MacX Video Converter Pro Review (Fastest 4K Video Processing Tool)

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In the course of reviewing the MacX Video Converter Pro, we discovered that this tool is the No. 1 fastest 4K video processing tool to convert 4K videos, compress video size, edit video and download YouTube videos on Mac. First and only program applying level-3 hardware acceleration tech.

The aim of this review is to ensure my readers that MacX is the fastest 4K video processing tool that enables you to convert, resize and edit 4K videos without lag or any incompatibility issues.

4K videos files are normally large and usually take an extremely long amount of time to edit and render with you don’t have to worry about all that when using the MacX Video Converter Pro.

What is Hardware Acceleration technology?

This is the use of computer hardware to perform some functions making it faster and more efficient than running with software alone.

How does Level-3 Hardware Acceleration make 4K video processing faster?

Hardware acceleration improves video processing speed via offloading compute-intensive tasks to GPU instead of the general-purpose CPU.

4K video processing

Common Problems regarding 4K Video Processing

  1. The sheer size of a recorded 4K video is so large, only one video can take up your entire phone memory but people want to see 4K videos as it’s currently the industry’s standards for best quality and widely used for video streaming.
  2. Not all video editing supports 4K video resolution and sadly not all can handle it.
  3. Raw videos shoot in 4K resolution can’t be easily shared on YouTube because of file size limit, so editing is required to cut, convert and reduce the size of the video.
  4. All these problems simply slow down your work as a YouTuber or video editor, therefore you need a solution like ASAP because that’s why you are reading this article.

Do you want a solution to all your 4K video processing problems?

Introducing MacX Video Converter Pro (Fastest 4K Video Processing Tool)

MacX helps you edit mac videos and compress 4K videos by using 4K video processing features like video compression and conversion, parameter adjustment which helps you get the fastest 4K conversion speed possible which is done using level-3 hardware acceleration tech.

Other bonus features include a powerful video downloader and video recorder which both records and download videos in 4K resolution and other resolutions are also supported.

One of the best highlights of MacX Video Converter Pro is its smooth video conversion which converts 4K resolution to FHD resolution, you can also convert to H.265/HEVC formats which reduces your 4K video file size by 50% while still maintaining video quality thanks to lossless compression technology.

MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro Main Features

  1. Process 4K videos at the fastest speed
  2. Compress large-sized 4K videos to 1080P, 720P, H.265/HEVC to save storage space
  3. Convert 4K, HD videos recorded by iPhone, Camera, GoPro to MP4, MOV and 200+ formats to compatible with all video editors and players.
  4. Convert 4K HD videos to make them compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, etc.
  5. Adjusting video frame rate, bit rate, codec and more parameters
  6. Edit 4K videos, trim, merge, crop, add watermark and subtitle
  7. Fastest video processing speed supported by unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech (Hardware Encoding, Hardware Decoding & Hardware processing).
  8. Lossless output video quality ensured by high-quality engine and Deinterlacing tech.
  9. Download 4K, HD videos from YouTube and 300+ sites
  10. Record Mac screen and shot videos with Mac’s built-in camera

Why is MacX Video Converter Pro the Fastest 4K Video Processing Tool?

MacX Video Converter Pro vs HandBrake for Mac



MacX Video Converter ProHandBrake for Mac
Level-3 Hardware Accelerationenableddisabled doesn’t support
Time4mins 5secs20mins33mins 5secs
Avg fps1505618
Result5X faster5X slower8X slower
Output Video Qualitylosslesslosslessslightly blurry
Input: 4K MKV (AVC Codec), 22m33s, 2.5GB, 3840*2160 recorded by iPhone     Output: MP4 (H.264 Codec)

Note: MacX adopts the High-Quality Engine, Deinterlacing tech and Auto Copy Mode to ensure the original output video quality.

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We discovered that this tool is the No.1 fastest 4K video processing tool to convert 4K videos, compress video size, edit & download YouTube videos on Mac.

Give MacX Video Converter Pro a trial today.

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