6 Attractive Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Text Messages

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6 Attractive Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Text Messages. These days relationships have become quite uncertain. You never know what your boyfriend is doing at your back. Fear of being cheated is always carried, so rather than staying stressed about your boyfriend’s activities, it’s better to find out what he is up to.

There are multiple spying apps available in the market which will allow you to spy on boyfriend’s phone text messages without touching it, accurately track your boyfriend’s phone, and read all his text messages and more. This article has a list of 6 cool spying apps to help you track your boyfriend’s activities. 

Part 1: Spyier’s Idea to Catch Your Cheater Boyfriend

When it comes to keeping surveillance on your boyfriend’s phone activities, Spyier is certainly the best solution. This is a secured app, which can be relied on for stealth mode spying. The app is highly reputed across 190 countries in the world, thanks to its millions of customers.  


The app is functional on both iOS and Android devices and offers way more options than just tracking text messages of your boyfriend. You would be pleased to know that the app has been featured over a dozen tech platforms. Some of these tech platforms include Forbes, Tech Radar, Tom’s Guide, and more.

Spyier’s Stealth Mode Working

The stealth mode working of Spyier reflects that your boyfriend will not be able to detect if he has been spied on. As the app is functional on both the operating systems, you will have to follow separate criteria of setting up on both.


Even if you are not a tech expert, this app will help you get all the data through its intuitive interface. It has an automated interface, which allows you to configure your boyfriend’s phone easily. Take a look at some of the interesting features, which makes Spyier the best app to hack your boyfriend’s phone.

1. Web-based Interface: Spyier has a web-based interface, which reflects that you will automatically receive all the information on your device. You can use a PC or your mobile phone to access Spyier’s website and then can log in from any browser to access information.

2. Jailbreak and Root Free: One of the most interesting features is that you won’t need to do any root or jailbreak for getting Spyier synced with your boyfriend’s phone.

3. Maintains Privacy: Another amusing aspect of Spyier is that the app doesn’t store any of your devices or your boyfriend’s device’s information on its server. This makes the function even more feasible for you.

4. Long List Of Features: The app has a very long list of features, that allow you to check not just text messages, but also their social media, calls, and search history as well. These features also include a keylogger function, which allows you to check all the strokes made by your boyfriend on his phone.

Spyier also offers a demo, which will help you understand why it is the best and easiest solution. 

What You Can See On Your Boyfriend’s Phone Through Spyier

Well, there are multiple features, which you can enjoy through Spyier. From tracking current location to keeping a check on their call logs, you have great opportunities to check your boyfriend’s activities. 


Although, you must be wondering which feature you must check to know your boyfriend better. Then hacking his text messages becomes certainly important. Spyier helps you with various options to track your boyfriend’s text messages.

For instance, you can try out the keylogger, which will inform you about all the strokes made by your boyfriend on his device. Next up you can go for Track SMS feature, which helps you know the conversations he is having.

You can check if he is cheating on you by seeking the outgoing and incoming messages along with the ones he has deleted. Spyier’s Track SMS feature allows you to access his media files along with the contacts. So, you know all the details of his messages and check if your relationship is going the right way.  

Part 2: Minspy’s Solution to Make You Stress-Free

Apart from Spyier, you can go on with Minspy, which is another interesting spying solution for tracking your boyfriend’s Android and iOS devices. It is legit spying software that allows you to leverage extensive benefits. Minspy also boasts some of the exclusive features, that help you look into media files, social media activities, and text messages.


It also has an amazing location tracker to keep you posted about your boyfriend’s location. However, a bit of technical expertise is required, as the setup procedure is a little complicated.

Part 3: Spyine “A Simplified Spying Solution”

This is another spying app, which will help you easily track Android phones. The Spyine app is though priorly created for spying over children’s activities, however, they can be used for tracking your boyfriend as well.


It has comparatively fewer features, however, you can stay assured about the process, as it is highly simplified. You can easily operate it without being detected. From all the features available, you can check some for getting the right information about your boyfriend’s activities.

Part 4: Spyic “The Next Best”

After Spyier, スパイリック is the next best solution as it is used by thousands of people. Especially for Android phones, people are highly interested in using Spyic. The app offers an intuitive interface with navigational ease.


You can simply use its amazing features to assess the activities of your boyfriend. By using Spyic, you can certainly get yourself clear with what is happening and ore appropriately, what your boyfriend is up to. 

Part 5: Fami360 – A Solution to Look At

Fami36o, as the name suggests, is a spying app, that has been designed especially for keeping yourself posted about family members. Although, you can use it for spying over your boyfriend as well.


The app has numerous features, which are specifically designed for amateurs. So, if it’s your first time in the spying business, you don’t have to worry, as Fami360 is there to keep your back with its cool spying features. 

Part 6: MobiStealth – Check If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

This is a spying app, which helps you track through all types of devices. You can track Android and iOS, both the devices through this app. There are multiple features, which will help you make spying on your boyfriend quite easier. With no root or jailbreak, it makes spying much easier.

Although, it has a shortcoming, which is the dashboard. The dashboard is too boring and not well presented as well, so yes that should be considered. Otherwise, it should be tried.


Well, these were 6 cool spying solutions that will help you spy on boyfriend’s phone text messages without touching it. You can go for some exciting features, that will enable you to check if your relationship is on track or not. Spying is certainly important because if a relationship has become toxic, it’s better to get out of it, rather than creating trouble for yourself.

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