Do I need Bluehost domain privacy protection?

When you open an account with Bluehost you are going to get domain privacy protection for free. it is a very important feature and you are going to be getting it as part of the extra features that come with Bluehost. Today in this article we are going to be answering a frequently asked question regarding Bluehost domain privacy protection. This feature alone protects your website in numerous ways and it won’t allow your information to go out public. But the big question is the Bluehost domain privacy protection really worth it? We will answer that here.

Do I need Bluehost domain Privacy Protection?

Yes, you need Bluehost domain privacy protection because it’s going to protect your domain from potential hackers, scammers, hackers, marketers, and harassments. It is also going to protect your website against unauthorized access. You are going to pay $0.99 per month if you wish to activate the extra feature.

You really need the Bluehost domain privacy protection service because it will protect your website from different types of attacks. Nowadays there are a lot of people that are out there trying to hack websites and blogs for fun. Extra protection is very important and Bluehost offer one of the best protections when it comes to web hosting.

When you register a new domain from a web hosting company your information goes to the WHOIS directory. Whatever company you choose to register with your information most go to the directory. This is because domain names are regulated by ICANN and all domain owners must abide by the rules of the ICANN.

If you choose to use the Bluehost domain privacy protection plan then your information will not show on the directory but rather Bluehost information will appear instead of your site. If someone tries to look up your domain name or personal information they will only have access to Bluehost information.

Importance of Bluehost Domain Privacy

Having a Bluehost domain privacy protection is very important because it is going to save you from a lot of thing. The first and most important thing is that your personal information will be protected and it will stop scammers, spammers, and even marketers from having your contacts. Marketers always trying to sell you their services.

They include companies that are into SEO, advertising, and web design. Some companies might decide to send some unwanted emails and it can be terrible if you receive them daily. I have personally been in a position where I had to unsubscribe to some company email list it can be frustrating.

Your competition might know more about you and there can also be issues regarding identity theft. They can easily put all your information together and then try to hack into your account. Without the Bluehost domain privacy protection someone can even attempt to transfer your domain if they successfully hack into your account.

They can use it as a strategy to place malware on your site and other malicious things. if you have a malware your website can get backlisted form search engines which is bad. This are some of the things that your website can be protected from if you have a Bluehost domain privacy protection.

The importance of the Bluehost plan for protecting your data cannot be over emphasized. As someone that wants to build a blog, securing it should be a top priority because we have a lot of hackers out there. Even if you are not using Bluehost for hosting your website it is important that your look out for methods to protect your website and your personal information.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

When you register a domain name, your details are saved in a public database called WHOIS. Domain privacy protection is an add on service you buy to protect your personal data and keep it hidden from the rest of the world. If you choose not to use buy the domain privacy protection it simply means that you are giving up on your personal details.

Anyone can see your contact details that include email address, phone number, mailing address, and any information you used to register your domain name. subscribing for a domain privacy protection is very important you need it to protect yourself.

A domain privacy protection is essential and it is offered by almost every webhosting company. Privacy has been a major problem with the internet over time. To keep your website safe and secure you need a domain privacy protection.

Some people go to the WHOIS directory and get the information of certain websites and they will begin to offer the owners money. for example, a company’s domain name might be in existence so they need to contact the owner of the domain to buy it. Using privacy protection for your blog or website is like protecting yourself.

The price of domain privacy varies across the various web hosting platforms. It can be between $10 to $30 annually but it comes bundles in the package for most web hosting platforms. With Bluehost you are going to pay $11 annually and $0.99 monthly. Another flaw is that despite the privacy protection some companies might still go ahead and sell your information.

Regardless of some companies selling your details it is still important that you take a step in protecting your privacy. Online privacy is a pressing issue and a lot of companies are making it a top priority to protect their user’s privacy.

Related Questions

Can I buy Domain Privacy later?

As a website owner it is up to you to buy domain privacy whenever you decide. It is better if you buy it immediately you start your website to protect your privacy. Adding it later might be less effective because some people will have gotten your details.

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Free?

No, you have to pay $0.99 monthly and $11 annually. Immediately you open an account with Bluehost you are going to be able to pay for the domain privacy upon check out.