DomainKing.NG Web Hosting: Is it any Good for Hosting your Blog?

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Are you looking to start your blog & considering hosting with DomainKing.NG? Before you make your decision, read my honest in-depth review of their services backed with actual benchmark tests of their hosting.

If you are a reader of my blog then you may know that I have mostly preferred a foreign host but recently I thought I may be underestimating a good hosting company in Nigeria. I am referring to DomainKing.NG

In the recent past, I noticed so many good feedbacks of DomainKing’s services and after reading some recent reviews of DomainKing, I wondered if they are really what they seemed.

Their prices are very affordable so I decided to review their hosting to check if they are really worth choosing for your blog. I will cover everything in my review for you.

Before I choose any hosting company, I always look for 3 things in their service:

  • Server Uptime: I don’t want my Hosting provider to ever go down. I mean never.
  • Server Performance: I need my blog to be the fastest on the internet!
  • I need the pricing to be affordable but I don’t compromise on support.

So in this review, I will analyze all these points to check how good is DomainKing.NG’s web hosting.

Let me start by reviewing all the hosting plans & services available at DomainKing.NG.

DomainKing.NG Services

Domain Name Registration:

As their name suggests, DomainKing is really the king of domains. I could not find cheaper prices for domains in Nigeria than what I saw at DomainKing.NG.

Here is the pricing of some of the popular domains at DomainKing:

.com: N2699 N999

.ng: N8899

.org: N4499

And these prices come with Free DNS, Free privacy protection, 2 Free Emails, Free Blogger setup & lots of other pro features. These features are truly amazing for the prices they offer.

This is the reason why they are my recommended choice for domain registration in Nigeria. (Check out the tips to register a good domain name in my blog post where I also give my pick of all my preferred providers)

Shared Web hosting

DomainKing’s shared hosting plans start at just N300/mo. This is really very cheap considering the fact that I have paid over N50,000 to foreign providers.

There’s more! These plans include Free domain, Unmetered Bandwidth & Free SSL.

There are 3 Plans on their website:

Soldier plan: It costs N3600/year & comes with Free domain, Free SSL, Unmetered Bandwidth. You can host 2 websites on this plan.

Minister plan: The cost of this plan is N9600/year. And it is 2X faster than that Soldier plan with all the features in the Soldier plan. And you can host 10 websites on this plan.

King plan: This is an Unlimited plan & costs just N19600/year. And it comes with Free .com domain, 4X Faster websites, Free SSL, Unmetered Bandwidth. You can host an Unlimited number of websites on this plan.

DomainKing.NG has amazing features in their Shared Hosting plans. In my opinion, they offer the best web hosting in Nigeria & even their pricing is amazing.

WordPress Hosting

When you see their WordPress hosting plans, you will find that it somewhat costlier than shared web hosting plans. You may wonder what is the reason for this difference in pricing.

These plans hosted on Pure SSD servers & are fully managed & optimized for faster WordPress.

The plans start with Baby Geek for N553/month and allow 2 GB of disk space with Unmetered Bandwidth. The highest Plan comes with 10GB pure SSD disk space and allows traffic up to a million page views.

VPS Hosting

DomainKing also offers VPS Hosting servers for higher end websites & developers. All their VPS plans are full Managed has Free cPanel.

These plans come with full SSH access and Git which is not provided with their Shared Hosting. Their VPS Plans start from N15999/mo for MVPS1 that has 50 GB pure SSD Space and 2Tb monthly Bandwidth with Free SSL and full server management.

Now that I have gone through all their services, let’s see how DomainKing.NG performs my 3 metrics (Uptime, Speed & Support) test.

How is their Uptime?

Do you know that 99.9% uptime guarantee means that you would face almost 44 minutes of downtime on your blog in a month? Would you be happy to face such downtime? I am sure you won’t be!

These days almost all hosting providers claim to offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. But it is hardly a fact when you pick them. So I give huge importance to a provider’s actual uptime & not their claimed guarantee.

DomainKing claims to 99.99% uptime on all their hosting plans. To check on this claim, I reached their live chat support to ask for how is their uptime if I buy their hosting?

They provided me with their actual last month’s server uptime report and you can have a look.

domainking uptime

Their last month uptime report was almost 100%. This is really impressive.

But it is just their uptime, how is their performance?

How is their performance?

DomainKing is the only Nigerian hosting company I found to be providing enterprise level hosting features with their hosting. At least on paper!

So I will break down the features before I actually test the performance by hosting a simple WordPress website on their Soldier hosting plan.

SSD Servers:  Solid state drives are faster & better than normal hard drives because their i/o value is very high. This would give you at least 2X faster website than the one hosted on normal hard drives. DomainKing uses SSD accelerated servers for their web hosting plans and pure SSD servers for WordPress hosting plans.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

I find DomainKing hosting to fully optimize for WordPress and here is why?

DomainKing.NG has recently introduced inbuilt page catching feature in their hosting plans as I found them from their blog post that makes WordPress really fast. So, if you will host your WordPress blog with DomainKing, then you will find Litespeed cache plugin pre-installed which makes WordPress super fast. You will not even need any other caching plugin.

These above-mentioned features of their web hosting plans seem really great. But how is the actual reality?

To check this, I have hosted a simple WordPress blog with them & tested if their performance can compete with my foreign providers.

I used website benchmarking tool GTmetrix to test my blog’s performance. And I was really amazed at the results because the page load time was below 1 second.

Here is the report.

domainking website performance

The test was done without using a CDN. Imagine what will happen if I test after integrating Cloudflare.

The performance & uptime is all good but how good is their support?

Can you bank on DomainKing’s Support?

DomainKing.NG offers 24/7 support via email, ticketing system & Live chat on their website.

I have tried test their support when I contacted them via chat support and I got very quick & knowledgeable answers to all my queries.

There is no wait time for a live chat while you can expect a reply within 15 minutes if you contact them via ticket & email.

They even have a knowledge base that is very wide. You will get all the guides you need for easy working on your blog.

The one thing I can’t find on their website is phone support but I will ignore it for now as their chat & ticket support is awesome.

Can you pay easily?

I find that many bloggers find it very hard to pay online with their Naira cards. But not at DomainKing.NG.

You can pay via the following options:

  • Naira cards including Mastercard, VISA card & Verve card.
  • Bank transfers or local bank deposit.

The payment options at DomainKing are really very convenient & you will find it very easy to pay for any service on their website.

Should you choose DomainKing.NG?

Definitely! I could not find any reason that would stop you from hosting your blog with DomainKing.NG.

They even have a 30 days money back guarantee. So you can try their services risk-free & test it on your own. I am sure you will find them as amazing as I do.

Test them & come back to share your own honest feedback with me.

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