness you can get almost 800nits of brightness and the color reproduction is simply amazing especially for video contents. It has a very wide color gamut due to its size you can also tweak the color gamut if you like. Samsung also offers you a one-year warranty in case there is any display issue after you purchase the monitor. 

When it comes to gaming the 240Hz does a nice job especially when you are playing action-packed games. The adaptive sync also does a good job when displaying frame rates that exceed the monitor inbuilt refresh rate. This monitor is awesome in many ways and if you have the cash to spend it will be an investment your won’t regret. 

On amazon, there are various price changes and there are times when you can pick up this for as low as $1450 if you keep an eye on the links we will provide here then you will get the latest price. This can replace three monitors in case you are into that. It is good to buy from sources that have easy return policies in case you get one with a faulty display. 

Overall this is the best display that money can buy right now and it is worth every dime spent to purchase it.



2. ASUS ROG Strix XG43VQ

This is another amazing super ultrawide monitor by ASUS the brand is known for making lots of superb monitors at affordable prices. The ASUS ROG Strix costs at least $1005 on amazon and there are times when you can be able to get a price drop. It is cheaper than the Samsung Odyssey G9 because the specs here are not the same. 

The design here is simple and minimal you don’t that those flashing RGB lights as we get on most wide monitors like this. We have some bezels all around but the one on the bottom that has the ASUS logo is thicker. We have a very strong stand holding the 43inch monitor you can also use the stand for cable management. 

Display resolution here is 3840 by 1200 it also has 10 bits brightness which is great.



The monitor is well built and durable it is very sturdy even though it is made out of plastic. Weight distribution across the panel is awesome and the stand is made of metal it allows for smooth tilts and swivels if you want to. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 display port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, one USB 3.0 upstream, and two USB 3.0 upstream.

When it comes to color accuracy the monitor does an amazing job especially when playing games or editing some high graphic contents. It has a 120Hz refresh rate that is enough to give you an immersive experience while gaming. When it comes to viewing angles, the display is curved so no matter what angle you are looking at it from you will see clearly. 

Using this monitor you won’t miss any bit of detail while gaming or editing content. The monitor also has adaptive sync technology that works really well. This monitor exceeds all expectations in the areas of gaming and the 120Hz works surprisingly well even though we have a very big display here. 

If you are in search of an ultrawide monitor and your budget is around a thousand dollars then I highly recommend you check this out. It is simply the best monitor you can get within the price category that ticks the most important boxes. The response time is around 1 millisecond which means this monitor is quite responsive to touch. 

The color Garmut can be tweaked to your taste and that way you can even improve colors to a certain level. This list won’t be complete without us listing one of the most affordable wide monitors in the market right now.




This monitor by AOC is one of the best values for money ultrawide monitor for gaming and it checks most of the boxes you will need from a monitor. We have a 49inch monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 5120 x 1440. 

The monitor also has a 120HZ refresh rate which is expected at this price range. When the brightness is maxed out it can get up to 600 nits of brightness which is quite okay. The price starts from $1000 up to $1300 depending on the time you are making a purchase.

Also Good


With this monitor you have two 27-inch monitors joined together and you don’t have to worry about the crease in the middle here. The monitor has an 1800mm curve which allows you to get an immersive experience while using it. It puts you at the center stage while gaming or editing media files.

We have some relatively thin bezels on the edges and at the bottom bezel, we have the AGON logo. There are some on-screen display controls you can do and they include light controls and other things. It is not easy to get your hand there and that’s why they included a remote controller inside the box of the monitor. 

The remote controller has buttons that allow you to control brightness, volume, gaming as well as input selection. We have a unique stand here that is made out of aluminum you can tilt the monitor or even adjust the height. You can also decide to use an aftermarket stand or bracket arm the monitor has a 100mm Vesa log pattern at the back. the monitor does not feature any RGB lights in any way and I don’t think it should be a deal-breaker. 

When it comes to ports we have a 3.5mm headphone jack, two HDMI ports, two 1.4 display ports, a USB C jack, and finally four downstream ports. when it comes to color accuracy the color you get here are awesome and precise you can also do some tweaking to make it suit your taste. When playing games, the colors you get are okay especially when paired with a high refresh rate it makes the overall gameplay even smoother. 

For editing images and videos especially in FHD you get to see the sharpness of the content you are editing. The monitor has 1 milliseconds responsiveness which means there almost zero lag between pressing a button and the monitor picking up the command. To call up the settings of the display it is better to use the remote control. 

The AGON curved gaming monitor is no doubt an awesome ultrawide monitor that will match the gaming needs of anyone who loves a big screen. The experience you will get with this monitor can only be matched by few monitors out there.



4. LG 34WN80C

When it comes to making great display panels LG is the only brand that rivals Samsung and the LG 34WN80C is no doubt an exceptional monitor. If you are a photo or video editor then don’t this monitor is going to be what you need on this list. 

It is an IPS LCD panel and color accuracy is top-notch here going all out for a 49-inch display might look like overkill. This monitor is sized at 34 inches with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and an aspect ratio of 21:9.

The monitor is priced below $600 which is reasonable considering the features it comes with. When the brightness is maxed out you get 300 nits of brightness there are some monitors that give you more brightness at this price point but the image quality is what separates them from this monitor.

Budget Pick

LG 34WN80C

Regardless of the angle, you are looking at this monitor from the colors stay consistent, vibrant, and sharp across the entire display. The pixel density here is around 110 pixel per inch which means you don’t need any scaling. 

When it comes to design the screen has a curve of 1800R which makes the viewing experience awesome because the edges of the display will be much closer to you.

The stand is sturdy and it offers you the chance to tilt or adjust the monitor to your preferred height or position. We have similar edges across the edges of the monitor and at the bottom, we have the LG logo. There is an anti-glare screen coating that prevents reflections on the display. 

The display comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and it might be a deal-breaker but the color accuracy is the major reason why we listed it here. Not suggesting it for gaming but rather for image/video editing. For ports we have a display port 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, two downstream USB 3.0 ports, and a USB type C port with up to 60W power delivery. 

Although the monitor was not built for gaming video games will look great because of the resolution. You can even up the refresh rate to 75Hz for better clarity. It has a response time of 5 milliseconds and an input lag delay of 10ms which is significantly okay. There are some on screen controls you can do with the monitor that allows you to adjust some settings on the monitor. 

It also supports HDR and can also display HDR10 signals but that is more of a gimmick. If you are in search of a super ultrawide monitor that will enhance and boost your video and image editing game to the next level then this monitor by LG will surely get the job done.



5. Sceptre 35-inch Curved Ultrawide (C355W – 3440UN)

This monitor by Sceptre is one of the most affordable ultrawide monitors you can get coming in at just $430 which is fair. The monitor has a ton of features that include a 21:9 aspect ratio, 100Hz refresh rate, high resolution and it is also G-sync compatible. 

It has a 1800R curvature which is enough to keep your eye in the middle no matter what angle you are viewing from. The design of the monitor looks cool instead of the aggressive look we get from monitors in this category.


Sceptre 35-inch Curved Ultrawide (C355W – 3440UN)

There is this illuminated star at the back of the monitor that tries to give it a gamer feel. We have really small bezels on the edges of the display except for the bottom bezel that has the Spectre logo slapped on it. We have a plastic build here and the V-shaped stand only allows you to tilt the display you can’t adjust the height which can be a problem for some people.

In case you want to mount it on a wall there is a 100mm VESA that will allow it to sit well on the wall. When it comes to performance the monitor can be used for office work, image or video editing, or even gaming. The resolution here is 3440 x 1440 this allows the monitor to display super contrast colors and vivid images this is also coupled with the 100Hz refresh rate. 

For gamers, the adaptive sync is very important and I am glad this budget ultrawide monitor comes with that feature. For casual gaming, this monitor is a champ if you are into content creation it will serve you well also. The monitor has two 1.4 HDMI ports, one 2.0 HDMI port, a single display port, and a USB port. there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and two speakers it also weighs 15 pounds. 

No doubt the price of this monitor is one of the biggest factors that should make you consider buying this. It also has an anti-glare coating on the screen which allows you to play games or work in very bright environments without any reflections coming from the display. There are five buttons on the right-hand side of the lower bezels that allows you to adjust the display settings. 

The monitor has an input lag of 9ms and a response time of 4ms which is impressive. If you want a super ultrawide monitor without breaking the bank then you should consider checking this monitor.

How to Choose the Right Super Ultrawide Monitor

Key Features to Consider Before you Purchase a Super Ultrawide Monitor.

Built-in Accessories

Most ultrawide monitors come in with different features and since they cost a lot of money you should make sure you buy one that is feature packed. There are some that even come with built in webcams, speakers, and the necessary USB ports. 

Type C is becoming the new order of the day so you should make sure you get one that has a USB type C port. a super ultrawide monitor already cost too much and it should come with features that will not allow you to spend money buying speakers or any other external accessories. This alone is one of the major differences between an ultrawide monitor and a regular monitor.

Field of View

This is one of the major reasons why people normally buy a super ultrawide monitor. You get an immersive viewing experience especially because they are mostly curved and they encompass your entire eye. 

They keep you in the middle of whatever you are doing and they also offer you the option to split the screen into two without worrying about any crease in the middle like when you join two monitors. 

It is more consistent while gaming because the refresh rates will be the same throughout and you will get a higher quality auxiliary vision. Having many screens open at the same time will boost your level of productivity.

Immersive Experience

Using a super ultrawide screen will take your level of immersion to the next level with a large curved display. Your overall viewing experience will change because you will be able to get your eye on the tiniest bit of detail while gaming or editing content. 

Gaming sessions will become more realistic and ergonomic and that is the wish of every pro gamer. This type of monitor will give you a high-definition vision for all your creative works. What you will get with an ultrawide monitor is far ahead of what you get with regular monitors the difference is wide apart.

Multiple Screens

With the 49-inch screen of the Samsung Odyssey G9, you are getting two 27-inch monitors. Imagine what you will get if two 27-inch monitors are merged together. You can display more than on-screen at once which is awesome for quicker workflow. 

The ability to multitask begins with these types of monitors. While doing all this the monitor will maintain the highest resolution and refresh rate possible. Imagine playing your favorite game and still surfing your favorite web page simultaneously how will that feel. This one of the reasons why people go all out to get super ultra-wide gaming monitors.

Super Ultrawide Monitors FAQs

This FAQ outlines criteria for finding the super ultrawide monitors, the cost can be weighed as well as the features it provides.

Which is the Best 49-inch Super Ultrawide Monitor?

The best 49-inch ultrawide monitor is the Samsung odyssey G9 this is because it has some features that other monitors of the same size don’t have. If you want to come from a budget side the ASUS ROG Strix will be enough for you. 

However, when it comes to the best super-sized monitor then you have to consider your budget before deciding on which to buy. The more money you spend the better features you get. There are some budget monitors that will give you amazing performance and value for money.

Which type of Panel is Best for an Ultrawide Monitor?

There are different types of panels used on the ultrawide monitors and they include VA, IPS, and OLED. When it comes to the display game Samsung and LG make the best displays in the market. But on a super ultrawide monitor, you need a VA panel in order to get better images and a crisper display.

 Both the QLED and IPS panels also display bright colors but the VA is always better. It has the longest response time among the three-panel types. When it comes to general usage all the panels perform well but the VA is ahead because of better color representation.

Which Ultrawide Monitor is Best for Professional Gaming?

In my opinion, any monitor that has a high resolution and at least over 120Hz refresh rate is suitable for pro gaming. There is also what we call Gsync or adaptive sync that tends to crank up the refresh rate according to the type of game you are playing. If you are a gamer looking for high resolution is very important because most games this day support at least 4K resolution. 

The higher resolution and refresh rate make you feel as if you are inside the game. It gives a smooth and refreshing feeling during gameplay. Make sure you consider these options before making a purchase especially if you are a gamer. There are some ultrawide monitors that support gaming mode this will give you some additional features.

Can Two Laptops be Connected to an Ultrawide Monitor?

Most of the ultrawide monitors come with a special feature that allows them to support dual-screen mode so connecting two laptops won’t be a problem. Normally even without connecting two laptops, you should be able to separate your monitor’s screen into two. A 49-inch display is like merging two 27-inch laptops without the crease in the middle.

How Many ports should an ultrawide monitor come with?

Well, it should come with at least two or three HDMI ports, a display port, a headphone jack, a camcorder, a USB type C port to mention the most important ones. All these ports play an important role in giving you an immersive experience. 

The USB type C is used by most brands when they are releasing new products and anyone buying a monitor of $1000 should have a gadget with USB type C ports. Some of the monitors in this category even go as far as offering you loudspeakers.


Although all super ultrawide monitors are supposed to be for gaming some brands make affordable ones that can be used for editing images and videos. Monitors like the LG 34WN are a great example of awesome monitors that will take video editing to the next level. Some come with USB C ports that make them compatible with your MAC. 

It totally depends on what you want to do before buying an ultrawide monitor If not buying some can lead to a waste of resources. All the monitors we recommended here are the best and we considered some important things like price and features before listing the monitors above. There is no doubt that super ultrawide monitors have their shortcomings but the importance is more than the shortcoming. 

You should carefully read through this article before completely diving into the world of ultrawide gaming monitors. What we have here are what we think are the best monitors that are widely available right now. Before buying any of the monitors listed above make sure you buy from a seller that has a return policy. 

Check and be sure that they have some sort of warranty in case there are problems during the early days of purchase.

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