Backup your Entire Email Account using Gmail Backup

It’s time to conduct Gmail Backup, and this is something that you can’t run away from because almost everyone is a free Gmail user and we would eventually run into Gmail space or insufficient storage space problem.

gmail backup

For those that don’t know what I meant by Gmail free user, let me explain – When you registered your Gmail account, you did as a free user and you were given 15 GB free storage space which seems like quite a lot especially for emails.

Let’s fast forward to 5 years later of intensive Gmail use which means over five years; you have been using Gmail every day to send and receive regular emails and the email with attachments.

You don’t immediately see the problem of space until you suddenly can’t receive nor send emails anymore, then you are interested. You ask “What’s happening?” Your 15 GB free storage has expired, you have two options now:

  1. Temporary Solution
  2. Permanent Solution


Search for the particular emails that take a lot of space. They are those emails that comes with attachments and the attachments can be pictures, documents, music even short videos. You can find them by typing “Size: 5000” to search for attachments with more than 5 MB size.

This is only a temporary solution because you keep on creating space and your new emails consume that space bringing you back to square one.


A permanent solution is one that solves your problem forever or at least for the next 5-10 years depending on your Gmail usages.

Using the software Gmail Backup we can perform a total backup of your entire Gmail account right from when you started receiving and sending emails, for me, it was 2009.


Using the Gmail Backup Tool

  • Download Gmail Backup
  • Install the software
  • Run Gmail Backup
  • Guest Login: Type your full email address
  • Password: ****************
  • Backup Folder: Create a folder you want to save all your emails to. I created a folder on my desktop and named it “Email Backup,” and it contains all 3659 emails since when I started using Gmail which was back in 2009
  • Since & Before date doesn’t really matter
  • Tick “Newest emails only”
  • Click on Backup

Troubleshooting your first Sign In with Gmail Backup

Your first sign in the attempt with Gmail backup won’t work because you haven’t authorized your Gmail to work with the software. Follow the link provided and ENABLE LESS SECURE APP.

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My Final Thoughts

I have used Gmail Backup to save all my emails to my local hard drive for safekeeping and I can go ahead and delete old emails from 2009 to 2013, and this creates a lot of space for free Gmail account for the next 5-10 years.

Your saved emails can be viewed by Microsoft Outlook, Windows 10 Mail App and a wide range of email clients. The software supports the Restore option too.