21st Century Travel: The Top 3 eSIM Providers in Europe

Travel is an industry that has been completely revolutionised by new technologies. This is true in absolutely every sense, from the moment we first have the idea of venturing out into the world and turning to the internet to search for a location, to booking the taxi home from the airport, when we open our go-to transport app.

Simply put, we travel more often in terms of both frequency and quantity of location due to technology.

People move from country to country more regularly, both for work and pleasure. As a result of this, and the integral role smartphones play in every aspect of our lives, there is a demand to move throughout Europe while always having access to the internet.

This article has been put together to look at how the three best eSIM providers in Europe are making this happen…

The Modern Age

With more and more people traveling, working remotely, and/or embracing the digital nomad lifestyle full-time, the necessity to move around Europe with absolute ease is now a crucial element of travel. With the number of smartphone users surpassing six billion worldwide, it is easy to understand how they are used to manage almost every aspect of our lives.

When it comes to travel, they have a role to play in almost every step. Whether it is for research, booking accommodation, flights, transport, tours, accessing maps, or keeping up to date with work, and friends and family back home, seamless internet access via your smartphone is vital.

What are eSIM Providers?

Instead of buying a new SIM card every time you travel to a new country in Europe or risk running out of and/or being charged extortionate rates on data, an eSIM will solve all your problems in one swoop. It allows you to choose a single affordable data plan for a fixed price and access the internet across multiple European countries.

The eSIM is not a physical SIM card. Instead, you will receive a QR code via email. Once you scan this code, you can always make a call and access data regardless of your situation.

The Top 3 eSIM providers in Europe

After significant research, we have selected the following three eSIM providers as the best options for European travel.

  1. Holafly
  2. GigSky
  3. Nomad

While all three are suitable eSIM providers in Europe, Holafly has been carefully designed to make traveling within Europe as convenient as possible. It does just this with resounding success. Their eSIMS are delivered instantaneously via email, allowing you to get up and running immediately.

Moreover, they have plans for over 130 countries, so if you travel outside Europe, you can likely still use their services. Finally, thanks to the fact they offer unlimited data and multiple options, including support for both short-term and long-term trips, you will be able to find the ideal data plan for your specific wants and needs.

The Bottom Line

It is almost impossible to imagine our lives functioning optimally without being able to have data when traveling. The digital age is unlike previous eras, and, as a result, you need to adapt your life to the modern age.

The benefits of doing this are endless, especially when it comes to making things as convenient as possible when traveling. Trust us, eSIM providers add a level of control to traveling that you will be eternally grateful for. From here, we wish you safe, happy, and data-rich travels!