Powerful 70 Sites You Need to Get Free Movie Downloads

Hey, this is my first post in 2018  and it’s about the best 70 sites for free movie download in 2018. Obviously, these are legitimate sites with a degree of pirated content but isn’t that why we are all searching for sites to give us free movie download or free movie downloader sites.

Even if that wasn’t your intention, you still ended up on this post which means get ready to get 70 sites for free movie download in 2018.

70 free movie download sites

I usually begin most of my posts with an introduction of the concepts involved, software, services, method name and so on and here it is;

What is a Free Movie Download Site?

A free movie download site is a website that allows you download free high definition (HD) movies to your computer or smartphone. Most of these types of sites have free direct movie download link, some allow for online streaming and also with the help of Internet Download Manager you can download any streaming content.

You can make use of the sites from your desktop at work or home, laptop, Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad, Windows Phone basically any device with an internet connection can make use of an HD movies download site.

tools for hd movies download sites

Tools needed for a Free Movie Download Site?

  1. Internet connection: Without this, you cannot even start the process of downloading free HD movies on the internet, so it’s very important you have an internet connection and please don’t get a slow internet connection because when downloading or streaming HD movies you need fast internet speed.
  2. Computers or Smartphones: This goes without saying you need an internet enabled device to help you gain access to the internet, also helps with the streaming and downloading of free HD movies. When I say computers I mean desktops, laptops running any operating system known to man would work as long as it’s internet enabled. For smartphones ranging from Android, iOS, Windows and other would work.
  3. Web Browser: Also a very important feature because a web browser helps you navigate websites without it you can’t even be reading this article right now. I recommend Chrome browsers for both mobile and PC users.
  4. Download Manager: This goes without saying you need a download manager if you want to download HD movies for free. I highly recommend Internet Download Manager (IDM) over other download managers and definitely over web browser’s integrated download managers. Don’t waste your time downloading a 1 GB HD movie with chrome when you can download much faster and safer with IDM.
  5. IDM Extension: You would the IDM extension if you using a computer, this extension would help you download movies faster and able help you grab streaming movie contents. Also works great on YouTube.
  6. Robust Storage Space: You need to have sufficient storage space on whatever device you are going to use to download HD movies. I recommend a software that can help you check your entire storage telling you exactly what is taking your space.

hd movie download site

What you should expect in a Free Movie Download Site

Whenever you visit an HD movie downloading site, expect to get…

  1. Free movie download
  2. Free download links, possibly direct download links
  3. Streaming options
  4. Wide variety of movies to download or stream
  5. The different movie qualities available at that time, so I can know that this latest movie is still at the HDCAM and HDTS stage, Bluray hasn’t been released yet.
  6. Proper movie searching system
  7. Proper movie sorting by year of release
  8. Movie rating system: I personally like checking the IMDB ratings of the movies before I download them.
  9. To see ads on the site
  10. No need to sign up or register to get HD movies free download but some sites require signing up, I don’t recommend such sites.

hd movies download site selection process

My Selection Process

It’s only fair that I also share with you how I’m going to be selecting the top 55 sites for free movie download in 2018. Particularly the Top 5 are going to be handpicked, reviewed extensively based on the following variables;

Downloading Process

I’m testing how long it takes to start a download from these sites like from the homepage, you see a movie and you want to download.

You click on it, the page opens, you see download link and does the download link work? Is it a direct download link? is it a wait for 5 seconds link? does the download expire? how long does it take before it expires?

Download Speed

Just because you are downloading HD movies for free doesn’t mean you should put up with slow download speeds. You should always get the fastest download speed from HD movies free download site you downloading from, this is also something we check and it’s very important in our selection process.

Speed of the website

This is crucial because a bad or slow website isn’t good for anyone. It takes more time to navigate through to see the movies you want to download and then more time to download the movies.

Streaming option

Does the HD movies download site allow for streaming movies? They should because another way of downloading HD movies is by capturing the download link from streaming. This method only works when you have Internet Download Manager (IDM) with its extension integrated to your web browser.

Pros and Cons

At the end of every HD movies download site, I would post the pros and cons to acts as a summary. People love seeing pros and cons, I also love seeing it too on other sites.

Why I use the site

I will finally end my selection process with a short summary of why I use this site.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can focus on the Best 70 sites for HD Movies Download in 2018.

Best 70 sites for Free Movie Download in 2018

Starting with the very best sites for free movie download in 2018, I will be doing an extensive review of the top 5 sites in the list. Why just 5? because let’s face facts on a daily basis how many sites do you need to check before you download HD Hollywood, Bollywood movies? Less than 5 sites I’m I, right? Most people have 1 or 2 sites they trust and are sure to find and download film in 2018.

1. MoviesCouch

moviescouch hd movies download

This is the best site for free movie download in HD quality ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani, Punjab and even dual audio movies and I just discovered it some few hours ago. Up until some few hours ago, foumovies was my best HD movies download site but not anymore.

So why is MoviesCouch the best HD movies download site in 2018?

Let’s begin my selection process which involves 5 processes – downloading process, website speed, streaming option, pros and cons and why I use the site.

MoviesCouch’s Download Process

What I’m going to do here is take you along the downloading process to show you how easy it is to download HD movies on MoviesCouch!

  • Go to MoviesCouch
  • Find a movie you want to download. I want to download COCO 2017 Animated movie.

moviescouch hd movies download cropped

  • The movie page opens in a clean responsive layout with fast loading speed. In this movie page, you can some items like title, duration of the movie, quality, synopsis, screenshots, trailers and download link.

moviescouch download coco movies

moviescouch download coco download link

  • Click on DOWNLOAD. A new tab will open showing you please wait while we process your request. Wait for a few seconds, the download starts automatically. Your download manager should capture the download.

moviescouch download starting

moviescouch idm downloading

I simply love websites that have easy navigation because it makes it easier for the users of the site to locate movies they would like to download, also the download link is so straightforward I can almost call it a direct download link. I believe direct download links are the best because they are so easy to use and require no frustrating 5 seconds countdown or annoying clickbait ads telling you to click to unlock items.

Website and Download Speed

MoviesCouch is extremely fast when it comes to page load time and the download speed is also set to the maximum your internet connection can give. Downloading is free on this site with premium download speed which also has resume support, so don’t be scared when your download fails you can resume it and continue downloading from where you stopped.

Streaming Options

Sadly there’s no streaming option on MoviesCouch and why I like that is because I have always been a downloader of movies so I can share with my family and friends.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros: Easy navigation, fast website and download speed, almost direct download links, links have resume support.
  2. Cons: No streaming option, popup ads.

Why do I use MoviesCouch?

I use MoviesCouch to download latest free Hollywood movies without having to sign up or wait for 5 seconds or click on something and I use them because of their direct download link with premium download speed and it has resume support. That’s a win-win situation for me.

2. FouMovies

foumovies hd movies download

This is the second best website for download HD movies either Hollywood, Hindi movies. Why I like FouMovies so much is because they are on the few websites with direct download link, no wait, no spam, no need for signing up before you can download on their site.

They give you video quality options and before downloading any movie, you can clearly see the video quality like CAM, HDTS, 480p,720p, and 1080p.

Foumovies, until recent times was my best HD movies download website but it was overthrown by MoviesCouch recently because I actually wanted to download Justice League 2017 Hollywood movie, so I checked foumovies which I found HD Cam quality, there was a problem because I knew Bluray has already been released and was out for downloading, so I checked other sites having the Bluray version.

So why is FouMovies one of the best HD movies download site in 2018?

Let’s begin my selection process which involves 5 processes – downloading process, website speed, streaming option, pros and cons and why I use the site.

FouMovies’s Download Process

What I’m going to do here is take you along the downloading process to show you how easy it is to download HD movies on FouMovies!

  • Go to FouMovies
  • Find a movie you want to download. I want to download Jumanji 2017 HD Cam Hollywood movie.

foumovies hollywood movies

  • The movie page opens in a dark clean responsive layout with fast loading speed. In this movie page, you can some items like title, year of release, genre, IMDB ratings, video quality, synopsis, screenshots, trailers and finally the download link. You don’t need to scroll down to the bottom to see the download link in foumovies.

foumovies full movie download

foumovies download link

  • Click on DOWNLOAD. A new tab will open showing you thank you for downloading. Wait for a few seconds, the download starts automatically. Your download manager should capture the download.

foumovies thank you for downloading

foumovies idm downloading

Website and Download Speed

Another thing I love about FouMovies is the download speed, I think they have the fastest download servers which give you the best premium download speed and remember downloading is free. The website uses a dark theme which loads up pretty fast and everything works as it should.

Streaming Options

There’s no streaming option on FouMovies.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros: Direct download links, very robust movie collections, premium download speed.
  2. Cons: No streaming option, popup ads.

Why do I use FouMovies?

I use FouMovies to download new and old Hollywood blockbuster movies, they have movies going back to 1984. I enjoy watching some old never dying movies, so if you have a favorite movie of all time you want to download, FouMovies is the free movie download site for you.

3. WorldFree4U

In 3rd place is worldfree4u, this is the first HD movies download site to allow streaming and downloading together. They have blog-like site layout and they are super active when it comes posting latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi movies.

worldfree4u main page

WorldFree4U’s Download Process

What I’m going to do here is take you along the downloading process to show you how to download HD movies on WorldFree4U, the process isn’t easy but it has other advantages like multiple download link options but there’s also the wait for 5 seconds and the links are not direct download links but on the flip side you don’t need to register or sign up before you can download movies.

  • Go to WorldFree4U
  • Find a movie you want to download. I want to download Jumanji 2017 350MB HDTS Hollywood movie.

worldfree4u hd movies download


  • The movie page opens in a dark clean responsive layout with fast loading speed. In this movie page, you can some items like ratings, directors, release date, genre, movie start cast, and storyline.

world4free4u jumanji

world4free4u download link


  • To download you have 3 options to download any movie – Watch online in English, Watch online in other languages and Single download link. The first two options are movie streaming links while the last link is the main download link which serves as a portal to your multiple mirror links.
  • You click on single download link, wait for 5 seconds, click unlock links then your multiple mirror links are shown to you. Recommended


Website and Download Speed

Since WorldFree4U has multiple mirror download links, I usually use the openload, uppit and uptobox link to download because that’s where I get the fastest possible download speed. Regarding the website speed, I personally don’t enjoy the website layout, it doesn’t look as clean and user-friendly as the others on this list.

Streaming Options

world4free4u stream

WorldFree4U is the first HD movies download site to have full streaming options, you have 2 streaming options to stream any movie of your choice. The first streaming option is a dedicated English only streaming server while the other one is for streaming other languages like Hindi and so on.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros: Two full and free streaming options, multiple mirror download links
  2. Cons: No direct download link, wait for 5 seconds and more before download starts

Why do I use WorldFree4U?

They are mobile friendly with their movie download size because they create options for mobile users and pc users. They have different movie size categories starting from 100MB, 350MB then your usual 720p sized movie sizes. So I download from them when I don’t much internet data for downloading.

4. xPau.se

xpau.se hd movies download

I  just love the very simple website design which makes it very easy for users to easily navigate, locate and download free movie download. This is the first free movie download site to feature MEGA download or streaming links and also a downloading via torrents option.

xPau.se Download Process

What I’m going to do here is take you along the downloading process to show you how to download HD movies on xPau.se, the process is easy, it’s the 3rd easiest process following MovieCouch and FouMovies and it’s above WorldFree4U in terms of the download process.

  • Go to xPau.se
  • Find a movie you want to download. I want to download Lucky 2017 Hollywood movie.

xpau.se lucky hd movie download

  • The movie details page opens in a simple, clean minimal layout with details like – genre, rating, budget, gross, movie size, format, resolution, runtime, subtitles, release date, filming locations, motion picture rating, director, synopsis and download mirrors. Xpau.se has a lot of movie details, I have never cared about or seen the actual budget and gross of any movie I mean most of this free movie download sites don’t share that information but you can get it if you did a google search for a specific movie which I never do so seeing this sort of information here plus download link is all good to me.

xpau.se hd movies download link

xpau.se hd movies mega download link

Website and Download Speed

xPau.se has one of the fastest loading free movie download websites with a clean, simple and minimalist layout helps site-wide performance and user navigation. The download speed, however, is super fast because you would be using MEGA to download film. You also have the option of downloading via torrent and I suggest you use one of these apps 7 Best Free Torrent Clients For Faster Torrenting 2017 or 3 Best Fastest Torrent Downloader for Safe Torrenting.

Streaming Options

The only streaming option available is through MEGA, meaning instead of downloading a movie you can choose to stream online.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros: Two full and free streaming options, multiple mirror download links
  2. Cons: No direct download link, wait for 5 seconds and more before download starts

Why do I use xPau.se?

xPaus.se is a strong free movie download site alternative when I have searched everywhere and don’t find what I’m looking for,  I usually turn to xPau.se and I may just want to download via MEGA or torrent. Movies torrent magnet link is easier to get on xPau.se.

5. Limetorrents

limetorrent free movie download site

Limetorrent is the best torrent free movie download site in my opinion because recently I posted an article about the top torrent sites and I actually decided to explore torrent sites because I had forgotten the lot of them.

Back then torrent sites were so full and robust that you only needed 1 or 2 very good ones and that was ThePirateBay and KickAssTorrents but after they were stripped or shut down I found myself desperately in need of a list of the best torrent sites for me to select the best torrent site which I was going to use and it wasn’t going to be any torrent site, it needed to have the following.

Download Process

The process I use on free movie download sites to download via torrents has pretty much been the same process. I download torrent files using IDM, follow this tutorial to know how exactly how I do that How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Seedr.

The download process is the longest to me because if you downloading torrents with IDM like I do


Best Torrent Free Movie Download Site Requirement

How will you rank the best torrent free movie download site? Before making that situation you need to check out the criteria required for the best torrent site.

  1. Full website layout
  2. Multiple categories
  3. Recent torrent uploads
  4. Millions of peers and seeds to ensure fast torrent speed
  5. Active community

Full website layout

There is a popular and worldwide accepted torrent site layout loved by everyone and limetorrent has one of those layouts. The layout is similar to Kat.ph, ThePirateBay, and other popular torrent sites. This layout gives a full and rich feeling that this torrent has so much fresh content across multiple topics.

Multiple categories

limetorrent categories

Limetorrent has all the popular categories needed and required in the best torrent site. Categories like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime and Other torrents which contains Comics, PDFs, XXX. Mostly XXX tho, well as expected from a torrent site. When you visiting a torrent site you can’t do without checking one of the listed categories above and limetorrent has it all.

Recent torrent uploads

limetorrent latest torrents

Limetorrents has fresh torrents across all categories, how do I know this? Check their movies, Tv shows, Anime category section. If you have a TV show you watch and look forward to its weekly release, you can find them here. Also, latest movies are also updated and same fresh recent torrent upload is seen across all categories.

Lots and lots of seeds & peers

limetorrent seeders

The best torrent free movie download site should have millions of active seeders and peers because they are the backbone of how slow or fast a torrent file gets downloaded.

  • An active community which comes with active real people commenting on torrent files.
  • Top 100 torrents feature is really useful when you don’t have a lot of time to browse through the site, you could just check the top 100 torrents and see the trending torrents usually movies, TV shows.

Streaming Options

There’s no option to stream here.

Pros and Cons

  1. Pros: Biggest movie archive, fastest movie upload rate
  2. Cons: it’s a torrent site, some people love it, some hate it while the rest don’t know how to use it. Want to learn How to download torrent safely and anonymously?

Why do I use Limetorrent?

Limetorrent is my best torrent site for free movie download. After I have searched all my trusted free movie download sites and don’t find the movie I’m looking for, I quickly come to limetorrent because I know they would have it. If you like downloading movies via torrents this is the best site for you.

70 free movie download sites

Quick List of 70 Free Movie Download Sites in 2018

This is the complete list of the best 70 free movie download sites in 2018, this list has been thoroughly checked to make sure every link in the list is working and is a functional website for HD movies free download.


Free Movie Download Sites

Website URL

1Movies Couch https://moviescouch.com/
2Fou Movieshttp://www.foumovies.com/
71337x Movieshttp://1337x.to/cat/Movies/1/
8Movie Watcherhttp://moviewatcher.is/
9Cinema Villahttp://www.cinemavilla.mobi/
10Web Archive Movieshttp://www.archive.org/details/movies
11Full 4 Movieshttp://www.full4movie.com/
12OK Punjabhttps://okpunjab.com/
13Loaded Movieshttps://loadedmovies.com
14Mobile Movieshttps://mobilemovies.me/
15HD Movieshttp://www.hdmoviesmp4.org/
16Sky Movieshttp://www.sky-movies.in/
17EMOL Movieshttp://www.emol.org/movies/
18Download Any Movieshttp://www.download-anymovie.com/
19iPagal Movieshttp://ipagal.org/
20WellTorrent Movies Torrentshttps://welltorrent.com/
22Movies 4 Starhttps://movies4star.com/
23House Movieshttp://housemovie.to/
24Fully Watch Onlinehttp://fullywatchonline.com/
25Xmovies 8https://xmovies8.ru/
26MKV Cagehttp://www.mkvcage.com/
27AVI Mobile Movieshttp://avimobilemovies.co/
28My Download Tubehttp://mydownloadtube.com/
29C Movies HDhttp://cmovieshd.com
30My Cool Movieshttps://mycoolmoviez.net/
31HD Movies Mazahttp://hdmoviesmaza.mobi/m/
32Filmy Wap 2017http://filmywap2017.in/
33CYRO Movieshttp://cyro.se/
34xFilmy Wap Movieshttps://www.xfilmywap.com/
35FZ Movies (Original)https://fzmovies.net/
36Movies Purhttp://www.moviespur.in/
37MKV Cinemashttp://mkvcinemas.net/
38Download Free Movieshttp://download-free-movie.net/
39Public Domain Torrentshttp://www.publicdomaintorrents.info/
40Filmy Wap Free Movieshttps://filmywap.com/ 
41FZ Movieshttp://fzmoviez.me
42RDX HDhttps://rdxhd.info
43Gingle Movieshttp://gingle.in/
44Couch Pota Movies Downloadhttps://couchpota.to/
46See HD Movieshttp://www.seehd.se/
47HD Movies Pointhttp://hdmoviespoint.info/
48MP4 Maniahttp://mp4mania.live/
49GO Download Movieshttp://www.godownloadmovies.com/
50SD Movies Pointhttps://sdmoviespoint.club/
51HD Popcornshttp://hdpopcorns.com/
52My Cool Moviezhttps://mycoolmoviez.cc
53300 MB Movieshttps://www.300mbmoviess.com/
54YIFY Movieshttps://yts.ag/
55MyDownload Tubehttps://mydownloadtube.to/
56Bob Movieshttps://bobmovies.net/
57YouTube Movieshttps://www.youtube.com/
58Movie No Limithttp://movienolimit.to/
59Movie DDLhttp://movieddl.to/
63Pagal Worldhttp://www.pagal-world.in/
64Movie Voomhttp://www.movievoom.com/
67Ditto TVhttp://www.dittotv.com/
68Box TVhttp://www.boxtv.com/
69Solar Moviehttp://www.solarmovie.st/
70Movi Flixterhttp://www.movieflixter.to/

Additional site: http://filmywap4u.com/

Finally we are the end of the best 70 sites for free movie download in 2018. MoviesCouch remains the best free movie download website.

I hope you have learnt something new from this post. Please kindly share this post as it took me 3 days to write and publish this content for you.


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