How Can I Run 1440p at 120Hz?

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Today, we will explain how you can run 1440p at 120Hz on your Monitor. If you are playing games and finding it challenging to run a high resolution and refresh rate simultaneously, this guide will help you.

The Xbox series X is one of the consoles that face the challenge of running on a high refresh rate and high resolution. You can use these steps to fix this problem, and we will share them here. In addition, if you are using a TV to run your games, some simple settings on the TV can enable 1440p at 120Hz.

We will guide you on how to downscale your resolution from 4k to 1440p so that you can enjoy the 120Hz refresh rate. Some consoles support 4K at 120Hz or higher resolution and refresh rate.

How to run 1440p at 120Hz on Your Console

If you own an Xbox series X, all you have to do is navigate to Settings, then go to General>TV & Display, Setup, and Advanced. Then, under the display, click on the refresh rate if your Monitor or TV allows for it. In the new menu that will pop change from 60Hz to 120Hz, your Monitor will adjust.

You will be notified if your TV or Monitor won’t support 4K at 120Hz. After that, the Xbox Series X will revert to the highest resolution supported by your display and run on 120Hz. If you have a display that supports 1440p at 120Hz, it will automatically adjust to that. Other monitors or TV will stay at 4K and 120Hz options, but you can change it manually to 1440p at 120Hz.

Will Every Game run at 120Hz?

Not every game will run on a 120Hz refresh rate because different games have different configurations. There are times when a game will be limited to 60Hz by default, although some games like Call of Duty: Black Op Cold war will run on a 120Hz high refresh rate on the Xbox series X. Resolution also differ on consoles as to PC that stays the same across any PC used for playing games. In simple terms, any PC with 120Hz can run a particular game on 120Hz where as when it comes to consoles, games that support 120Hz on PlayStation 5 might not be compatible on Xbox.

If you are buying a console, it is always important to pay attention to certain tradeoffs you are willing to accept. For example, there might be some caveats with a high refresh rate and resolution.

Is there anything Needed to run 120Hz on my Monitor?

Your HDMI 2.0 is enough to run 120Hz at 1080p or 1440p. TV and console manufacturers typically include an HDMI cable inside the box when buying a brand-new game or TV. For example, the Xbox series X has a high-end cable that supports up to 8K @ 60Hz. So it is undoubtedly going to do 1080p or 1440p at a 120Hz refresh rate.

You need to select manually; if not, your game will run at the default resolution and refresh rate it came. There is nothing required to run your Monitor on 120Hz just an excellent HDMI cable will be enough to give you all the resolution your console supports. If you are a PC gamer, you require a PC that supports the resolution and high refresh rates you need.

Does PlayStation 5 Run 1440p at 120Hz?

The simple answer is NO, the PlayStation 5 can only run 4K or 1080p, and there has been a lot of complaint about the console not supporting 1440p. There are a lot of console gamers with TVs and Monitors that Max out at 1440p. They cannot enjoy the maximum output of resolution because their console doesn’t support it.

There has been no official announcement, but hopefully, the support will come in a software update soon. A lot of PS 5 gamers are complaining because the price of 1440p monitors and TVs is fair compared to other higher resolutions. The Xbox Series X supports 1440p at 120Hz, and that’s another reason why PlayStation 5 owners are complaining.

The PlayStation can run at 4K, so it is only a matter of time before the console can run.

1440p vs. 1080p, which is better for gaming?

There is a debate about the 1440p not being better than the 1080p resolution. Well, we are going to touch on that a little bit here. Both 1080p and 1440p are not super high resolutions, but the 1440p allow for slightly sharper images. One of the essential things on any monitor or TV is pixel density and screen size. 1440p is a better resolution for gaming than 1080p.

There is a higher pixel count at 1440p than we have on 1080p, and your GPU will do more work because it’s working with more pixels. So the 1080p resolution is decent, but the pixel density is lower than what we have on a 1440p display.

When combining size, performance, and price factors, many people will opt for a 1440p resolution. However, some gamers prefer 1080p displays because they don’t have to move their head while playing games. Generally, 1440p is a higher resolution, and it gives more details while gaming.

Rounding Up

If you read this article carefully, you should run 1440p or any other resolution at 120Hz. We pointed out why your console or Monitor might not be running the resolution by default. For example, your console might run on 1440p by default. You might have to set it manually to 1440p at 120Hz.

If you cannot run 1440p at 120Hz after reading this, leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you answer any questions.

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