How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates in 2020

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How to stop Windows 10 automatic updates in 2020 is an essential guide for everyone most especially those individuals with a metered internet connection which means your internet connection has a limit, it is not unlimited.

Windows 10 automatic updates are naturally good for you because they bring security updates which helps protect the user’s computer against old and new virus threats BUT! Downloading windows update option should be the decision of the user, not Microsoft.

UPDATE 2020: This method still works on the latest Windows 10 versions and you can still Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates.

Windows 7 comes with that option which enabled users to select which windows updates should be downloaded and installed, but when making Windows 10, Microsoft hid this option that granted we the users access to say YES or NO to which windows updates we want to download & install.

Now when you install Windows 10, Microsoft automatically forces you to download updates automatically which uses up the limited/metered internet connection you have, and this problem is already a reality.

A lot of people have stopped connecting their laptops or computers to the internet because they know that once they do windows would automatically download all the update you missed for the last two years which could end up draining your internet data and this has happened to me over and over again till I said NO! NEVER AGAIN!

Now, I still receive updates, but I have the power to say YES or NO. I choose what updates I want to download or if at all I want to download any.

So now! Do you want to learn how to stop windows automatic updates?

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

9 Steps on How to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Step 1.

Press the Windows Key to bring out the start menu, start typing “Group Policy.”

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates


Step 2.

Click on the “Edit group policy.” The Local Group Policy Editor opens.

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Step 3.

Click on “Computer Configuration.”

Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Step 4.

Click on “Administrative Templates.”

Step 5.

Click on “Windows Components.”

Step 6.

Scroll down, find and click “Windows Update.” to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates.

Step 7.

Locate and double-click on “Configure Automatic Updates.” You are one step to Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates on your computer.

Step 8.

Ok, this is the main page where you change the way Windows updates are performed on your computer. Under Configure automatic updating: Select No. 2 – Notify for download and auto-install. Make sure you select “Enabled” then click Apply then OK.

Step 9.

Now, you have learned how to stop Windows 10 automatic updates and what this means is you can freely connect your phone’s internet to your laptop via WiFi Hotspot or use your limited/metered internet data without fear of Windows automatically downloading updates in the background.

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