Are you a man looking to update your headshot and make an impressive impression on potential employers or clients? Or maybe you’re ready for a new look for social media or professional websites.

Whatever the reason, having an up-to-date headshot is essential in 2024 if you want to stand out in the crowd.

This guide is here to walk you through everything you need to know about male headshots in 2024. From a complete overview of poses and expressions that work best for male subjects to ensuring that wardrobe selections are on-trend and flattering – we’ve got it covered.

So, let’s dive deep into what it takes to update your look in the coming year!

Male Headshots: What is it?

Male headshots are professional photographs predominantly focused on the face, typically capturing the subject from the shoulders up (male).

Think of them as your visual handshake in the digital world! Whether you’re seeking to land a corporate job, earn a role in a play, or want a polished profile picture for your LinkedIn account, a headshot is the first impression you offer.

This is why it’s so crucial to get it right. In the coming sections, we’ll delve into lighting, posing, and wardrobe choices to help you present your most authentic self. Ready to step up your headshot game? Let’s move forward!

What are the Types of Male Headshots?

Before we delve into the types of male headshots, let’s take a moment to understand the concept. Each type of headshot serves a different purpose, speaking to an aspect of your personality or career aspirations.

It’s all about projecting the right image for the right audience. Now, let’s walk through the different types of male headshots!

Commercial Headshots

Commercial male headshots are all about approachability and likability. They’re the ‘smile for the camera’ kind of shot. You want people to see this image and think, “I’d love doing business with this person!”. These headshots are often used for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, or client-facing roles where trust and approachability are critical.

Editorial Headshots

Regarding the editorial type of male headshots, think of magazine spreads or website ‘About Us’ sections where you and the environment tell a story. These shots are usually taken in a work environment or a location that reflects your profession or hobby. If you’re a chef, an editorial headshot might show you in your kitchen with your chef’s whites and a big, welcoming smile!

Theatrical Headshots

If you’re an actor, a theatrical headshot is a must! Unlike commercial headshots, these are serious and intense and convey character depth. These shots give casting directors a sense of your stage presence and acting chops. Remember, it’s not about the perfect smile; it’s about showcasing your range as an actor.

Creative Headshots

Lastly, there are creative male headshots. This is where you can let your personality shine. If you’re in a creative field like art, design, or music, these headshots break away from the conventional formats and capture your unique style. Imagine a shot of you in your art studio, splattered with paint, or at your DJ booth, headphones on, lost in the music.

Remember, the right headshot depends on your profession and what you aim to communicate. So, pick your headshot style accordingly!

What are the Benefits of Headshots for Males?

Headshots play a pivotal role in personal branding and professional success. You need a powerful tool to set you apart as a man in a competitive world. Here’s why:

  • First Impressions Matter: People form perceptions about you within seconds of seeing your image. A professional headshot ensures you present yourself as competent, credible, and approachable. Think of it as your business card in the visual world!
  • Personal Branding: Your headshot speaks volumes about your brand. It tells your story, values, and professional journey in one shot. Just look at successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos – their headshots reflect who they are and the empires they’ve built.
  • Building Trust: In an increasingly virtual world, clients and employers want to know the person behind the screen. A professional headshot can build that crucial trust. It says, “I take my career seriously, and you can trust me.”
  • Standing Out: A professional headshot sets you apart from the crowd. In the sea of amateur and poorly shot photos on LinkedIn, a polished headshot will make you stand out and keep you top of mind.
  • Boosting Confidence: Lastly, a good headshot boosts your confidence. Every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of your professionalism and dedication, giving you the extra push you need to reach your career goals.

So, whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, launching your startup, or forging a path in the creative industry, a professional headshot is a priceless asset.

How to Take the Male Headshots

Let’s now shift our focus towards the process of taking remarkable male headshots. It’s not as daunting as it might seem, especially if you break it down into manageable steps.

Remember, the aim is to communicate your unique personality and professional competence; every step is geared towards that goal.

So, whether you’re working with a professional photographer or taking a DIY approach, here are the integral steps to creating stunning male headshots.

Step 1: Choose the Right Photographer

The first step is to find a professional photographer who specializes in male headshots and understands your needs. Look at their portfolio, read reviews, and ensure their style aligns with your brand. The right photographer will make you comfortable and guide you to your best shots.

Step 2: Select the Appropriate Attire

Your outfit should reflect your profession and the image you want to project. For corporate male headshots, stick to classic business wear. Creatives can opt for more personal, brand-reflecting attire. Avoid distracting patterns and opt for colors that complement your skin tone.

Step 3: Prepare for the Shoot

Get a good night’s sleep before your photo shoot to look refreshed. Men should consider professional grooming services to ensure their hair and facial hair (if any) are neat. Moisturize your skin, and avoid alcohol, which can lead to puffy, red skin.

Step 4: Master Your Pose and Expression

Work with your photographer to find poses and expressions that feel natural and authentic. Practice in front of a mirror beforehand to get comfortable. Remember, confidence and approachability are essential in your headshots.

Step 5: Review and Select Images

Once the shoot is completed, review the images with your photographer. Look for the shots where you look natural and confident. Don’t rush this process – choosing the right image is crucial. Once you’ve selected the best, the photographer will professionally retouch the chosen images to ensure you look your best.

Always remember, a great headshot is not about being flawlessly attractive; it’s about authenticity, confidence, and approachability. It’s a visual representation of your brand. So, keep it accurate and let your true self shine!

Best Pose Ideas for Male Headshots

Choosing the right pose for your male headshot can make all the difference. It can highlight your confidence, personality, and approachability. Here are five pose ideas that will help you communicate your brand effectively:

The Straight-On Pose

This is the classic headshot pose where you face the camera directly. It signifies confidence and openness. Remember, no slouching! Stand or sit tall, pull your shoulders back, and have a neutral expression. This pose is perfect for professionals in traditional fields like law or finance.

The Over-The-Shoulder Glance

In this pose, you turn your body slightly away from the camera but turn your face towards it – a glance over the shoulder, if you will. This pose gives off a vibe of being severe yet approachable, making it ideal for creative professionals or entrepreneurs.

The Thoughtful Pose

Bring your hand up to your chin as if deep in thought. You’ll find that this pose often gives a sense of intellectual prowess and deep thinking. If you’re a writer, a researcher, or an academic, this might be the pose for you!

The Casual Lean

For a more relaxed and approachable vibe, try the casual lean. Lean on a wall or furniture, and keep your arms relaxed and loose. This pose works great for entrepreneurs, creatives, or anyone in a more laid-back profession.

The Confident Cross-Arms Pose

Cross your arms over your chest while maintaining an open and friendly facial expression. This pose exudes confidence and power. It tells the world, “I mean business!” If you’re a leader or an executive, give this pose a shot.

Where to Take Male Headshots?

Choosing the right location for your professional headshot is as crucial as picking the right outfit or striking the perfect pose. The background can set the tone for the image and reinforce your brand.

So, where should you take your male headshot? Let’s explore five ideal locations that could significantly boost your professional image.

  • Professional Studio: A professional photography studio has perfect lighting, various background options, and controlled conditions. It’s a perfect choice for a classic, serious, distraction-free headshot. Remember, you’re the star in a studio setting!
  • Your Workplace: Want to give your clients a glimpse of your work environment? Then take your headshot there! This can be an office, a lab, a classroom, or even a construction site. It reinforces your professional identity and makes you appear more relatable.
  • Outdoor Urban Area: An urban setting with architectural elements can add an artistic and trendy vibe to your photo. Think of urban parks, city streets, or brick walls. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs, creatives, or anyone wanting to project a modern, approachable image.
  • The Great Outdoors: If you’re into nature or your profession is related to the outdoors, why not take your headshot in a natural setting? You could choose a local park, a beach, or a forest. The natural light and scenery can make your photo stand out and give it a relaxed vibe.
  • At Home: Finally, why not consider the most comfortable place of all – your home? A well-lit, tidy room can serve as a perfect backdrop. This can create a relaxed, personal, and authentic feel to your headshots.

What to Wear for Male Headshots?

Choosing the right outfit for your headshot is crucial. The clothes you wear can speak volumes about your personality and mold the perception others have of you.

To help you make the right choice, here are five dress options that you could consider for your headshot:

The Classic Suit

The classic suit is always a safe and effective choice when in doubt. It exudes professionalism and is perfect if you’re in law, finance, or any other traditional field. You can never go wrong with a well-fitted black, navy, or charcoal grey suit paired with a crisp white shirt. Opt for a tie or go without, depending on your style and comfort.

The Casual Blazer Look

The blazer look is a great option to balance formal and casual. A smart blazer over a plain or lightly patterned shirt is perfect for entrepreneurs and creatives. You can mix and match with different shirt colors for a unique look.

The Business Casual

For a more relaxed yet professional vibe, choose the business casual look. This usually involves a tailored shirt with smart trousers – no tie or jacket needed. This look is versatile and works well for those in industries like tech, marketing, or academia.

The Polo Shirt

A good polo shirt might suit you if your profession allows for more relaxed attire. This is a great choice for those in the fitness industry or if you’re an artist or freelancer. Choose a solid color that complements your skin tone and avoid distracting patterns or logos.

The Creative Look

If you’re in a creative field like graphic design or music, you have more freedom to express your personality through your attire. You could opt for a unique print shirt, a stylish hat, or even something more outlandish. Remember, the aim is to represent your authentic self. So, feel free to break the norms and try something that defines you!

Male Headshots Costs: How Much Do They Cost?

Professional male headshots are undoubtedly an investment, but one that can significantly enhance your branding.

So, what kind of figures are we looking at? Generally, the cost of professional male headshots varies significantly based on the photographer’s expertise, the location, and the number of retouched photos you require.

Basic Headshot Package

You could opt for a basic headshot package to set the ball rolling. This typically involves a quick session with one outfit change and a couple of retouched photos. You can expect to shell out anywhere between $100 and $300 for this.

Standard Headshot Package

Need a smidge more variety? A standard package might be your best bet. It usually allows for multiple outfit changes and more retouched images. The price typically falls in the $300 to $600 range for a standard package.

Premium Headshot Package

If you’re after the full VIP experience, consider a premium package. This usually includes a longer session, multiple outfit changes, more retouched photos, and sometimes even hair and makeup services. Premium packages generally start at around $600 and can go up to $1200 or more.

While price is essential, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant. Consider the photographer’s style, reputation, and your comfort level with them, too. After all, a fantastic headshot is priceless!

Best AI Photographers for Male Headshots

In the era of artificial intelligence, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in how we approach photography.

With their precision and efficiency, AI tools make headshot photography more accessible and cost-effective. Here, we’ve handpicked five remarkable AI tools perfect for taking captivating male headshots:


PFPMaker is a handy AI tool that creates professional female and male headshots in no time. You can create a stunning profile picture that reflects your brand with various settings and customization options. offers a creative and innovative approach to headshot photography. It leverages artificial intelligence to craft unique and compelling headshots that capture the essence of your personality.


Fotor’s powerful and user-friendly platform is ideal for those looking for a blend of ease and expertise. It utilizes AI technology to enhance your headshots and deliver high-quality results.


StudioShot shines in creating professional headshots with the utmost convenience. Its AI-driven platform handles lighting, background, and editing, ensuring you receive a polished final product.

ProfilePicture AI

ProfilePicture AI is famous for its ability to generate professional-looking male headshots using AI technology. Its key feature is the smart cropping tool that identifies the best composition and crops your picture for maximum impact.


Are Male Headshots Different From Female Headshots?

While the basics of headshot photography apply to both genders, there are specific considerations for female and male headshots. For instance, men should avoid bold makeup or flashy jewelry, while women might have more versatility in their clothing choices.

What Should I Wear for a Casual Headshot?

Opt for attire that reflects your day-to-day style for a casual headshot. This might be a quality polo shirt, a plain t-shirt, or a casual button-down. Avoid distracting patterns or logos; choose colors that complement your skin tone. The key is to look relaxed yet presentable.

How Can I Prepare for My Headshot Session?

A: Before your headshot session, make sure you get ample rest and stay hydrated for a fresh appearance. Plan your outfit, remembering the message you want to send with your headshot. If you’re going to use makeup, keep it natural. Remember to arrive on time, relax, and be yourself during the session.

Wrapping Up

A great headshot can make all the difference when defining your brand and expressing your professional identity. It’s more than just a photo—it’s your first impression to potential clients, colleagues, or employers.

Whether you’re in the corporate world, a creative field, or venturing into entrepreneurship, the strength of your headshot can be a defining factor in your success. Therefore, investing in a professional headshot isn’t an expense but a strategic move.

So, seize the opportunity to make your first impression count. As a man, equip yourself with professional male headshots that interest you. Whether you opt for a seasoned photographer or leverage cutting-edge AI technology, ensure your headshot conveys your unique brand.

Ready to leap? Choose the package that suits you best and kickstart your journey towards a powerful professional image today!

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