Is WordPress free with Bluehost?

WordPress highly recommends Bluehost because of how easy it is to integrate both platforms. Bluehost has a special one-click installation feature. As a web hosting company Bluehost offer you a budget-friendly professional website and they have special features that make it easier to host a WordPress website. In this article today, we are going to find out if WordPress is free with Bluehost.

Is WordPress free with Bluehost? WordPress comes with Bluehost for free you only need to pay Bluehost for hosting your website or blog on their platform. WordPress on its own is just web software that doesn’t have a host you need a Bluehost account to get your site up and running. With Bluehost, you will be able to get a domain name for free and extra features that will help put your blog or website in the right direction. WordPress power more than 42 per cent of the entire websites on the internet and this tells you that they are trusted by website owners. WordPress and Bluehost have been partners for over 10 years hence the reason why they always recommend Bluehost.

WordPress and Bluehost are two different things and depending on how you view them they both complement each other. Bluehost is the number one choice for over two million website owners and they are always recommended by

WordPress is open-source software and it gives you the freedom to do a lot of things like modify, build, and even redistribute without paying any amount of money. however, there are certain areas where you have to pay money while using WordPress. This is when you start using some premium themes and plugins on WordPress.

Bluehost comes in to solidify your WordPress website and give it back in terms of security and overall performance. You will get a free SSL certificate and domain name registration with your Bluehost account. It also helps with SEO and other little aspects that mostly works in an automatic way.

How to install WordPress with Bluehost

Installing WordPress on Bluehost is very easy and you will be surprised by how easy it is. Newbies in the world of web hosting might have the opinion that this process is difficult. Bluehost has a feature called the one-click installation for Bluehost and we are going to explain how to install WordPress with Bluehost here. This process wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes you only need a PC and internet connection to start moving your WordPress website to Bluehost.

Bluehost has some WordPress hosting plans and the hosting plans are even officially recommended by WordPress. Open your Bluehost account and select a WordPress plan based on the strength of your website or blog. for example, if you are starting a new blog then the shared WordPress hosting will be okay for you. You just have to scale it up as the traffic of the website increases over time.

Secondly, you will be asked to pick a domain name which is the address where people can find your site on the web. This is where you enter a domain name that you want to use if you already have one. You can also skip this step and come back to it later.

The next step will be to check out and confirm your payment method. You will also have to confirm which hosting plan you wish to use and how long you want it to last. After clicking submit your Bluehost account is now ready up next is installing WordPress.

This is the easiest step of the whole process because installing WordPress is free with Bluehost. There is no technical stuff required just open your Bluehost account and click on my sites tab from the left-hand menu.

On the next screen, click Create site and choose if you want to create your site with content management system or website builder. is what I personally recommend and once you choose you will enter a name and tagline for your site.

This will act as an intro for visitors then you click on the advanced tab and enter your WordPress login details. After that Bluehost will suggest some plugins that you can install if you want. After that, your website is ready to launch.

WordPress Vs Bluehost

Bluehost and WordPress are often compared but they both do different things one is more of a content management system and the other is a hosting platform. For a first-timer building, a blog or website Bluehost and WordPress is the right comparison joining the two will give you a lot of flexibility.

Both platforms are designed with ease of use in mind and whether you are a newbie, professional blogger or freelancer you will find it easy to use both platforms. Here we are going to touch on their difference and similarities.

As someone that has been using both WordPress and Bluehost, I have what it takes to explain the roles they play in creating a solid website. When it comes to performance Bluehost has faster load speeds than WordPress both platforms have similar uptimes but Bluehost is still ahead with a little margin.

When it comes to overall performance you have to give it to Bluehost their service is better than WordPress. Bluehost has an amazing support team and they outperform WordPress in this aspect. In fact, Bluehost has specialized WordPress customer support where they help guide you on how to build your WordPress website.

WordPress is free but you have to pay hosting plan if you want to use Bluehost. There is an added advantage if you pay for a Bluehost plan because you are going to get a domain name and additional security features. With WordPress, you are going to be stuck with their domain name and you might end up paying too much for a domain and other things you will get free with Bluehost.

Related Questions

Can you use WordPress without Bluehost?

Yes, you can decide to use WordPress with other web hosting platforms like Namecheap or GoDaddy. WordPress however seem to work just fine with Bluehost.

Is Bluehost made for only WordPress?

No, you can host other type of website on Bluehost including Wix and Weebly websites. They just have a partnership with WordPress that make them work better together.