Can I Pay Siteground With PayPal?

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When it comes to all your siteground payments, whether you’re purchasing a domain name or a hosting plan, there are multiple ways in which you could pay for the services that siteground renders. The payment options could be found on siteground’s order page and there are a few options like using VISA,  MasterCard, American Express and discover. You could choose the payment channel you’re most comfortable or accustomed to and your payment would be made. 

Can I Pay Siteground With PayPal? Yes, you can pay siteground with PayPal, this payment method is possible and efficient as well.  Although you wouldn’t find PayPal on siteground’s order page, PayPal is as much a payment method as visa, MasterCard and the rest. In order to make use of it, however, you would have to contact siteground’s sales department through the live chat button on top of the site and they’ll walk you through paying with PayPal. If you’re already a client of siteground, you could go to your client area and then the help menu under the contact us section and then contact siteground’s billing support team.


With siteground, you don’t have to worry about any excess charges or anything like that, what you pay for is what you paid for and you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth.

You could easily make use of PayPal for your billing requirements, but the fact that PayPal isn’t on siteground’s order list makes it even less popular throughout the entire hosting company’s server. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make use of it, because you can. All you need to do is contact the billing support team to the sales department, either way, they will help you work out a payment using your PayPal.

Siteground’s most common options when making payments is usually credit card payments, which isn’t for everyone. So it’s no surprise that PayPal is needed by a few people, in order to make payments.

If you want to make a payment and you’re a little bit confused to see that paypal isn’t on the payment or order list, there’s no need for concern because there are options that lead you straight into how you could actually use your PayPal account.

All you have to do really, is contact a support team and you’re good to go.  If you’re new to siteground and you want to sign up an pay using your debit card or PayPal, you could contact the sales department using siteground’s fast live chat, or if you’ve been using siteground and you suddenly have the need to use your PayPal, you could easily contact the billing support team through your user/client area and siteground’s support page.

The support team is known to be super fast and responsive, so they’ll be at your beck and call as they make sure you navigate swiftly through your PayPal payment, everything will be done as neatly as though you were using the other siteground payment methods that are listed on their site.

How To Pay For Siteground With PayPal

There are certain steps you need to follow in order for your payment to go through.

  1. The first step requires you to visit and select the web hosting plan you intend to pay for with your PayPal account. The webhosting plan could be anyone that suits you perfectly, the payment type doesn’t affect your choice in any way at all.
  2. The second step is easy, because all you have to do is register the domain name of your choice, you need to have a domain name and have it registered because the role of your domain name is to act like your website’s address and without it, most people would be lost.
  3. The next step would be for you to fill in a couple details that are in line with your account information, your client information and your purchase information ,the payment information should however be left blank, since you’re advised to skip it. You can now check the check box that says I CONFIRM and then proceed by clicking the button that says PAY NOW.
  4. Step four is where the skipped payment information comes back in,once you click on pay now, you will Immediately get an error notification that signifies that you haven’t filled in the mandatory payment information , the rest of your information will however be collected by siteground’s team
  5. The siteground team will then contact you by sending an email, the email will contain confirmation that they have received your information based on the hosting account you purchased while filling the form. They will contact you in regards to the skipped payment information on the form or you can contact them instead through the live chat support system.
  6. The next step is essential because once you get in touch with the siteground support agent, you can tell that you’ve created an account with siteground but you skipped the payment information because of your intention to pay with PayPal, which isn’t on the siteground’s order list.  The agent will then ask for your name, email, and phone number, just to make sure your hosting account is valid. You will be given a special custom link that you’re could use to pay for your hosting with your PayPal card.
  7. The last step is the entry of your payment information , once you complement the sign up process, you get a notification that signifies the completion of your payment ,and that’s about it.

Is PayPal Safe ?

You might be concerned about the safety of using PayPal since its not on siteground’s list.

But it is still very safe to make use of PayPal, it is secure and ultimately one of the safest options you could use to make payments on siteground.

Even though it’s not on their list, siteground has still made a way for clients to make use of PayPal accounts and that just goes to show how safe and secure it is.

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