The Future of Video Gaming – What to Expect in Coming Years

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Over the last 40 years, we still have video games evolving and changing, and we’ve entered an era where there are more games more widely available than ever before thanks to digital distribution and advanced gaming systems. But like any industry, gaming is continuously changing, and within the next few years, we may see entirely new technologies become the norm for the everyday gamer.

While the future is indeed not written in stone, there is plenty of speculation as to what we can expect within the next decade regarding the machines we use for gaming and the games themselves. With the industry now worth billions of dollars, and with more people looking to carve their share of the market, there are some predictions we can make about how the gaming world will change by 2025.

The Future of Video Gaming

1. Open Source Gaming Development

open source game development

Although independent development is very much alive and well, there’s no denying that the gaming world is dominated by AAA publishers, many of who have set their sights on pumping out the world’s next blockbuster.

There has been a shift in the way video games are developed, and many believe that open-source development will become more common in the future. This is partly due to the AAA industry collapsing under its weight – mirroring the video game crash in the 1980’s – and somewhat because development tools and software are becoming easier to utilize for the more casual developer.

2. Hyper-Immersive Gameplay

vr gameplay

Although it hasn’t taken off quite as well as many had hoped, virtual reality technology is still at the forefront of gaming innovation, and it’s the one sector that has the best chance of changing the way we partake of our favorite interactive media.

The graphics tend to be on the cartoonish side, and many of the physical aspects of the technology call for greater refinement, but we could see VR start to take over as the primary method of playing games – especially as smartphones and their respective headsets become more capable of rendering advanced 3D visuals. From multiplayer games to betting sites, VR is set to change the world within the next five years.

3. Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming

Cloud storage and computing are advancing in leaps and bounds, and the technology itself is starting to change how we interact with our games entirely. Traditionally, we have computers or consoles that would render the game for us, allowing us to play directly.

But cloud servers are becoming powerful enough to render graphics and gameplay off-site, meaning that the game can be started, played, and streamed in real-time to the selected device. This will have the most impact on mobile gaming, where players only need to necessary smartphone or tablet that don’t have to drive the graphics, but rather provide a platform for visual playback.

4. The Return of Handheld Consoles

Handheld Consoles

In a strange blast from the past, experts believe that handheld consoles will make a comeback within the next two years. Nintendo’s’hugely successful Switch proved that people are keen to get hold of gaming systems that they can take with them.

The added functionality of being able to hook it up to any screen makes it that much more impressive, and we will no doubt start to see other companies attempt to mimic the Switch throughout 2019.

The appeal is both to those that want their games on the go, which is becoming more prevalent currently, and for those that want to feel the nostalgia for the times when handheld consoles were more popular.

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This has been what we think the future of video gaming holds in the coming years. Do you agree or disagree with us? Please let us know in the comments.

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