EaseUS Review: Free Data Recovery Software for you

This easeus review is guaranteed to help you find the best free data recovery software which would help you recover lost, deleted or formatted data from your hard drive. It saves you a lot of stress and frustration because you don’t need to be scared of when your hard drive or memory card fails or crashes.

When that time comes you just need to use easeus free data recovery software to get back your documents, video, pictures, music, software and other files. What this means is that you can successfully recover your files for free.

easeus review 11.9

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Version 11.9 New Features

This easeus review is based on on the latest version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Version 11.9 which was released on December 17, 2017, with 2 new important features.

  1. EaseuS data recovery software now supports recovering data, files from ReFS partition.
  2. Image previews are now available for all type of pictures

Honestly, when I was writing this review, I had no idea what ReFS partition then I did some research on it and I found quite some interesting features about the ReFS partition.

What is ReFS Partition?

ReFS partition is short for Resilient File System which has the name connotes is a file system partition that emphasises on resilience to data corruption. ReFS partition was designed to overcome the problems that faced NTFS such as data corruption and file storage limits.

This a new windows partition which was released by Microsoft was originally introduced on Windows Server 2012 and it was improved in Windows Server 2016.

ReFS Goals

Microsoft developed this new file system to achieve the following goals.

  • Resilience

This new file system partition provides full resilient architecture when implemented on Windows.

  • Compatability

The ReFS is still compatible with key NTFS features because NTFS is the most used file system in the world.

  • High availability

One very good one is when data corruption occurs ReFS isolates with the problem while also giving uninterrupted access to the rest of the drive volume.

  • Data verification and auto-correction of data on the fly.

  • Scalability

The ReFS is known for its extreme storage scalability. It can take up to 1 yobibyte which is 1.2 trillion terabytes. You can learn how to use ReFS partition.

How to Use EaseUS Review Free Data Recovery 11.9 Software

Our last easeus review was done using version 11.8.0 and the post was focused on photo recovery which can be done with EaseUS File Recovery Software.

We are going to focus on the updated 11.9 version, do a review about the changes, what new features have been added and if there are any UI changes.

easeus recovery method

EaseUS recovery process is a simple 3 step process: LAUNCH – SCAN – RECOVER

  • Download the EaseUS Data Recovery Free Software – DOWNLOAD LINK
  • Insert the external drive you want to recover data and files from.

  • Open EaseUS Data Recovery Free on your computer.

  • New Changes: 500MB recovery limit has been added for free users. This was not featured in the premium version of easeUS data recovery software free.

easeus free data recovery select drive

  • Select the drive you want to recover files from and click SCAN. It can be from the internal C drive or an external drive.



easeus 11.9 scan completed

  • Easeus data recovery software makes use of 2 recovery scan method; fast and deep scan which makes sure that no lost, formatted or deleted file is lost.
  • Navigate through your scan results and select the files you would like to restore.

New Feature

easeus 11.9 scan completed

  • Image Preview – You can now preview the picture or image and from the preview window you can recover your image.

easeus free data recovery image preview

  • Pick a restore location which is where your restored items would be recovered to.
  • The recovery process can take few minutes up to few hours depending on the number of files you want to restore and how fast your computer.

easeus data recovery wizard free recovery complete

  • Recovery complete. You will be shown ehere the recovered file was saved, your remaining free recovery quota and how you can share this awesome free data recovery software with your friends.

Wrapping it Up

Using a free data recovery software always has its limits but easeUS gives you free data recovery at charge at all. Just download and use. You don’t need to register an account before you can start recovering your files.

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  1. Now there are multiple softwares that have come up for recovering the data. It is just the matter of choosing the right one for your system. Not only the softwares but the developers have also come up with the apps that can be used in the mobiles for the same purpose.

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