My NTEL 4G Complaint

I logged on to NTEL self care center and finally filed my NTEL 4G Complaint.

This is total rubbish. I paid N12,500 for unlimited one month and I am sure I haven’t triggered any fair usage policy because I haven’t used up to 20GB. The speed i’m getting is not 4G LTE-A and I own a blog There has already been controversy about Ntel and there fake unlimited plans with throttled speed. This is not a complaint to make you increase my speed. It is a notice that I would stop doing business with Ntel 4G LTE A company and also my blod followers too.
I am switching back to Spectranet, at least I know by 1-7 AM i would schedule my downloads.

4 thoughts on “My NTEL 4G Complaint

    • Right now, they all plans below N12,500 is slow because when you check their site they would say these plans are subjected to terms and conditions. They have a new set of unlimited plans called NTEL UNLIMITED XL starting at 22,500 per month and no terms and conditions applies to this plan meaning you should get fast speed with this.

  1. Good morning
    I am a new subscriber and have registered with my line, credited with 12GB and activated, however I could not see signal.

    • Sorry, I have stopped using NTEL 4G. Contact their customer support or go to where you bought it to get a refund.
      I don’t know if they have a return policy.

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