How To Pick the Best Domain Names for Your Blog (Updated 2018)

Choosing the best domain names for your blog and website is very important and we should make sure we follow the right steps to pick the best domain name for your blog.

UPDATE 2018: The best domain registrar in Nigeria is DomainKing.NG and for International users, you can use Namecheap. They have competitive prices and offer coupon codes every month.

In 2018, most single word domain names are taken or made premium going for over $1000 or more, I advise the first thing to do when looking for domain name ideas is to combine 2-3 keywords together to form your domain name.

5 ways to choose the best domain name for your blog


Selecting the right domain name for a blog is a vital step to success. Consider a site name as a model for your website, and like some other product, a blog will be actually hard to rebrand in case you determine to decide on another name.

Some folks underestimate the method of selecting the domain, and we urge you to take it seriously and make the best selection. With that in mind, decide what you think is one of the best using the information and instruments we offer in this article.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain might sound hard at first, however, it isn’t when you use the simple metric that we created for you which of them help you in the evaluating process and make the choice a lot easier. Below are issues you should think about when registering a domain name.

  • Keywords

Keywords play a vital position in a domain. Good keywords within the domain additionally help in ranking higher within the search engine.

However to get an excellent keyword to identify like may be very hard to get as of late without spending a hefty sum.

However as new niche markets are popping out, the probabilities of keywords are rising as well, so use your creativity and get a keyword within the area.

  • Branding

Within the quest for keywords typically we forget about our customers and viewers. Be certain that your domain is catchy and straightforward to memorize so the user can come again to your website and not forget about it.

Generally probably the most unrelated and catchy domains do greatest. Take Google for instance. The phrase has nothing to do with a search engine, however now it dominates the online. So consider branding whereas registering the domain name.

  • Length, Hyphens, and more

The shorter the domain, the better it’s as a result of it’s simple to memorize, however, don’t simply purchase due to size. It wouldn’t be any use in the event you as a result of that does not relate to your niche.

You could use hyphens in your domain, however, attempt to avoid these as a lot as potential as a result of because the domain will get greater, the worth of it goes down.

You need to avoid double letters domain since you it will increase your probabilities of losing visitors to typos. So domains such as chances are you’ll need to keep away from as a result of it confuses the user.

  • Domain Extension

Whereas we all know that .com are the preferred extension for domains, don’t restrict your self to only that. Get the extension that fits your website probably the most.

So in case, your blog is a company then get .org. Whether it is an informational website, getting a .information won’t harm you either. However .com is a plus and principally most well-liked as a result of a lot of the customer’s type .com without thinking about it.

  • Domain Registrars

There are lots of domain registrars on the internet which are providing you domain registration and extra.

However like many different scams on the net, there are rip-off domain registrars that disappear every three months, and also you get left hanging. Subsequently, we recommend you get a domain from one of these popular registrars that have been round and have earned an excellent repute within the business.

Dotster – One of the respected domain registrar within the industry. (Purchase One Domain and Get one Free – Coupon: GetOneFree)

GoDaddy – One of the domain giants on the internet. You’ll be able to register your domains with them with full trust as a result of we all know they aren’t going anywhere.

Network Solutions – One other industry big that gives dependable domain registration service.

Domainsite – One of many younger domain registrars, however, has an excellent support and the identical options.

Best Domain Registrars to select the Best Domain Names

With so many instruments on-line it will get laborious to choose between them. A few of them are fully ineffective, and a few are literally excellent. We’ve compiled an inventory of a few of the most helpful instruments for domain registration.

1. DomainKing.NG


DomainKing is a domain name registration company in Nigeria which offers incredible domain offers and sales for their customers. Currently they are running some incredible sale across these 3 domain extensions: .com, .ng and These domain extensions are widely used in Nigeria and ever since the .ng domain was created in 2009 which is a Nigerian specific domain extension widely used by NGOs, Big Nigerian companies and anyone who wants to use the .ng can simply buy it.

Buy Cheap Domain Names

  • .com – N2,699.
  • .ng – N8,999.
  • – N999.

The normal prices of a .ng domain are around N15,000 but domainking offers the same .ng domain for N8,999.

The prices of a .com domain are usually influenced by foreign exchange rates because a .com domain is purchased in dollars and the foreign exchange rate at that time of purchase would be used to calculate the amount you are going to pay. $1 = N367 as at when writing this.

The former domain price was N2,500 but if you buy from domainking, you get it for as low as N999. Saving you a lot of cash.

2. NameCheap

Namecheap remains my best domain name registrar in recent times. It’s safe to say that most of the domain names I have purchased I bought through Namecheap.

Right now, Namecheap launched their mobile app which changes everything. Domain name searches are faster now which is great for when I’m conducting a domain name search which the normal long process usually involved visiting the website then searching that usually isn’t fast enough but using the Namecheap mobile app available on Android and App Store makes the process quicker.

3. is an innovative web tool that helps you discover different TLD’s which have made fashionable websites like and stand out from the crowd. After all, searches will even embrace in style high-level domains which are obtainable however it’s a very artistic tool that you need to use to provide you with ideas.

4. Nameboy

Nameboy is a well-liked domain name generator. It is vitally simple web device. This asks for a “Primary Word” and “Secondary Word” that describe the subject of your website, and based mostly on your input, it suggests possible domain names.

5. Domains Bot

DomainsBot is a domain search engine that has an “Advanced” search characteristic to be able to conduct an extra customized and refined search. For instance, you’ll be able to set the maximum area character length to remove prolonged domain names from the outcomes or exclude area outcomes that have a hyphen (-).

6. Dot-o-Mator

Dot-o-mator is an online tool that suggests site names primarily based on prefixes and suffixes that you just entered (keywords). Alternatively, you can use a category of prefixes (like “Tech” or “Games”) and suffixes (like “Hardware” or “Web 2.0 words”) to generate suggested website names for you. It’s a useful instrument for, at the very least, acquiring inspiration for a website name.


It’s common follow to keep domains as brief as attainable in order that it may be shortly typed and likewise in order that they’re simpler to remember. specializes in serving to you discover 4-letter domain names to maintain your URLs tersely.

Some Different Tools to Consider

Make sure to choose a good hosting provider for your websites and domains. I am hearing a lot of good things about WPX Hosting.

Expired Domains Search – Database for Expired Domains.

Domize – Domain Search Portal

Bust A Name – Domain Search

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