How You Can Easily Create Business Training Explainer Videos

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After reading this article, anytime you think of business training or explainer videos – mysimpleshow will pop up in your head because you are going to see just how easy, fun and fast it is to create business training explainer videos.

I remember when I worked a 9-5 job, as a senior digital marketing executive. We usually held long business meetings or business training trying to educate the client on the work we did and how everything was going to unfold in the next days or week.

We had created a digital marketing plan for a rebranding launch event and we had a hybrid marketing plan combining both traditional and digital marketing activities in the 14 days leading up to the event. We held a meeting with the client and during that meeting, I presented the digital calendar.

I can remember vividly how boring and tedious the presentation was, During the presentation, I was literally gasping for air because it was a no-brainer that both the client and my team were equally as bored and couldn’t wait for the presentation to end.

Now that I can think back on it, you know what would have made that business meeting/training exciting? A simple explainer video!

I should have created a simple animated presentation video with mysimpleshow explaining how the digital campaign was going to play out. I’m sure the client would have loved it and most importantly understood it.

explainer videos

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animated video that shows how to do something rather than telling. They are usually 30 seconds – 2 minutes long. It’s based on the show, don’t tell concept which means humans are more likely to retain the memory of eye-catching visuals.

Introducing mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow helps you create professional explainer videos for your business meetings, business training, educational purposes and even personal reasons such as spicing up your blog.

mysimpleshow is an easy and fun way to create explainer videos without spending hours looking for the right clipart, title, or images based on your text; and everything is done in a simple, easy to use interface.

The DIY tool is owned by simpleshow.

What You Can Create with mysimpleshow

It’s important to know the type of explainer videos you can create using mysimpleshow so you have an understanding of how creating an impactful explainer video will make your next idea, presentation, or pitch a success.

The following are a few examples or ideas of animated presentation videos you can create with mysimpleshow.

You can use mysimpleshow to:

  • Create how-to tutorial videos
  • Do a research study
  • Make fun school presentations
  • Explain strategy or plan for your clients
  • Creatively pitch ideas to clients
  • Teach staff how to use a new technology your company wants to adopt
  • Spice up your blog
  • Introduce your company
  • Explain your business idea
  • Present your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Communicate a company change
  • Explain a historical event for a school project or assignment.
  • Explain your business vision, mission and strategy

…and so much more!. Imagine it and – mysimpleshow will make it possible.

why use MySimpleShow

Why Use mysimpleshow to Create Explainer Videos

Using mysimpleshow to create professional explainer videos from start to finish is simple and quick – mysimpleshow’s magical Explainer Engine includes AI technology, so its intelligence plus the informative tutorials guide you every step of the way. There are 4 stages involved:

1. Draft

mysimpleshow suggests the best storyline template based on a few questions you will be asked to answer or you can upload your own PowerPoint file and start working from there.

2. Write

mysimpleshow will increase your storytelling skills by providing you with helpful advice and good examples which would bring your story to life and help build an audience connection. Your thoughts and ideas are carefully organized for you so you can use them while writing.

3. Visualize

It’s time to add the magic! mysimpleshow generates a storyboard that helps visualize your story and engage your audience.

If you are not satisfied with the storyboard generated for you, mysimpleshow will provide options for you to choose the one that best fits and illustrates your point.

You have access to a visual database containing thousands of illustrations to use, or you can simply upload your own logo, image, or add text just the way you like it.

4. Finalize

Getting to the final phase of creating your animated presentation video, mysimpleshow allows you to record your own voice as a voice-over, which is essential in making your explainer video stand out.

You can also use the text-to-speech tool to create a voiceover if you are too shy, in a noisy place or maybe just not available to do the voice over yourself.

You get to preview your explainer video before you publish it. Once published, you can choose to share it on YouTube, various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, or download it to your computer as an MP4 file.

How to Use mysimpleshow to Create Business Training Explainer Videos

Step 1: Go to mysimpleshow, click on “Make a video for free or create your simple show now” and sign up. 


Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to you via email.

Step 2: Click on Create New Video.

Step 3: Give your explainer video a name, choose the language and select to either write your own script or upload a PowerPoint file.

create explainer videos

Step 4: Select your Storyline.

You have 3 categories to choose from – Personal, Educational and Professional.

Step 5: Draft stage

write explainer video

In this stage, you need to enter some text depending on the storyline you choose. For me, I selected “Resume”. Click on Next when you are done.

Step 6: Visualize stage

visualize explainer videos

This is where your text is brought to life. The Explainer Engine chooses main keywords for you based on your script, and then images and transition effects are generated for you. You can also upload your logo or personal images you want to use in your explainer video.

Preview your video before going to the next stage.

Step 7: Finalize stage

add audio explainer video

This is where you can choose what audio you want to use in your explainer video. You have 3 options: use the automated voice over generated by the text-to-speech software, record your own voice, or upload an audio file.

finalize explainer video

You can also add background music, subtitles, change the video speed, insert a watermark and change the scribble color. Click on Finalize video to set your privacy settings and video quality.

Step 8: Download & Share

I successfully created my explainer video and you can create yours too. It was easy and fun. All that remains is for me to download my explainer video and share with my friends.


mysimpleshow should be your go-to tool when creating DIY explainer videos that are fun, to the point and solve real problems.

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