Retro Tech: How Classic Video Games Have Paved The Way For Modern Gaming

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While most of us love living in the here and now where gaming is concerned, it’s always interesting to look at how far it has come over the years. Technology has advanced at an extremely impressive rate and this has had a big impact on modern gaming, but classic video games did pave the way in many respects for what we have come to know and love today.

We’ve gone from simple and pixelated visuals to 4K gaming and from joysticks to wireless pads but the foundations that were laid are the bedrock of the success experienced now.

retro tech classic games

The first thing to note is that a lot of classic games have been built on and evolved over the years that has seen them stay successful in an ever-changing technological world. Using Super Mario as an example, Super Mario games are still as popular today as they were many years ago. They’ve all been built on the original idea of a simple platform title where Super Mario must overcome foes while avoiding obstacles along the way.

The same could be said about The Legend of Zelda game series too. The Legend of Zelda is a game which brings together elements of an RPG, open world exploration, battling and puzzles superbly, making it one of the most unique styles of games ever made. There are numerous Zelda titles that have collected top marks from reviewers, with a couple featuring in most people’s top games of all-time lists. However, the series wouldn’t have enjoyed the success it has done if the foundations hadn’t been put in place many years ago.

There’s also a trend nowadays for game developers to create that retro vibe with a modern-day twist. mFortune is one of the biggest names in mobile game development right now and their app Fruit Machine is a prime example of how modern meets retro can enjoy great success. Slots are all the rage right now, often playing more like video games, but Fruit Machine by mFortune takes on the traditional fruit machine look, the place where modern day slots evolved from.

You could also suggest that modern day gaming today actually includes retro gaming too, with many audiences keen to enjoy the nostalgia of playing the games that were around when they were younger. While many of today’s younger gamers will have been born into a world of next-gen consoles and HD graphics, a lot of them weren’t, and now we’re seeing retro consoles and games become increasingly popular with gamers all around the world.

Many games which paved the way for modern gaming can be played online in web browsers too, making them the perfect cure for boredom or those spare few minutes at work. These games include classics such as Pong and Space Invaders, which have continued to be a hit with players of all ages due to their simplicity and addictiveness.

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