How to Play the Best Video Poker Games from Nigeria

While many Nigerians love to have a punt on online casino games such as slots and poker, there is another type of game that often flies under the radar. Video poker may seem a dated game belonging to antiquity or at least the 1970s, but for many, this classic game is easy to learn to play and suitable for those with limited poker experience. Allow us to explore it more closely with you in this guide.

Find A Casino with Top Video Poker Games

Your first step to playing video poker is to find a casino that carries those games. There are many of them out there, so you can afford to be picky. However, we would recommend that you choose to play video poker at or other top casinos. The main reason is that these sorts of sites carry high roller editions if you fancy them, and their collections are vast without seemingly all major variants supported. Naturally, any casino must also accept the NGN (Naira) currency.

Play Video Poker for Free to Gain Experience

After signing up at a Nigerian online casino, don’t just dive straight into the first video poker game you see with real money stakes. Hold on to your naira for a second. Why not play free video poker? It is true that you won’t win any real money doing this, but you can still gain plenty of experience. More than that, you will learn about the rules of video poker along the way, such as the order and ranking of poker hands.

Learn About the Rules of Each Variant

Each video poker variant has its own rules. For instance, some permit you to use wild cards, such as jokers and twos, to substitute and replace other cards. Others allow you to pocket special combos using wilds, and some pay out added prizes if you land one hand over another. We encourage Nigerians to play free-to-play video poker so that they can learn how each of these variants works before wagering their hard-earned naira on them.

Play Your Bet and Swap Out Cards

After finding a game that you like the look of, it is time to bet. Use the betting buttons that appear on the screen to raise (or lower) your stakes. Once you’re happy with your bet, you can hit the “deal” button to begin. After this, you can look at your first five cards.

Naturally, you may want to change some of the cards in your hand. If so, just select the ones you want to keep and discard, then hit the deal button once more to see new ones replace them. If you are playing multi-hand video poker, the cards you keep will appear in every hand, with new ones replacing those removed from each individual hand.

Compare Your Hand to the Paytable to Win

With your five-card hand complete, all that remains is for you to compare it against the paytable. If your hand matches one on the paytable, you will win whatever prize the paytable dictates. Because you don’t play against a dealer or an opposing player, nothing can stop you from bagging a win if your hand matches one of those listed on the paytable. Video poker really is as simple as that for Nigerians.