6 Best GoPro Helmet Mount of 2023

Are you ready to take your GoPro filming experience to the next level? Look no further than the 6 Best GoPro Helmet Mount of 2023!

Our top-of-the-line mounts are designed for maximum stability and convenience, making capturing stunning footage from any angle easy. Whether you’re looking for GoPro mounts or a swivel mount assembly with a flat mount, or something more versatile like our chin mount, we’ve got options that will suit your needs perfectly.

Benefit from two different mounting systems with these products — one flat mount system and another side/front mount system. Achieve an even more comprehensive range of possibilities by combining both sets into a single custom setup so you never miss capturing that perfect moment again! Plus, our durable aluminum alloy construction ensures durability in any activity set.

Check out the 6 Best GoPro Helmet Mount of 2023 now and get the best equipment for recording high quality videos!

What is a GoPro Helmet Mount?

Are you an adventurer seeking new thrills? Do you want to capture your daring feats on camera for all to see?

Then you need a GoPro helmet mount and included swivel mount assembly! This innovative mount securely attaches your GoPro camera to your helmet, giving you hands-free recording capabilities. Imagine flying down a mountain on your bike or cruising across the waves on a jet ski, all while capturing every exhilarating moment.

With the GoPro helmet mount, you can relive those heart-pumping experiences and share them with the world. Don’t let your adrenaline-fueled adventures go uncaptured. Get yourself a GoPro helmet mount today!

What Are the Best GoPro Helmet Mounts?

Are you an adrenaline junkie who wants to capture every thrilling moment of your adventures on camera?

Look no further than GoPro helmet mounts! But with so many options available, how do you choose the best GoPro mount for your needs with a chin mount and the regular GoPro camera?

Allow me to persuade you that the Jaws Flex Clamp is a perfect choice. It can securely attach to any part of your helmet, making it highly versatile. Plus, the flexible arm allows for easy adjustments to get the perfect angle for your shot.

Don’t settle for subpar footage – upgrade to the Jaws Flex Clamp and take your action shots to the next level!

Best Choice

1. GoPro Side Mount

Are you looking for the perfect way to capture unique shots with your GoPro camera? Look no further than the GoPro Side Mount!

This versatile and maximum adjustability helmet mount is an excellent choice for vloggers, athletes, and action-seekers who want to capture unique angles and get creative with their shots. You all need a vertical mounting buckle.

The Side Mount includes an integrated mounting buckle that’s easier to use than traditional clamps, meaning setting up your shot has never been faster or simpler. Plus, the Side Mount fits all GoPro HERO Cameras and comes with all the needed pieces, including a Swivel Mount, QR, Short Twist 90, two Curved adhesives, one long thumbscrew, and one Navarro thumbscrew.

With so many different pieces, you won’t be limited in truly capturing every moment from any angle; chest mount the device to fully immerse yourself at the moment or flip it on its side – the possibilities are nearly endless!

Take advantage of getting creative this season; get your GoPro Side Mount today!

GoPro Side Mount Pros

  • Durable Material
  • Wide Angle
  • Silicon Base
  • Compatible with GoPro

GoPro Side Mount Cons

  • Not as Good as Aluminium Alternative

Best Value

2. Lupholue Chin Strap

GoPro lovers, you’ve asked, and we’ve answered! Lupholue created the perfect GoPro Helmet Mount designed to capture those ordinarily impossible angles quickly. This helmet mount utilizes a strap design that wraps around your helmet securely.

On top of that, it features a J hook and silicone base so that the product easily fits different helmet surfaces and provides anti-shock and anti-slip protection. It also has capture angles compatible with a chest strap with easy mounting.

The Chin Strap also has excellent compatibility options ranging from GoPro Hero 9, 8, 7, 6 5 4 3, Hero Black, Session, Xiaomi Yi, and SJCAMs – so no matter what your device of choice is – this helmet mount will come in handy.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast who loves capturing those intense moments on their motorcycle or any other extreme activity you can take part in, having a Lupholue Chin Strap attached to your helmet is a must-have accessory.

Not only is it lightweight yet highly durable, featuring long-lasting strap material, but its FastMount clip means easy mounting in no time! Get yours now so you can start capturing those never seen before angles soon enough!

Lupholue Chin Strap Pros

  • Durable Material
  • Wide Angle
  • Silicon Base
  • Compatible with GoPro

Lupholue Chin Strap Cons

  • Not Tight Enough

Premium Option

3. Sametop Sticky Mount

Are you ever missing the perfect shot? Missing on capturing crazy jumps, beautiful sunrises, and stunning views? Sametop Sticky Mount is the ideal GoPro helmet mount to help you get those shots in excellent quality.

This side mount allows users to capture shots and angles that no other camera can reach. It’s made with high-quality material to handle speeds of up to 200km/h and is great for any extreme sport.

The 3M manufactured VHB 4991 adhesive guarantees that your device will be firmly placed even against the highest winds or waters. The Go Pro Camera comes with a quick release buckle to provide easy installation and removal.

This kit also includes a 3M Anti-Fog Inserts sheet (sold separately). This sheet increases air ventilation inside the camera case and reduces fog from forming inside the case during cold weather conditions.

With all these features plus its wide compatibility with Go Pro Hero11, Hero10, Hero9, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, and Hero4 Session cameras, Sametop Sticky Mount is a fantastic accessory for all those who love adventures in high definition. So take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your camera now!

Sametop Sticky Mount Pros

  • Functional Power
  • Removable
  • High Quality
  • Wide Compatibility

Sametop Sticky Mount Cons

  • Size Might not Fit

Runner Up

4. Surewo

Are you looking for a reliable, sturdy, high-quality GoPro helmet mount to bring your outdoor adventures to life?

Look no further than the Surewo. This incredible piece of technology is designed with both comfort and usability in mind – perfect for capturing hours of footage hands-free!

With an adjustable strap mount, this helmet mount can be adapted to fit helmets of all sizes, making it ideal for daredevils that like to take a different approach on their adrenaline rushes!

This helmet mount allows you to attach your GoPro camera straight onto your head, and you can also purchase a side-mounting pack separately – this gives you the flexibility to adjust recording angles and capture moments you may have otherwise missed!

Sold separately, the Surewo’s side mount fits perfectly with any GoPro camera size, so take advantage of amazingly creative shots. Start exploring today with the Surewo – your ultimate companion as you embark on your wildest adventures.

Surewo Pros

  • Functional Power
  • HD Color Video
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in USA

Surewo Cons

  • Rattsle by Speed

Hidden Gem


Are you looking to take your camera-stabilized shots on the go? Look no further than SKZEN! Our innovative gopro motorcycle helmet mount kit offers maximum adjustability and ensures every angle is covered.

Specialized accessories like adhesive mounts, sticky pads, and a safety rope buckle with a wrench make for an unparalleled experience.

Tailored to meet the needs of riders everywhere, GoPro cameras are designed from the ground up for motorcyclists – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t consider your action sports lifestyle!

With our mounts and straps, you can easily attach your device to any bike – without fail. Even if you don’t have a helmet, SKZEN’s side mounts, sold separately, offer mounting capabilities like never before.

Upgrade your GoPro experience today with SKZEN! Our kit is one of the 6 Best GoPro Helmet Mounts of 2023, and get it now for an unbeatable price. By choosing SKZEN, you’ll ensure all of your high octane shots look incredible! Ride safe and ride smart with us by your side.


  • Good for Motorcyclist
  • 720P HD Video
  • Special Accessory
  • Easy to Use


  • Won’t Tighten Enough

Hidden Gem

6. MiPremium

Are you looking for an ultra-durable mount for your action camera?

Look no further than the MiPremium! Built with robust and heavy-duty materials, this mount is designed to withstand any adventure or action without breaking.

With its side or top mount possibilities and adjustable straps, the MiPremium can capture breathtaking moments while biking, skateboarding, skiing, and more. Plus, its broad compatibility and size fit-all handlebars feature will work on almost any vehicle imaginable.

Quickly and easily install the MiPremium—no complicated setup requirements! And best of all? You get more bang for your buck—all at a reasonable price. With countless excellent reviews already posted online by customers who have purchased this product, rest assured knowing you are getting something reliable when purchasing the MiPremium! What are you waiting for?

Get your MiPremium today and start capturing stunning footage of your best adventures!

MiPremium Pros

  • Heavy Duty Durable Mount
  • Wide Range of Use
  • Easy To Use
  • Highly Compatible with GoPro

MiPremium Cons

  • Not so Sticky

Buyers Guide for GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mount?

When you’re out on your motorcycle, capturing every moment of your adventure is essential. That’s where a GoPro motorcycle helmet mount comes in. With its versatile design, you can record your journey from different angles and get that perfect shot every time.

But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. From the type of mount to the compatibility with your camera, we’ve got you covered. Invest in a high-quality GoPro motorcycle helmet mount and take your riding to the next level.

Do All Bikers Use a Camera Mount?

You’re missing out if you’re a biker and have yet to consider purchasing a camera mount. A camera mount is an essential tool for any biker who wants to capture the thrill of the ride, whether on a mountain trail or cruising down the highway.

With a camera mount, you can capture stunning footage from your perspective, creating a unique and personal video that will impress your friends and family.

But it’s not just about showing off; a camera mount can also be invaluable for safety. In an accident, a camera can provide crucial evidence for insurance claims or police reports. Take advantage of the benefits of a camera mount – invest in one today and start capturing the ride of your life.

GoPro Helmet Front

Are you looking for a way to capture every moment of your outdoor adventures without missing a beat? Then the GoPro Helmet Front is the perfect accessory for you. This innovative device lets you attach your GoPro camera to your helmet, giving you a unique and dynamic perspective on your activities.

With the GoPro Helmet Front, you can capture stunning footage of everything from skiing and snowboard to mountain biking and rock climbing. So why settle for mere memories when you can relive your experiences in crystal-clear detail? Invest in a GoPro Helmet Front today and take your outdoor pursuits to the next level.


Having weighed the 6 Best GoPro Helmet Mount of 2023, any one of them would be an excellent helmet mounting solution for various adventure-related uses.

Their adjustable nature and extreme portability make them desirable amongst novice and experienced photographers alike. Securely mounted to the helmet and providing many different angles and shots, it can immortalize those moments that would otherwise be lost in time.

Allowing you to capture curved scenes with improved HDR photographs, the resulting content is of higher quality than ever before achievable. And with a size that fits all kinds of helmets, availability won’t be an issue, no matter your headgear size or shape.

Also, remember the dizzying high speeds where shots are virtually impossible without one of these units guaranteeing success! With more features than ever seen in a single product, this answer is clear: If you want to discover the fullest potential when capturing incredible footage from your helmet, you should buy any of the 6 Best GoPro Helmet Mounts of 2023!