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Buy New Console Technologies like PlayStation Sony VR Headsets, Xbox One Kinect and other new console technologies.

New Console Technologies

The console technologies market is developing incredibly fast nowadays, and there are such tiny improvements as new Xbox One Kinect and such big breakouts able to turn the game industry upside down as the new Sony VR headset. And we’ll trace all of them today in this article. So go and get yourself a cup of tea, relax and enjoy. Let’s go.

Virtual Reality sony vr

Virtual reality is finally here, but until recently it was confined to the world of PC hardware, with consoles left behind.

With the average PC packing a lot more power than the average console, we were worried VR might never come to consoles, at least not in a way that was meaningful.

Fortunately now that’s going to change with the introduction of PlayStation VR from Sony, a very capable and comparatively affordable headset that could just be the introduction to the world of VR that we’ve all been waiting for. vrIt has its problems – the most notable of which is the fact that you’ll need to buy a PlayStation Camera if you don’t already own one, and then shell out for PlayStation Move Controllers on top of that to get the full experience – a large PlayStation VR proves that not only is console VR viable, but it’s actually enjoyable, too.

VR existed in one form or another for decades, but the modern version of the technology is more immerse and less nausea-inducing than it’s ever been. In more or less words, virtual reality is just that – a virtual world that gives you the experience of being somewhere else in a different time, at a different place, sometimes as far as an alien world, all without ever leaving your home.

And yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds.

If you want to be specific about it, PlayStation VR can handle 1080p games on its 920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display at either 90Hz (meaning that the image refreshes itself 90 times per second) or at 120Hz depending on the VR game or application.

VR Headsets are part of  the New Console Technologies.

Xbox One Kinect xbox one kinectDespite the fact Microsoft haven’t got their own VR headset for their consoles, they also have something to offer. Meet the Xbox One Kinect.
Here we would be pleased to call new Kinect the breakout, but the fact is that it’s the old Kinect with built-in Cortana-Microsoft copy of Apple’s Siri, featuring code phrase “hey Cortana”, ability to discover tomorrow’s weather, decrease and increase the volume.  And more to add, in most of the cases you gonna have to repeat three or four times until… Until Cortana finally hears you? Nope, until you give up and take the controller. That’s what Microsoft considered as the next-gen technologies we guess. Console
Custom controllers (both for PS and XBox, but mainly for XBox) xbox one padAlso one of the most interesting trends in console gaming is lots of custom controllers from such third-party companies as Razor and ColorWare, producing PS4- and Xbox-compatible gamepads. It all comes back to the 2011, when Razer introduced Razer Onza-first customisable controller for any console.You could map the trigger buttons and replace buttons as you want, not just buy DualShock or Microsoft controller and play as you can, without any other xbox pad
Nowadays it’s hard to use the word “innovation” describing customizable gamepads, but it was the beginning of new console era, and console industry wouldn’t be the same without such adventurous improvements. Xbox One Kinects are also part of the New Console Technologies.

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