How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money Blogging in 2022

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Learn how to start a food blog and make money blogging in 2020 but don’t know how to start and monetize it? Continue reading.

Is it possible to make money with a Food blog today in 2020?

Of course. And a lot.

Is it easy?

No, but if you stop being guided by your intuition and use the right strategies, you will significantly increase your chances of breaking the cement wall and hit the jackpot with a food blog.

how to start a blog and make money

People love to eat. And when we are not eating, we enjoy talking about food or looking at images of cooked food. There is a massive interest in food on the internet, look at the interest generated on Instagram, Pinterest, and other image sharing platforms.

Creating a professional food blog is a fantastic experience. You have your own space on the Internet where you express your ideas and opinions. And help people solve their doubts with your knowledge.

Moreover, if you’re smart, you can make it a good source of passive income. Keep reading this article, so you know how to make money with a food blog.

It may seem simple to see individual Instagram accounts or food blogs full of sumptuous dishes and new restaurant openings. However, this, more than a hobby, is already a profession.

What is clear is that with a blog about food, you can earn money and make your passion your job. Of course, not all bloggers make money, but there are some keys to making it more feasible.

Creating a successful food blog is not as simple as many people might think. It takes time, dedication, and effort to get your food blog to have good SEO.

However, don’t panic! Even if you have no idea how SEO works or how to better optimize your page to rank higher in search engines, we can help you with that.

If you already have the best domain name for your food blog, but if you have not, follow this guide on how to create the perfect domain name and best web hosting service for your food blog.

You have already achieved the most challenging part of this process, and it is time to start seeing the fruits of your work.

The good thing about food or cooking blogs is that they are always booming. We all use them once to take note of a recipe for a special occasion or the weekly menu. Best of all, when we get hooked on a blog’s recipes, we go back to it repeatedly to continue learning.

Creating a cooking blog can be simple if we manage to catch the reader attention with beautiful and responsive design, a simple structuring of the recipes and of course, a step-by-step explanation of them very pedagogical.

How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money Blogging?

Surely you like to cook and have been following cooking blogs for a while.

If you would like to share your recipes, but you think that creating a blog and launching it is difficult, you’re mistaken. On this page, you’ll learn how to create and start a blog and give it a good look in just 15 minutes.

Life is short; start your cooking blog today!

How to start a food blog and make money, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Blog name and web hosting
  2. Install WordPress on your food blog
  3. Choose a topic in the food or cooking niche

1. Choose Domain Name and Web Hosting Plan for your Food Blog

Firstly, you have to choose a domain name for your food blog (ours is “Add Website Name”).

It is useful to brainstorm. Ideally, don’t choose very long names, if they are easy to remember, much better. Keep in mind that it is the name that your blog will have, so you have to like it and help readers know what you write about.

When you have thought about the name of your food blog, you can look at hosting company like Siteground, Hostgator, or Bluehost to check if the domain is available or not.

Then you have to choose a hosting, which is the virtual place on the internet that your blog will store. We recommend the most basic Bluehost hosting; it is very well priced and works appropriately.

Once you choose your domain, you will have to fill in your new account details:

2. Install WordPress on your Food Blog

Don’t worry; installing WordPress with Bluehost is very easy. They have a free online tool with which you can create your WordPress blog in 5 minutes without any technical knowledge.

Once inside your Bluehost account, select the cPanel tab within Hosting.

On this same page, download and search Website Builders. Then select WordPress.

wordpress website builder

Clicking on WordPress will take you to a web page like the one you can see below, click on Install

install wordpress on food blog

Next, you will have to select the domain for which you want to create the blog. Then, you will have to click “Check Domain” to take you to the next page.

create domain for food blog

Here, check the second box and click Install Now. We have already finished!

wordpress installation complete for food blog

On the next blog screen you will see your Username, Password and Login URL (usually the domain of your blog followed by / wp-admin), keep them safe because they will help you access your blog as an administrator.

3. Choose a WordPress Food Theme

Be on the lookout for a WordPress food theme that’s simple, beautiful, and responsive. It would help if you also looked for a WordPress food blog that shows all recipes in a very visual way. You already know that food always attracts attention through the eyes.

There are many WordPress themes adapted for food blogs that include a perfect structure to publish your recipes comfortably with spaces for ingredients, step by step, classification of them, nutritional information, runtime, etc.

How to Make Money with your Food Blog

How to Make Money with your Food Blog (Monetize your Food Blog)

Now, we are only at the latter of how to start a food blog and make money with your food blog

1. Display Ads (Google Adsense)

Making money with Google Adsense is possible. However, for that, you need more organic traffic on your blog from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It is normal to earn a fortune with this platform.

Besides, an important fact to note is that the majority of users who browse this type of pages do not know what Google Adsense is, so you will have an easier time clicking on an advertising banner.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Work with different affiliate platforms to monetize your sites, such as Amazon and E-Junkie.

These affiliate systems have become an infallible monetization system.

More and more people are encouraged to do this type of practice because, among other things, you can offer products without having to invest a single cent of a dollar, and if it helps you earn much money, why not use it?

3. Create an Online Course or Sell a Food-related Online Course

Bloggers who offer cooking courses for their users earn more.

Taking into account that your brand is compelling, people will decide to register to learn how to make their dishes.

So apart from using traditional monetization systems (Google Adsense and affiliate systems), offering Cooking Courses to earn even more money from their audience is a vital option.

4. Selling eBooks or Recipe Books

As if that were not enough, you can offer e-books where you explain how to have a successful cooking website.

Explain step-by-step on how to cook each specific deals in different ways and with perfection.

If your offer brings much value, most people who follow you will buy it because they know that what you offer is of high quality.

The cons of the sale of ebooks and recipe books are that it’s prone to privacy and you have to be established in your niche before you can sell a substantial amount.

WordPress Themes Best for your Food Blog

1. WPZOOM WordPress Food Theme

WPZOOM wordpress food themes

You can get the beautiful, simple and responsive WPZoom food theme for your WordPress food blog below. This is the best WordPress theme for those looking for how to start a food blog and make money blogging.

2. Elegant Themes: Divi Food Themes

divi food themes

Another recommend WordPress theme for your food blog is Elegant’s theme Divi food themes.

WordPress Plugins that can help your Food Blog

You can always install a plugin that allows you to adapt the design.

A few of the most downloaded and used Plugins for a Food Blog include:

1. Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

This plugin will allow you to fill comfortably, through a form installed in the website in which you usually write your posts, the list of the ingredients with their quantities, the step by step of the recipe, execution time, etc.

This plugin will also allow your visitor visitors or readers to download the recipes and also enable them to print.

recipe card blocks b y wpzoom food blog plugin

The Recipe Card is a complete plugin that will also allow you to add ingredients, step by step, notes, nutritional information, execution times, creation of snippets, etc.

This plugin will display your recipes in different visual layouts and also allow readers to print your recipes.

2. Recipe Card Blocks PRO – The Best WordPress Food Plugin

recipe card blocks PRO food blog plugin

To get the Recipe Card PRO with all the best features to easily recipe beautiful looking recipes and meals perfect and appealing to the eyes. This is the best WordPress plugin for those looking for how to start a food blog and make money blogging.

3. Recipes by Simmer

simmer food blog plugin

4. Visual Recipe Index

visual recipe index food blog plugin

With this free WordPress plugin, you can create a visible index of all your recipes, making navigation easier for your readers. You can manage the thumbnails of all recipes so that your users can find them without problems. You can create several indexes and subscripts, for example, main dishes, desserts, etc.

How to Start a Successful Food Blog

how to start a food blog and make money blogging

Follow the following advice on the best ways to turn your ordinary food blog to a successful food blog.

How Should I Take Images?

Another thing that you will have to take care of very well will be the visual aspect of your dishes. Use quality and meticulous photos of the finished dish. Think that food should always look delicious and impeccable; many readers will end up reading the recipe.

There are many techniques for food photography. Search online for video tutorials to help you take photos. With a Smartphone, you can make very cool images.

Present the dish in the best way by getting the best image angle for each type of meal and success will be assured.

Also, try to take the photos in natural light and use props to accompany the dish (a tablecloth, or a lovely meal).

It is a good idea to present pictures of the step by step in the preparation of the meal and even the list of ingredients used. The reader will be able to see everything can go in making this delicious meal.

How Should I Write the Content for my Food Blog?

The secret of an excellent food blog is that the recipes are explained entirely without using technicalities and writing it step by step.

You must also be precise on the ingredients and execution times because not everyone is an expert in cooking and that they will come to your food blog to learn.

Do not fall short with the explanations and explain everything, even if it seems obvious. Do not forget to add personal tips that’ll help the reader.

If you use images and videos, success will be guaranteed.

Be original with your recipes

With so much blog on the internet, another great tip is to segment your audience. Instead of creating a generalist recipe blog, why don’t you focus on a specific audience? I give you some examples:

  • Recipes to take to work
  • Food for Flexi-vegetarians
  • Food to prepare in 20 minutes
  • Sugar-free desserts

Also, try to be original with recipes. We all know how to make a pasta dish or simple potato omelets. However, why not take an ordinary recipe and twist it? This is an easy way to get new ideas for the food blog.

Implement Proper Food Blog SEO strategy

To earn money with your food blog, you need visits on your website and to get visits, an SEO strategy is necessary.

Yes, you can have much visibility on social, but you also need to optimize the articles on Google to gain even more audience and, for this, you need to do a study on keywords to position, Onpage SEO and off-page SEO.

Proper Blog Navigation (CTA)

If something has a cooking website, then they must have an essential call to action. Just by entering the site or blog you see all its sections at once. This is very important because this results in a great user experience.

Now that you know what they do to attract more visitor traffic let’s see how you can make money with their cooking blog

Search Engine Optimization is probably the most tedious part for many bloggers, especially if they are not obsessed with SEO.


Now that you know how to start a food blog and make money with it, apply it to your active project and if you’re going to start it, you already know what to do.

What do you think of the post? Do you know any other design template or plugin for a Good Food blog?

Tell us how do you make money with your food blog.

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