MacX MediaTrans – Best Way to Sync iPhone Photos, Videos & Music with Mac/PC (Giveaway)

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One of the biggest problems iPhone users face is storage issues and that’s because they don’t have enough free space on their smartphones due to having too many pictures, videos and music on their iPhones so they basically have 3 ways of solving this problem;

  1. Buy another iPhone with a higher storage memory like 256GB (Most expensive solution)
  2. Delete your precious memorable pictures, videos and music. (Very heartbreaking solution)
  3. Transfer your iPhone photos, videos and music to your Macbook or PC for safekeeping (Best Solution)

The best solution to any iPhone storage problem is to transfer your photos, music, videos and other files to either your Macbook, iMac or PC which creates a backup for your files.

Importance of an iPhone Backup

iPhone backup is so important to you because you can now carefully decide on what files you want to delete when it’s time to free up some space on your iPhone because you know you can always get it back from your PC.

  • Daily backups You never lose a photo, music or video.
  • Cleaning iPhone Storage You can delete your large files because you know you have them safe somewhere else.
  • Upgrading to a better iPhone – When it’s time to get that new and better iPhone, you don’t need to worry about your files, just create a recent backup and move your files into the new iPhone.
  • New iOS Update – Some iOS update can wipe your storage clean so it’s best to always backup your files before updating.

I know you must be thinking of iTunes right about now but No. iTunes is not the perfect tool to transfer photo from iPhone to Mac because of its drawbacks.

macx mediatrans

Introducing MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans is the best iTunes alternative that will help you transfer photos, videos, music and other files between your iPhone/iPad and computer without iTunes. With Macx MediaTrans/iPhone transfer, you can create your iPhone backup which is the best solution for managing your iPhone storage and transfer music from Mac to iPhone.

For Window users, you can use the Winx Media Trans software which supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Benefits of using MacX MediaTrans as an iTunes alternative

You need to know the benefits of using Macx MediaTrans over iTunes or as an iTunes alternative.

  • MacX MediaTrans is easier to use than iTunes with the clean, extremely easy and straight to the point user interface.
  • It offers you instant backup speed for all your files even if you have 4k videos.
  • You get a stable transfer process with no backup error.
  • State of the art two-way transfer process which means you can transfer from your iPhone to Mac and Mac to iPhone seamlessly.
  • You can transfer any file you want at any time without wasting time waiting for all your files to sync before transferring.
  • MacX MediaTrans allows you to transfer popular video formats, unlike iTunes.
  • You get an auto compression and auto conversion system when you use MacX which saves you space and makes all videos compatible with your iPhone/iPad.
  • You can transfer non-iTunes music files to your iPhone.
  • Using MacX MediaTrans, you can turn your iPhone to an external hard drive, create custom ringtones and encrypt your files.

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MacX MediaTrans – Best iTunes Alternative to Backup Your iPhone Data Video


MacX MediaTrans is a much easier software to use for your iPhone backups or iPhone transfer because you can run as many backups as you want, backup whatever you feel is important to you and you are not constrained by iTunes and their strict backup or transfer policy.

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