How To Repair Damaged rar Files Using Winrar Repair

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Winrar Repair feature is a functional and easy way to repair damaged .rar files without installing other software.

It’s always a good feeling when you download something, and it works, but it’s not satisfactory when you waste a lot of time downloading a file, maybe small or large and it doesn’t work to me that’s the greatest evil on this earth! Lost Time, Energy, your Internet Data all wasted!

If you download a lot from the internet, then you should be familiar with archived files such as .zip, .rar, WinRAR, 7zip, etc. They are used to compress files making the file size smaller, and this has a lot of advantage to it – Quicker download time because the file size is smaller, file protection from virus or antivirus, ability to input password to safeguard your archived contents.

These are just a few that just popped into my head right now. So, Yeah using archived files, downloading archives files off the internet is all good.

Winrar Repair

Some software turns an ordinary file like a folder, picture, program and all others into an archived file and that software is called compression/archive software such as Winrar, Winzip, 7-zip and so on.


There are so many of them. But I recommend Winrar. They are good. Sometimes on the internet, it seems like you can’t run away from downloading an archived file with the file extension of .rar or .zip. In my perspective, I would encourage you to download archived files because of what I mentioned at the beginning of this article.


How To Repair Damaged RAR Files Using Winrar Repair

The Winrar software has an inbuilt repair function called Winrar Repair, and I would use this tool to teach you how to repair damaged .rar or .zip files.

  • Download Winrar for your Windows PC. Download either x86 which is for 32-bit systems, x64 is for 64-bit systems.
  • Install Winrar
  • You might get a different error when you try to extract
  • Open your damaged .rar or .zip file with Winrar
  • Select the damaged archived file and Click on Repair to start the repair process
  • Select “Treat the corrupt archive as  RAR” if it is a .rar file  or Selects “Treat the corrupt archive as  ZIP” for .zip files
  • For a successful recovery, your archived file should have “Recovery Record.” This is very important! Without a recovery record, the archived file won’t be repaired. 
  • Wait for few minutes, Winrar would identify the damaged sectors and recover the area. It doesn’t take too much time depending on the file size of the archived file.
  • In the end, when you see this, then you know you’re archived .rar or .zip file has been recovered and ready for extraction.
  • Congratulations!

HINT: When creating your archived file, always make sure you add the option to include a recovery record, to make life easier for all of us. Thank you.

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