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Overview – Payments, KYC & Lending APIs and SDKs

Decentro is the youngest Fintech company, revolutionizing how businesses tap into banking services. Its API platform for banking integrations simplifies access to payments, KYC, and lending services, enabling businesses of all sizes to provide seamless financial experiences to their customers.

With substantial funding and a commitment to excellence, Decentro empowers businesses to focus on their core offerings, leaving the complexities of financial integrations.

Key Takeaways

  • Decentro is an AI-powered platform for building payments into your platform easily.

  • Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using the platform to provide seamless financial experiences to their customers.

  • Decentro’s full-stack Banking-as-a-Service platform helps you choose the right modules for your business, test them in our sandbox, and launch your product with our APIs & SDKs.

  • With substantial funding and a commitment to excellence, Decentro is poised to disrupt the Fintech industry.

How Decentro Works

Decentro simplifies the integration process with three straightforward steps:

  • Sign Up: Simply create an account using your business email ID with a seamless verification process and select your desired financial modules. This initial step unlocks the power of this platform for your organization, allowing you to imagine new possibilities.

  • Integrate in Sandbox: Explore its detailed documentation and integrate it with your friendly sandbox for all your selected modules on day one. This phase allows you to experiment and ensures your transactions and services run smoothly.

  • Go Live: Whenever you are ready with the integrations and want to launch in production, give your green signal from your dashboard. Go live with the confidence that Decentro’s innovative solutions power your financial services.

Key Features & Benefits

Instant Payouts

  • Disburse payments to consumers and users directly from your dashboard using your preferred method.

  • Make bulk payments at once, saving time and effort.

  • Monitor all payment transactions in real time for transparency and control.

Automated Lending

  • Reduce manual lending processes’ time, cost, and risk with the platform’s AI-powered automation.

  • Give your customers quick access to credit facilities, enhancing their financial experiences.

  • Enjoy real-time monitoring and analytics for better decision-making.

100% Compliant Workflows

  • Its KYC API automates the process of customer identification and verification for seamless onboarding.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements without compromising on speed or efficiency.

  • Stay ahead of changing regulations with automatic updates to your workflows.

Additional features include 90% Reduced Capex & Opex, 10X Faster Timelines, Multi-Bank Infrastructure, and UPI Collections.

Use Cases & Applications

  • E-commerce Integrations: By obtaining a payment aggregator license, e-commerce platforms can leverage Decentro to process payments directly, unlocking new growth opportunities and providing detailed transaction analytics to their clients. Streamlining the checkout process ensures an estimated increase in conversion size.

  • Fintech Innovations: Startups and established fintech companies use Decentro’s APIs to innovate financial products faster, reducing time-to-market from concept to code. This aids in rapid growth and scaling, focusing on providing money management solutions that meet regulatory details while enhancing user experience.

  • SME Lending Platforms: Small and medium enterprises can apply Decentro’s automated lending APIs to offer customized credit solutions to their clients. This drastically reduces operational expenses and unlocks potential future markets by using predictive analytics to estimate client size and lending risk.

  • Gig Economy Payments: Companies in the gig economy can improve their financial workflows by integrating instant payouts for their employees and contractors. This improves liquidity, enhances employee satisfaction, and, with Decentro’s multi-bank infrastructure, provides flexibility in managing and dispersing money.

Who is Decentro For?

  • Developers: Decentro’s user-friendly documentation and sandbox allow developers to integrate its APIs and SDKs seamlessly into their development processes. With a simple sign-up process, they can quickly explore the platform’s features and capabilities.

  • E-commerce Platforms: Decentro’s instant payouts, multi-bank infrastructure, and detailed transaction analytics can benefit e-commerce platforms by improving payment processes and enhancing customer experiences.

  • Fintech Companies: By leveraging Decentro’s KYC API and automated lending functions, firms can quickly innovate financial products while ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • SME Lending Platforms: The automated lending APIs can streamline the processes of SME lending platforms, reducing operational expenses and unlocking potential new markets.

Pricing & Plans

It is free.

What are Users Saying About Decentro?

  • Rajesh Dembla: We started evaluating the tool to power out the banking stack. After interacting with the team, I found them very acknowledgeable and agile. The product is an excellent fit for us and solves a central pain point—my good review from India.

  • Anuj Kacker: Consumer onboarding plays a crucial role in offering digital credit & lending. Together with Decentro, we aim to establish an uninterrupted workflow. Its flexible and scalable APIs allow us to transform our consumer experience and unlock many new opportunities to thrive in the neo-banking & lending space.

  • Bhavik Davda: The platform’s APIs helped Credit Wise Capital’s Twin2 with KYC and banking prowess. This lets us collect and verify IDs with bank account validation. Twin2’s ability to collect information seamlessly from the user is amazing. I hope to grow a long way with Decentro to date.

Decentro Alternatives

  • Stripe Connect: Widely recognized for facilitating online payments, Stripe Connect offers comprehensive APIs that enable businesses to manage payment flows directly from their website or app. Since its foundation, Stripe Connect has attracted substantial investor interest.

  • Dwolla: Focusing on simplifying ACH payments, Dwolla supports businesses in managing their payment processes with an easy-to-use platform, enhancing customer experience through seamless integration and efficient traffic handling.

  • TrueLayer: Specializing in financial services through APIs, TrueLayer provides developers with the tools to connect apps securely with bank data, promoting innovation with support from a strong foundation of investors, recognized for increasing user engagement and trust.

  • A lightweight API for current and historical foreign exchange rates with extensive browser recognition, facilitates real-time data flow for businesses, making it an indispensable tool for websites with international traffic and transactions.


How Does Decentro Ensure Compliance With Financial Regulations?

Decentro continuously updates its workflows and systems to comply with the latest financial regulations, ensuring businesses can operate without legal concerns.

Can Decentro Integrate With Existing Business Systems?

Yes, its APIs and SDKs are designed for easy integration into existing business systems, allowing for seamless adoption and minimal disruption.

What Support Options Are Available for Decentro Users?

The platform offers comprehensive support through its dedicated team, including documentation, direct assistance, and a community forum for user collaboration.

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