How to Crack & Activate Corel Draw X7 for life (2018 Guide)

I recently ran into a problem to activate CorelDraw X7. Normally, I have CorelDraw x7  installed and running for some months now without any issue but the problem started a few weeks ago which is based on Corel Draw fair policy.

The problem started after I did windows update on Windows 10, restarted and connected my laptop to the internet then I received this message when I started Corel draw x7.


This software is operating under an invalid license. It has therefore switched to Viewer Mode. All save, export and print features are now permanently disabled. To continue using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you must purchase a legitimate copy. Take advantage of our amnesty program to buy an authorized version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 at a special low price. This exclusive offer is available through this message only.

At first, I thought the problem was from the windows update I did but then I discovered that the main issue was from Corel draw x7 accessing the internet, so I embarked on operation “How to block internet connection on Corel draw”.

I did some research, watched some videos but this one makes sense and helped me one of the steps I took to totally block Corel draw from accessing the internet which makes me activate Corel draw x7 for life

How to Activate Corel Draw x7 for Life

To activate CorelDraw x7 for life using my method you need to totally block all internet connections Corel draw sends out using the internet. So, you are not blocking your internet but you are blocking Corel draw from using the internet.There are 4 necessary steps to take to enable 100% activation for life.

  1. Uninstall Corel Draw X7 and install it
  2. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  3. Block host file
  4. Allow/Block an app on Windows Firewall Setting

#1. Uninstall Corel Draw X7 and install it

This is the very first thing I recommend you should do. Uninstall Corel draw X7 from your computer and install it back on your computer. After that start the activation process.

#2. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

This method is explained in this video, but for those who can’t watch the video for reasons best known to them, I will include the steps below.

  • Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

  • Click on “Inbound Rules“.

  • Right Click on Corel draw and click “Disable Rule“.

  • Select Corel Draw x7, it can be any edition of Corel draw. Click on “New Rule“.

  • Select “Programs” and click Next.

  • This program path” click on Browse and locate where Corel draw is installed. Corel draw default install location is C:/Program Files/Corel/Programs64/CorelDRW.exe

  • Click “Block this connection” which is block Corel draw from accessing the internet.

  • Give your new rule a name. I gave mine “Corel Draw Block“. You can give your new rule any name of your choice.

#3. Block Windows Host File

This second step is easier than the first step which basically needs you to add to two lines of words to a notepad document and save. Pretty easy right?

  • Open windows explorer by going to “This PC” or “My computer“.
  • Navigate to Windows – System 32 -drivers – etc – hosts.

  • Right click on hosts and go to properties. Un-tick Read Only.

  • Tick on Security Tab, then click on Edit and tick the following boxes on all accounts listed there.
    • Full control
    • Modify
    • Read & Execute
    • Read
    • Write

  • Click on Apply. Press Yes.

  • Right click on the host file, open with Notepad.

  • Open. Paste this two lines in the host

  • Save.

#4. Allow/Block an app on Windows Firewall Setting

This is the easiest step. Please follow my instructions.

  • Press Windows Key and type in “Firewall“. Select Allow an app through windows firewall

  • Click on “Change Settings” and scroll down to where you see corel draw and the rule you created in step 1.

  • Untick Corel Draw X7, PHOTO-PAINT X7 and the rule you created.

  • That’s everything.

Corel draw x7 crack steps

 Hope this tutorial has helped you bypass CorelDraw X7 fair usage policy. After successfully following the above steps, you don’t need to worry about connecting to the internet while using your corel draw X7 program, it would work just fine.

CorelDraw X7 Download Links



Crack, Xforce patch is also included.


224 thoughts on “How to Crack & Activate Corel Draw X7 for life (2018 Guide)”

    • If your corel draw x7 hasn’t been blocked that means if your corel draw is in viewer mode, please uninstall and install it back then block your internet using these 3 methods for best result.

  1. i am using corel x8 and the the method explain above,,, sucks,,, coz i did the same as quoted above but it does not works,, i am still facing the same problem with corel x8…

  2. mine just switched to viewer mode now. it did like that before and i uninstalled and installed again. i will install it again and do this. lets see!

  3. Hi, you explain about 3 steps how to block corel x7. Those are,
    1. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    2. Block host file
    3. Allow/Block an app in Windows Firewall Setting
    So, step 1 and 2 are OK. But what is 3? How do I do it? Please explain.

    If I have said that the problem was resolved by my earlier comment, unfortunately still remain the problem.

    • Step 3 is the easiest step. Go to windows firewall, click on allow or block an app … untick all corel draw entries.. that’s it

  4. hi paul
    i just got the alert too… it says im on the viewer mode.I switched off the internet by the first step mentioned.
    What if i don’t do the other two …what should i be expecting ? Would the viewer mode still be activated ?
    also, am i supposed to follow all 3 steps first and then re-install the corel ? or reinstall first …? sorry im quite ignorant in techy stuff…the last time i messed with this..some DLL files got deleted and i had to reformat my system . so super scared…please help

  5. Hi Paul

    I followed ur steps while installing coreldraw 2017 graphics suite ,….n it was working fine . until today it asked me to feed my email address and I recd a mail to authenticate my mail…though after that its working fine but I don’t know why it came if the internet connection was blocked. any clue?

    the last 2 steps were not showing the way it showed in ur steps ,,,


    • The sign in page is normal but just close it, it would pop out once in a while but it wouldn’t affect the activation, if you did it very well.

      You mentioned something was wrong in the last 2 steps? Please explain. Thank you

    • My method still works 100%. I activated corel draw x7 for someone this week. This method can’t be busted because we have blocked all the ways corel draw gets internet access from the computer. Unless corel draw creates a new way of accessing internet.

      • Hi,
        I am trying to reinstall Corel, but it won’t accept my activation code. It says the serial is invalid when generated from the keygen.
        So now Corel is installed, but won’t open.
        I tried blocking the internet connection as you showed above, but it still says that time is up and I have to activate the program.
        Do you have any advice of what to do?
        Thanks in advance

        • Uninstall corel draw totally. Turn off your internet before installing a new corel draw.

          After you insert the activation code, it would show invalid code on corel draw but the next page it would be activated.

          All through the installation, turn off your internet.

          • Hi again,
            I tried uninstalling completely and blocking internet connection while installing again. Then I did everything that you listed above, but when I started Corel the popup appeared again stating that “time is up” and wanted to activate Corel.
            First I uninstalled the program from “Programs and features” in control panel then I deleted all files and folders containing the word “corel” that I could find when searching in the drive partition where the program was installed.
            Is there anything else that I can do in order to delete completely all traces of Corel on my PC so I can do a clean installation?
            Thanks again

  6. Very useful information and very appreciate.
    But I do not understand the last three steps.
    Sorry to ask, but I hope there is a capture image. piz.
    thank you.

      • # 3 Allow / Block an app in Windows Firewall Setting
        Step 3 is the easiest step. Go to windows firewall, click on or block an app … Untick all corel draw entries .. that’s it

        >>> I do not understand the third step.

        I have a different computer environment with you.
        I would like a picture for this part. If possible.
        Thank you.

          • I feel so much gratitude for your consideration.
            Thanks to you, I can easily understand good information and thanks again.
            Many other people would appreciate it.

            Have a good day.


          • I feel so much gratitude for your consideration.
            Thanks to you, I can easily understand good information and thanks again.
            Many other people would appreciate it.

            Have a good day.

  7. Hi Paul,

    thanks for your help.

    I have 2 questions.
    I get the message, but still my corel is working. DO I need to reinstall or it is enough to go through with the fix?

    And also I have a problem with saving the host file in notepad. For some reason it says I don’t have a permission.
    How can I do it?


    • You are welcome.

      The solution to your first question is after you get the fair policy message, it takes some days before your corel draw x7 turns to viewers mode which means it has been blocked. So, I will advice you to uninstall your corel draw and re-install then activating it for life using my steps.

      The second question about permissions has already been answered in the post above. Check the step 2 which is #2. Block Windows Host File. You need to give permission to edit the host file and I have already explained how you would do so above.

      Thank you for visiting, nairatips.

  8. please help me I was trying to do step 2 but it says i don’t have permission in spite of doing the step 9f the security tab. What should I do?

    • To install it again, you need to have the windows setup file to start the installation process after that run the installation using typical settings, wait for it to finish installing then run keygen.

  9. Is it possible that it manages somehow to revert settings you explained how to change? I did it like 15 or more times and it always works for a week and it manages to connect again and revert to viewer mode.

    • I’m sorry Sasa but once you do all 3 steps well, you won’t need to do it again because I have personally activated more than 10 systems with corel draw x7 and I did it only once, up till today it’s still working.

  10. Hello, i have been using CorelDraw X3 trial version and the period has expired but i want to activate it using the activation code and i have tried all possible means such as using keygens and various online tutorials, pls i use this program for my everyday job at the office and i havent been able to use it for about a week now, I need help on activating it…

    • Uninstall first. Clear all corel draw X3 related folders, clear temp folder and install it back.

      Crack the software then block internet connection.

      Sorry for my late reply.

  11. i have not tried this but bro paul i wish i could meet you face to face or even have the privilege of knowing you. you are a blessing continue touching lives i am yemi by the way and i am also into programming python to be precise but i need some you know get around some areas….

    • Please send a screenshot if you can. To my understanding, when you install corel draw a rule is automatically created and you should see it there, kindly make sure corel draw x7 is installed.

  12. Regarding Method 2, it should be the Outgoing Rules, NOT the Inbound.
    You want to make sure the program cant call out (Outgoing) to its home base via the internet.
    Inbound would mean they must know your number (IP), which if they do, you have bigger problems.
    Just my 2 cents!

  13. Hi. My corel-draw x7 hasn’t entered viewing mode yet, but I just did these your steps. Will it still enter viewing mode after the trial period is over even though I carried out your steps earlier enough? Thank you.

    • I’m not sure but what I can say is since you just did the steps that means your Corel draw doesn’t have access to internet anymore. This should solve your problem but if it enters viewing mode that means the policy has already affected your Corel draw and it’s only waiting for the trial period to end before it takes effect.

  14. Good morning,
    Great work with guide, I wish I had seen it earlier. I’m having similar problems with KOR and possibly some others. I cannot re-install corel without the trial period finished.I tried to clear registry and any delete any corel folders, blocked the net and antivirus.For some reason the trail period has always ended. Haven’t formatted, from the comment above doesn’t seems to work.I’m running windows 10 1709.
    Thank you have a nice day

  15. This is isn’t working for my either, isn’t the idea to block corel from accessing the internet, while having a some trail days left? So Installed, after cleaning everything, used x-force to activate. On hosts file (with all permissions ticked) when I add the two lines, it makes me save the file save on a different location. So I copy and paste in file location.
    Thank you …and happy new year

    • The idea is to activate Corel draw to work irregardless of trial days left.

      Your problem is you don’t have enough permission to edit and save your host file.

      When you follow my step to block Corel draw using host file you learn how to grant your user access to the host file making you able to edit and save in the same location.

      Happy new year!

  16. Hi, great post, thank you very much!
    Is there a way to check if CorelDraw indeed cannot access the Internet or should I wait for several days and hope I didn’t do anything wrong, following your method?
    (normally Corel puts me in a Viewer Mode within days after a new install and allowed Internet-access).

    PS Please excuse my horrible English 🙂

  17. Hi.
    I already did all the method above one by one.
    But when I open the it.. The trial days still dead (zero).
    How can I turn it to unlimited (full)??

    Please Help!

  18. When i try to save the two lines in the host file , Win says that i need admin permition and cant do it there , it also asks if I wanted to do it in docs folder . the point is I already am admin to this comp …. any suggestions ?

  19. Hello there,

    I am trying to add the lines to the host file: but I am not sure, where exactly in the file I need to do this.
    Do I need to replace any existing one in the file? or just add them?
    and where? at the beginning of the document? end? where thank you

  20. I can’t seem to save the host file after pasting the two lines…
    It kept on saying ‘Access Denied” even after editing the permissions like you directed. What could possibly be the cause please?
    Thank you.

  21. Okay, finally I could save the two lines but the stuff didn’t just work. It kept on showing me the “trial version is over page”, and I can’t even bypass that page. Please what am I gonna do?
    Thank you so much.

    • You would need to use a crack to bypass that page. Register Corel draw using XFORCE then use my method so when you go online with Corel draw X7 your software won’t be blocked.

  22. I have noticed that you have mentioned in a comment that even if you see the trial session is 0 days left it still works but in my case I cannot save the document, so it is basically the expired viewer version? Is there a solution for this?
    PS the application launches immediately after the installation. Is this the cause of the failure? Is there a way to solve this?
    Thanks:) apologies for bad english

  23. Thanks Paularo, this article helps alot, through this article I was to tame the Coreldraw x7 now I’m using it for life. Thanks once again.

  24. I installed as directed and did the instructions above. When I opened it asked if i wanted to connect, enter a serial number or already purchased…which should I put?

  25. Corel x7 was running fine for a very long time, then my firewall rules were deleted, so Corel connected to the net & went into view mode.

    every effort to uninstall & reinstall it failed ( using among others, Revo uninstaller )
    I cant get corel X7 ( or any other version for that matter ) installed again, the install portion just hangs ( same for uninstall part )

    as if something is written in somewhere that prevents any action

    any ideas ?

  26. Hi, you don’t have to block connections of the file “PsiService_2” located in Program Files\Common Files\Protexis\License Service? Coz I have read it in other furoms that this file has to do something too with the Corel license that it causes it to identify cracks or fake serials.

  27. Hi, I have installed it and also blocked all the internet connections as listed above. Now, on opening corel draw it asks me to enter my email id, etc. What am I supposed to do?
    When I click already purchased it asks for a serial number,id and password. What to do.

  28. Hi Paularo,

    I have done all your method above but still I am seeing the Trial page before initializing the page and seeing the viewer mode.

    Also, can you just hint the crack link which is valid?

    Thank you so much!

  29. Hey Paularo! Thank you for the tutorial! This tutorial btw works for any other program if you have the right address for the hosts file! ❤

    • Thank you! It works for all softwares you just need the software host file, that is the list of official websites it’s pings after it gets installed.

  30. Hi Paularo,
    I follow all the steps carefully and after 3-4 days goes back to viewer mode,
    I repeat all steps more than 4 times but still not working.
    any other thing that I should take care that is not in your instructions?

  31. Hello , I have same problem with Corel Paintner . Where did you find this : “”
    do you think it will work? for painter

  32. Will this trick work for corel draw graphic suite 2018 I am downloading official 15 days trial copy from official website of coreldraw. ?

  33. It is not allowing to make any changes in to hosts file. It says contact owner or administrator to obtain permission. I am administrator of my system only. I am using updated windows 10 OS 64 bit

    • No, you don’t update manually. You simply uninstall your block Corel draw and install a fresh one then apply my methods to activate it for life.

  34. A problem which arises now, is to uninstall completely, the Corel program. Simply using the windows uninstall does not completely remove the program, leaving references preventing a new install.

  35. Paularo,
    I need to reinstall X7 as it has gone into Read Only, I have exhausted downloads for the X-force Key Gen. Would be able to point in the right direction or even send me the file?
    Help Please

  36. hey i am using corel x7 on microsoft suraface book 2 and when i open corel draw it goes to initializing and after that it goes.. do you have any comment on this?

  37. Hello.

    The fix with hosts file worked great on Win 7 which I had before. I switched to Win 10 the other day and I have a problem with saving host file. It doesn’t want to save. It says I don’t have a permission

  38. I tried this with Corel Draw Suite 7 and Corel Technical Suite. Both open up with the 30 day version and now you must register through the internet. I would also think that the 30 day timer was also in play.

  39. Hey man. Great Tutorial you have here. I’ve noticed that this method seems to have been busted by some more recent versions of Corel. I tried it recently with X8 & it still activates a 16 day countdown, mainly because I think X8 forces you to login after installation before you can use it.

    I’ve had to uninstall my X8 and reinstall again and I’m currently using it with blocked access but I believe it’ll still happen again after about 20 days as it shows the countdown on launch. Can you please me point me to a download link of Corel X7? An installation media that you have confirmed works with this guide as you replied that you still did it recently. I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You

  40. Hi thank you for the updates. But I have been installing and reinstalling Corel X7 a couple of times following the 3 steps (1,2 and 4). After using corel x7 for a while, the program reverts again to viewer mode after a “illegitimate copy’ window appear. It seems that Corel has manage to counter these process. The only step I haven’t done was step 3, because the “Application package” in security tab in the host properties doesn’t appear. I’m using windows Ultimate by the way.

    I don’t know if I did something wrong on my end. Anyways, if you have encountered this or you have suggestions please let me know.

  41. Thanks for the reply. The problem is when I go to host properties/security tab all I see is the three Group or user names – namely SYSTEM, administrators & Users. The ‘All Packages’ group doesn’t appear. So thats why I can’t do this step 3. Can you help me with this?

  42. I Have a Problem for my x7 , i always uninstall and install it. after 5-7 days sometimes in 3 days it wont open . but there’s no indication that it was expired but it wont open . what should be the solution for this ?

  43. One of the best instructions sheet I´ve seen so far, very clear and with graphics… CONGRATULATIONS!
    I thought that I had blocked checkups trough my firewall, but apparently not all, your page showed me what I missed.
    Interesting tip, after my Corel X7 blocked, I reset my computer to an earlier date with System Restore, and it worked again. So I applied your medicine and it now works like a charm — no re-installation necessary —

  44. Bonjour Paularo,

    Merci pour ce génial tuto que je cherchais depuis longtemps et que tu nous offres généreusement. Je suis plutôt fancophone, j’ai donc dû passer par google traduction pour te lire. Désolé de poster en français en espérant que cela ne te dérange pas. Je demanderai egalement une traduction pour toi.
    Tu as promis faire la même chose pour CorelDraw x8. Vu que je suis en pleine réinstallation de mon PC sous windows 10, j’aimerais bien installer le Corel x8.
    Qu’en est-il ?

    J’aimerais également pouvoir suivre tes différents postes et pour celà, pourrais-tu me donner les différents liens (blog, facebook ou sites…)

    Merci d’avance

    Traduction :

    Hello Paularo,

    Thank you for this great tutorial I have been looking for a long time and that you offer us generously. I am rather fancophone, so I had to go through Google translation to read you. Sorry to post in French hoping that you do not mind. I will also ask for a translation for you.
    You promised to do the same thing for CorelDraw x8. Since I am in the process of reinstalling my Windows 10 PC, I would like to install the Corel x8.
    What is it?

    I would also like to follow your different positions and for that, could you give me the different links (blog, facebook or sites …)

    thank you in advance

  45. Sorry, I thought I had pasted the translation into google agnlais, but since the whole page was translated into French, my English translation was also translated back into French. Sorry!
    This time, I do it in the original page

    Hello Paularo,
    Thank you for this great tutorial I have been looking for a long time and that you offer us generously. I am rather fancophone, so I had to go through Google translation to read you. Sorry to post in French hoping that you do not mind. I will also ask for a translation for you.
    You promised to do the same thing for CorelDraw x8.
    Since I am in the process of reinstalling my Windows 10 PC, I would like to install the Corel x8.
    What is it?

    I would also like to follow your different positions and for that, could you give me the different links (blog, facebook or sites …)

    Thank you in advance

  46. Hello it’s not working for me I really don’t know what went wrong. I have tried uninstalling and installing it back then it asks for serial number which I don’t have. So I clicked on trial and continued with the installation after which I carried out your instructions. On launching the application it shows me the page which says that my trial is expired and that I should buy or subscribe there is also an already purchased option on the page. Please what do I do

  47. i have used it till trial period. do you think thats why its not working for me.cause i uninstalled and reinstalled it but it is showing 0 days left

  48. Thanks for the detailed instructions! Should I disable the internet first, before installing and activating with the Crack and Xforce patch?

  49. Hello, I am going through the same problem, as I am reading through your article its saying that I need to uninstall it and then reinstall it. What if I dont have the DVD on me to reinstall it but only the installation files in the computer from the disk. I have the serial number but dont know how to retrieve or get a new activation code

    • It’s been awhile I heard someone use DVD to install a software, you can easily download the setup which includes the keygen you need to crack the license then follow my steps so you can bypass Corel draw’s fair policy usage.

  50. Hi Paularo i just stumbled on here. Please I am using window 7 ultimate and in the Step 3 instruction, ALL PACKAGES does not show. It only shows 3 groups “SYSTEM, ADMINISTRATOR, and USER. Please what do i do, which one should i edit.

    QST 2.
    YOU INSTRUCTED: Tick on Security Tab, then click on Edit and tick the following boxes on all accounts listed there.
    Full control
    Read & Execute

    MY QUESTION IS… Am i to tick them a allow or deny? Please explain, i’m confused

  51. I’m done everything in there that you’ve listed. I’ve done it about a thousand different ways now over the past week and keep kicking myself in the blank. Even though I uninstall and reinstall it for some reason I’ve tried this process before a couple different of my computer’s and for some reason the X-Force Keygen even though I’ve used several of the serial numbers in different sequences. Doesn’t seem to matter I keep getting invalid serial number. I’ve installed this years ago and every year so have to reinstall it for the reason that you have provided the solution for above. This time for some reason I can’t get past invalid serial number. I’m really love some input on this using the X-Force Keygen just doesn’t seem to work anymore for a valid serial number

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