How to Write a Blog – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

How to Write a Blog is a beginner’s guide for those thinking it’s time to start a blog or you need help to grow your already existing blog, This post is for you because blogging can be easy if you start the right way but if you start the wrong way blogging becomes a lot harder for you because it would be more difficult and take more time for your posts to rank on Google. So start the right way!

how to write a blog

How to Write a Blog – Beginner’s Blogging Guide

If you follow my tips, it would save you time, energy and money because you would know what to do, you won’t waste time being confused and frustrated. Before you start a blog – You should already have answers for the following questions:

  • What are my Goals?
  • What Niche, Content and Posting Strategy will i employ?
  • What Domain Name should i get?
  • What Blogging Platform should i use?
  • What Hosting Company should i use? I recommend Bluehost to you.
  • What Theme should i use?
  • How will i gather subscribers?
  • What Social Media Platform should i use?

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Here are the Answers…

  • You need to have short term and Long term goals. What do you want to achieve within the first year and 5 years of creating a blog because unless you have money to spend on SEO and Traffic, you won’t be making mad income from your blog.



  • Pick your Blogging Niche which you are passionate about and can write a blog post just from your thoughts or person experience. So decide if you want to be fashion, news, music, photography, tech or general entertainment blogger! There are so much niches available that you can choose from. Read this guide on Choosing the Right Blogging Niche.



  • Choose the best blogging platform, i recommend WordPress but there are different blogging platforms and the good news is that they are all free! Check this out – 10 Best Free Blogging Platforms

UPDATE 2018: I switched from Hostgator to Siteground and I am really enjoying siteground’s hosting.

  • Website or Blog hosting is very important and they affect your website traffic, SEO  and Trust levels. When choosing a Hosting Company, Don’t look for cheap ones. Your focus should be on the best Hosting Companies Bluehost.


  • Concerning Themes, Always go for Responsive themes. Free or Premium Responsive Themes!


  • You need to start working on SEO immediately you start writing on your blog. Your first post should have a keyword or keyphrase it should rank for in Google Search, Bing, Yahoo and other searches.


  • You gather website or blog subscribers by implementing a “Subscribe to My Site” at the widget section on your blog! Also by using Opt-in forms and plugins like Opt-in monster, Bloom etc.



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