How To Use USBFix Shortcut Virus Remover in 2020

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Shortcut Virus Remover tools like USBFix are useful for removing shortcut viruses from infected drives and folders. I often ask myself this question How to Remove Shortcut Virus?

Then I would think and do what I always do when I remove the shortcut virus which to me is easy, but when I try to explain to someone over the phone which needs to remove a shortcut virus, they find it hard to do because let’s face it.

It’s not easy but that all ends today as I have learned an even more natural way of removing shortcut virus from your laptop or desktop computer

Every one among us has experienced the Shortcut Virus at least once in our lifetime. It has become so familiar that people usually overlook and underestimate it. At first, it appears to be like like nothing problematic has occurred. After all, it’s only a shortcut file.

But it starts becoming worse:

As soon as days start passing after the shortcut virus initially enters in, you’ll start discovering that almost all of your files, folder and finally drives turning into a shortcut, which reveals that the shortcut virus is spreading.

Shortcut virus, once entered, tries to conquer every file on the system. So, the best possible treatment is to take fast preventive actions as soon as you spot it.

As long as the virus stays or connects to new devices, it starts multiplying itself and spreads throughout every connected device!

How Did I Get the Shortcut Virus?

Have you ever wondered how and where the shortcut virus landed in your Removable Drive or PC?

Listed below are the possible reasons to know that your Disk is suffering from shortcut virus:

  1. You downloaded an executable (.exe) file from untrusted third-party software program which had the infection.
  2. You plugged in someone’s malicious USB Stick which spread the virus in your PC from where it entered your USB on connecting it.
  3. You connected your Removable Drive into someone’s PC which contained the shortcut virus from which it spread over to your drive.

Things You Can Do To Stop The Spread Of Shortcut Virus

I already told you about taking the quick preventive measure as quickly as you spot a shortcut virus

So, what precisely do you need to do?

You need to first protect the infected drive from spreading furthermore.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Stop autoplay of removable drives.
  2. And if you need to open and get the contents of your USB Drive, don’t double click and open it, that will execute the virus. Instead, Right Click on the drive, click Explore. This way, the shortcut virus won’t run.

USB Fix – Shortcut Virus’ Fast Solution


UsbFix is a free Shortcut Virus Remover tool that allows you to detect and remove shortcut virus. It can scan contaminated removable devices, USB’s external HDD’s, smartphones, digital cameras, and so on.

And here’s the good part:

It’s plug and plays software, i.e., Download -> Open -> Run and you’re finished!

With over 5 Million downloads, it is one of the most trusted software programs to remove shortcut virus. Additionally, it’s designed in a user-friendly User Interface which will assist you to get things done fast. The size of the software too, small (approx. 4 MB) which will run and help you eliminate the shortcut virus immediately.

This software is planned by El Desaparecido and developed by


  1. Vaccinate Permanent solution for the shortcut virus. This feature will create a brand new autorun. Inf file in your removable drive. An autorun file handles the auto-starting of the drive. So, the newly created file will have protective measures to stop the shortcut virus.
  2. Repair: It repairs the damaged files of your removable drives. It will help in the recovery of hidden files, registry entries, task manager, and so on.
  3. Back-Up: You can back up your files before running UsbFix to revert things later in case something goes wrong.

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How To Use USBFix Shortcut Virus Remover

  1. Download USB FIX.
  2. Connect your USB drive / External HDD drive which contains the shortcut virus.
  3. Run UsbFix software.
  4. Click on Deletion. On clicking it, the process to remove shortcut virus will begin. It will then ask you to restart your PC.

For more information, Visit UsbFix a Shortcut Virus Remover tool.

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