Instaheadshots harnesses advanced AI technology to transform casual selfies quickly into professional business headshots. Witness AI works its magic, ensuring your image appears polished and professional-looking, suitable for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Instaheadshots is an AI-powered headshot generator for creating professional headshots.

  • Upgrade your digital presence by transforming simple selfies into polished business AI headshots.

  • Instaheadshots uses advanced AI technology to enhance your image and make it look professional.

  • Save time and money with Instaheadshots instead of hiring a professional photographer for headshots.

How Instaheadshots Works

  • Upload Your Images: Upload a few selfies—12 or more high-quality images. Ensure they are front-facing, with just one person in the frame, and without glasses or hats to get good headshots for your resume.

  • AI Gets to Work: After you upload your selfies and watch, AI begins its work, taking less than 90 minutes. It trains an intelligent model to learn your facial features, replicating professional photography techniques precisely.

  • Get Amazing Headshots: Once the AI model is trained with just a few selfies, you’ll receive over 200 amazing professional headshots. These can elevate your professional presence on any platform or document.

Instaheadshots Key Features & Benefits

Multiple Templates

  • Instaheadshots provides a range of templates for different industries, ensuring your headshot fits your profession’s specific look and feel.

  • You can choose from various poses, backgrounds, and styles to match your brand or company image.

  • Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, or freelancer, there’s a template for everyone.

Customization Options

  • Along with multiple templates, Instaheadshots also offers customization options to make your headshot genuinely unique.

  • You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and other editing features to suit your preferences.

  • Add filters or crop your image to ensure it looks exactly how you want it to.

Time & Cost-Efficient

  • Instaheadshots saves you time and money by eliminating the need for a professional photoshoot.

  • With just a few clicks, you can have multiple high-quality headshots, perfect for updating your LinkedIn profile or website.

  • There is no need to schedule appointments or wait for edited images. Instaheadshots provides quick and efficient results.

Use Cases & Applications

  • Job Seekers: Enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile with Insta headshots to make a powerful first impression without investing in a professional photoshoot.

  • Corporate Teams: Uniformly update all employees’ profile pictures for company websites and internal directories with generated images that reflect professional standards.

  • Social Media Influencers: Leverage Insta headshots to maintain a consistent and professional image across various social media platforms, bypassing frequent professional photoshoots.

  • Remote Professionals: For individuals who work remotely, Insta headshots provide a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for obtaining professional headshots without leaving their homes.

Who Is Instaheadshots For?

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders: Achieve that million-dollar take with professional headshots, showcasing leadership with AI magic.

  • Freelancers & Creatives: Present a professional-quality image to clients with resume headshots that stand out in the marketplace.

  • Graduates & Interns: Enter the job market confidently, equipped with AI-enhanced headshots that polish your professional presence.

  • Real Estate Agents: Make a lasting impression on potential clients with crisp, professional headshots that capture and convey trust and competence.

Instaheadshots Pricing & Plans

  • Starter Plan: $29/month

  • Basic Plan: $39/month

  • Pro Plan: $49/month

One-time payment. No subscription. To learn more about the pricing details, click here.

What Users Are Saying About Instaheadshots

  • Ashish Hegade: Such a great project. Just waiting for more updates.

  • John Smith: I never knew creating a professional headshot could be this easy. Instaheadshots is a game-changer!

  • Samantha Brown: I was initially skeptical, but after trying Instaheadshots, it’s my go-to for all my headshot needs. Highly recommend!

Instaheadshots Alternatives

  • ProShots: Specializing in those million-dollar takes, ProShots offers AI-enhanced headshots with an artistic touch.

  • Artius: Watch AI get creative with Artius, providing headshots with signature style adjustments.

  • ProPhotos AI: ProPhotos AI delivers crisp and clear professional images, leveraging AI for refined results.

  • Alter AI: Alter AI focuses on dynamic headshot customization for personal branding and professional use.


Is Instaheadshots Available on iOS or Android App?

The service is exclusively available on the web at present. The development of both iOS and Android apps is currently underway.

Stay tuned for updates.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime without any penalties or additional fees.

What Type of Images Should I Upload to Get Professional Business Headshots?

Instaheadshots recommends uploading high-quality selfies that are front-facing with just one person in the frame and without glasses or hats. This ensures optimal results from the AI technology.

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