6 Important Website Design Features for Successful E-commerce

Successful e-commerce essential tips. Today we will tell you what should be the design of the online site store. It is not only about beauty – how to use design to motivate the buyer to make an order and make it easier for him to find the site.

6 Vital Design Features to build a Successful E-Commerce Website

What are the six crucial website design features needed to build a successful e-commerce website?

1. Convenience for the visitor

How much will the user buy if he goes to an inconvenient site? Now in the UX/UI trend design, which is designed to make life easier for the client and smoothly lead him to the most important thing – the purchase or other target action (leave contact details, register, etc.).

To do this, the designer should think through all the details: a clear menu, convenient product categories, unbroken links, a noticeable basket, bright order buttons. Everything should be logical, follow one another, so that the user does not rush on the site frightened squirrel, and went to the pages and eventually reached the main one.

For example, from the menu – to the product card, from there – to the basket, from there – back to the site. All this should be as natural as possible and not cause the user the slightest difficulty. For this purpose, maps of routes on the website are made, various options are tested and, as a result, the most optimal one is chosen.

2. Beauty and severity

It has long been out of fashion screaming colours, fancy fonts, dense space – new sites are stylish and elegant. Plenty of air, no more than three colours on the page, bright tones and shades of colour, simple, clear fonts, convenient typography – that’s what distinguishes the sites that sell.

It is necessary to ensure that the buyer sees the forest behind the trees: so that users and selling information is not lost on the screaming design.

3. Corporate style

If you want to line up from competitors – the development of identity (corporate identity) – a must-have condition, so you stand out from the grey mass of online stores, the user will remember you. The concept of corporate identity includes a trademark, logo, slogan, fonts and colours.

4. Professional photos

If you have an online store of products and goods that you produce – there is nothing to think about: conduct a subject shooting and use these photos in the future. But what if it’s a big store that sells different brands of goods?

You will not get off with a photoshoot here: you need to contact manufacturers and suppliers and ask them to send you high-quality photos of the goods. In no case do not take stock photos: visitors do not have confidence in these. Live images, revealing the essence of the product – that’s what you need.

5. Visualisation

The user is not interested in reading sheets of text. Online store – this is not a news site and not a book. All he wants – calmly choose the product and buy it. Consequently, you need to simplify everything you can.

For this purpose, the design of the online store actively uses icons and pictures – they successfully replace the text. For example, instead of telling you for a long time that this product can be shared in social networks, it is better to screw on the icons of these very social networks.

Instead of giving instructions on how to enlarge the image for a more detailed view, use the magnifying glass icon. Instead of the word “basket”, draw a recognizable basket – believe me, this will be enough. But Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2 would be useful if you need to make the basket more informative.

6. Interesting tips

Web design, as well as any other direction, develops in seven-mile steps. In the 2019-2020, various effects became fashionable. They are most often used on websites and landings, but who said that online stores should be left behind?

Use animation – moving elements, 3D-image effect, gradients of all shades, shadows to give volume, Parallax effect – when the images on the site “live” as if in two different dimensions and move at different speeds and others. Here is an example of volumetric photos relevant to the online store of women’s clothing.