How to Find Dead Bases in Clash of Clans (2018 Edition)

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I want to share this amazing trick I learnt only a few days ago about how to find dead bases in clash of clans across all TH levels.

I recently upgraded to TH11 and loot has been hard to get with my normal profitable farming strategy of using Giants, Archers and Barbarians also known as GiBarch.

My clan mates informed me of this trick and I tried it and it works for me, well I don’t get dead bases with every click but the number of dead bases that show up have increased significantly.

I wrote an article about dead bases and how to identify them Clash Of Clans: Finding Dead Bases.


  • Any TH level from 4-11.
  • Silver & Gold league provides the best results on dead bases.

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How to Find Dead Bases in Clash of Clans Trick

Dead bases are key to upgrade fast in clash of clans, because it’s easy to loot with lesser defenses active and you use little troops doing it.

  • Open Clash of Clash game.
  • Go to Clan Settings.
  • Change your Clan Location to Indonesia.
  • Change your Language to Bashan Indonesia, the game would restart.
  • If, you don’t have access to clan settings because you are just a member or elder in your clan, don’t worry about that because I have created a Dead base clan with the settings above.
  • Search and Join “Deadxx Bases” to receive max troops as cc troops and also to get lots of dead bases.

This trick is working and I advise you use it now before the next clash of clans update which could move the dead bases to somewhere else.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: This trick is still working but I’ve quit playing clash of clans, I just felt I needed to spend more time making money plus I have my PS4 console to help me with gaming. I had a good run playing clash of clans, getting massive loots, fighting wars and chatting with my clan members.

My clan is still very much alive. Join CODKillers, Great clan! Great friends!

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13 thoughts on “How to Find Dead Bases in Clash of Clans (2018 Edition)”

  1. All the players in the game are free to attack bases all around the world, therefore there’s only one big loot pool which you can loot from. Changing the Language and/or clan location does not mean you’re taking from a dead loot pool. This is not how the game works.

    This method is totally and utterly pointless.

    • Hey, Anon. A single player having access to the world is making it too large, so you won’t get specific searches leading to better loots. I have tested this and it worked for me when I did it. Maybe with recent patch, it has been fixed.

  2. sometimes works somtime no
    because the inferno tower’s,eagle artilliry[ignore spelling mistakes]
    i think so bcz of th 12 update

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